Philippines plans to lift million out of poverty


How do you lift millions out of poverty? I hope to lift one out of poverty by providing employment to one new domestic worker (DW) in my household. She hails from one of distant small islands in Central Phil—37 years, widowed with 2 grown up children, claims she had worked as DW in metro manila & suburbs on several short-term stints. At provl minimum wage of P2,000 monthly, she demands P3,000 (without prior demonstration of her skills) monthly wage plus all the perks (upfront a bath soap, toothbrush, toothpaste etc), and to top it all—on her second day of employment (she arrived yesterday 4 p.m. together with the recruiter whose recruitment fee is at P1,500) demands she be paid advance her one-month salary so she could buy a cell phone! And she will work only for 4 months because she goes home in December for vacation. And her work in my household takes only half a day while she spends the rest of the day watching tv (which she could better utilize to tend the plants [not in her scope of work]or other productive hobbies). Now you tell me … does she belong to the poor that government wants to lift out of poverty?! How many of the poor 25 million are deserving of your generosity and charity?!



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  1. Manuel Cortez on

    Hi Odette, you are completely missing the point here. What you describe is Legal slavery (employment of domestic workers) – would you work for less than 100 peso/day at the beck and call of your master.

    Let’s get with the 21st century.