‘Philippines no match vs China’


PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd on Thursday admitted that the Philippines is no match against China’s sheer number but that a confrontation with Asia’s superpower is something “not inevitable.”

In an interview with the Bombo Radyo network, Aquino likened the possibility of a standoff with China to a boxing match match where the odds would be 1 is to 13 in favor of a much bigger opponent.

“Kunyari mag-boxing na lang tayo, may Manny Pacquiao tayo, pero ang problema 1.3 billion sila, 100 million tayo. Ang sabi nga ng mga bata, magpitikan tayo ng ilong, isang pitik natin, 13 pitik nila medyo maagang mamamaga ‘yung ilong natin.

[If this were a boxing match, we have a Manny Pacquiao, but the problem is, there are 1.3 billion of them and we’re just 100 million. As children, we are wont to say, let’s settle this by just flicking noses. But should we do this, one hit from us, they get back to us 13 times and we’ll end up being the first to have a sore nose].”

The President, however, said he does not believe that a maritime dispute in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) between Manila and Beijing would eventually lead to a military confrontation.

“I don’t agree that a confrontation is inevitable,” Aquino pointed out.

The President made the remarks amid the worsening row with China over islands and shoals in the South China Sea, where China continues to conduct reclamation activities to expand the area it occupies at present.

Manila had filed a “memorial” with the International Tribunal on the Laws of the Sea contesting China’s nine-dash line rule in asserting its sovereignty.

Aquino explained that while China proves to be “mightier,” the Philippine government would not just sit down and wallow in desperation.

“We can’t just neglect our Armed Forces. Records are there to prove that what my administration has done surpasses what previous governments [did]since the AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] Modernization Law was enacted [in the late 1990s]. My administration in fact pushed to expand the law,” he said.

“I’ll hold my head high and will declare without fear of contradiction that our defense capabilities are far better now,” the President added.

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario has urged Washington to substantiate its rebalance to Asia policy and to focus on recent developments in the South China Sea.

This was del Rosario’s message to top State Department officials as well as Senators John McCain and Bob Corker whom he recently met in Washington.

He launched the US-Philippines Strategic Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies during his two-day visit.

Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said del Rosario’s “main message” when he talked with the US officials was “to give more focus on recent developments in the South China Sea and provide more substance to its Asia rebalance policy.”

“If you will note, the US announced its Asia policy some years back, and we still have yet to see more substance into this policy,” he added during a briefing also on Thursday.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter earlier hinted that Pentagon is mulling the possibility of sending more aircraft and ships to the region to ensure peace, stability and the unimpeded flow of commerce there.

Del Rosario said these vessels would be manned by American military personnel.

But Jose refused to comment on whether such scenario of increased American presence in the region would be beneficial or risky for the Philippines, which has overlapping claims with China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam on the resource-rich waters of the South China Sea.

“I think we have yet to find out in greater detail the US plans because now they’re only considering [aircraft and ship deployment]. We don’t know yet what they’re planning so unless and until we get more details of the US plan, that’s the only time we can comment,” he said.

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  1. The policy formulators and government leaders of the Philippines and the Western democracies must relearn and rediscover the basic truths and facts underlying China’s
    behavior in the South China sea/West Philippine sea and pierce through the seeming civility and peace – motivated pronouncements and propaganda of her huge foreign affairs establishment. Among these basic truisms are:
    1. At its roots, it is an ideological war between materialistic socialism/atheism/communism versus Judeo-Christian/theistic (God-believing)- oriented free-market democracies. The former camps are lead by fanatical, narrow- minded leaders who believe in the superiority and eventual dominance of their system in the home country, the region and eventually the whole world. War, violence, brutality and perpetual upheaval is hard-wired into this system. Their purists will not hesitate to
    kill and murder even long-term party members who deviate from the party vision. Just remember the Cold War, the Russian and Maoist purges, Tibet, the so-called wars of liberation in former colonies. The return of Hong Kong and the latest recession caused by the capitalist West only energized and validated their belief in their system’s superiority and increased their aggressiveness and sense of mission. In this system where participation and consultation of the wider body politic and public opinion is ignored by the power elites, the democratic camps must review their policies and response. It is obvious why China ignored the world – sanctioned International Court of Arbitration. It is in the way of her long-term March to victory.
    2. Regional and world wars were fueled and escalated by fanatics, dictatorships, misguided visionaries, greedy economic interests and bullies who didn’t need to listen or consult with the other stake – holders of the regional or the world order. Democracies usually rally, mobilize and fight only when the monster had become destructive enough to affect the everyday life of the majority of her citizens.
    3. While the previous camp sees upheavals, revolutions, overthrow and overturn of the systems in an accelerated way as a natural course of events democracies try to preserve status quo, calibrate the pace of change as smoothly and as participatively as she could until pushed against the wall. The history of the world and her civilization show that democracies eventually prevail but at the huge expense in terms of lives, economies, human suffering and tragedies for all sides and camps.
    4.This current monster must see and learn these lessons of history. The democratic countries must not let this monster grow some more and bring havoc to the Asian region initially and eventually to the whole world. But how does one deal with monsters?
    Monsters and dragons don’t seem to be hardwired to learn from each other or from their environment. But one thing is sure: the rest of mankind wants to reduce or eliminate the scope of destruction and duration of the monsters’ terrible behavior.

  2. You all forgot israel compaired to arabs. Hope we will be blessed and be modernized. Jail all corrupt politicians, use their loots to buy nukes and see the difference.

  3. If there is war, Aquino should be the first person to be hanged for colluding with warmonger U.S to ignite war in South East Asia. Damn moronic Aquino

  4. The Pinoy are so naive !

    How much are you going to pay the American to station their marines to be your body guard?

    You probably burn a big hole in your annual budget rather than work with China to share the harvest from the sea ! Really stupid .

    By the way South China Sea has been Called South China Sea for centuries therefor South China Sea belongs to China .

    Let your women be screwed by the Marines inorder to repay your protection fees !

  5. China has nukes, we don’t. So what’s the use of buying those military equipments? Nakaw nakaw na naman si N0ytard!

  6. This dumb and dumber gang never fail to amuse me. Pnoy admits that we are no match to China because they are many with a ridiculous reference to one “pitik” of ours vs 13 from them. China will certainly overwhelm us in any direct conflict not by sheer number of people but by level of technology and economy really our president is (or pretends) to be so dumb. Del Rosario not to be outdone says that America intends to send vessels to the south China sea “to be manned by American military personnel”. Who else will man these “American” vessels? Pnoy then declares that despite the mismatch we will not just sit and wallow in desperation so he dispatches his dumber Secretary to run to America to “restore the balance” in our area of dispute. What a dolt indeed. Somebody should tell this guy’s to just shut up and do their mission of getting American help quietly to avoid riling the Chinese and avoid embarrassment in case America finally rejects being truly involved (which is likely).