• Philippines is important market for NBA: Stern


    The Philippines will be an integral part of the National Basketball
    Association’s (NBA) globalization program, said the league’s outgoing
    commissioner David Stern.
    Stern said the popularity of basketball and flourishing economy that makes the country a very important market for the NBA.
    “The Philippines is a very important part of the NBA. It’s very important that we have here already a juniors NBA as well, this is good for our development program,” said Stern, who will be retiring
    in February after 30 years as commissioner.
    He also said that they are looking to Indonesia and Thailand as other potential markets for the NBA.
    The NBA has 84 foreign players from Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island, Serbia, Nigeria, Macedonia, China and Iran.
    The 71-year-old Stern, who will be replaced by Adam Silver, said it is possible that there may be a
    division in the NBA composed of teams from Europe or Asia.
    “There is no timetable yet about a regular NBA game in Manila. But we
    hope we can get back here in the future,” said Stern.



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