Philippines to buy 2 used C-130s



The Philippines is buying two refurbished C-130 transport planes to add to the three being used for the relief and rehabilitation efforts in areas damaged by Super typhoon Yolanda.
Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin told reporters the government will buy the C-130 planes as soon as the supplemental budget for the agency is approved.
“We will buy two C-130 planes to augment our three C-130s. But these are already old and refurbished,” Gazmin said.
He said the current C-130s are overused given the scale of the operations in Visayas–particularly Leyte and Samar–the region that was battered by Yolanda and a 7.2 magnitude quake in October.
The secretary said buying brand-new planes is not a priority at this time because the country cannot afford the tag price.

A new C-130 costs $50 million or P2.2 billion each.
“But definitely we need more [C-130s],” Gazmin said.

The Air Force is down to three functioning C-130 from a high of 18. It will cost around P500 million to fix the non-functioning planes.
The Department of National Defense proposed P11.5 billion supplemental budget for Phase 1 and 2 of the rehabilitation of the areas destroyed by the recent natural calamities and the attack on Zamboanga City by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in September.
Although they might need more, Gazmin said that it is already the maximum funding that they can ask for.
“That is already the maximum. But if there is an elbow room for it, we definitely need more,” he said.
Gazmin cannot say if how much, ideally, the military will need for the rehabilitation.
“I will ask our financial experts first,” he said.



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  1. Acadiana Pirate on

    If you need more, why buy just two? why not buy the rest of the Australian C-130’s (10 or 12) for less than $100 m. Fully refurbished.

  2. Late again! Our leaders’ lack of foresight in preparing for disasters is very evident in its slow, uncoordinated, and inadequate response after super storm Yolanda hit the Visayas. The purchase of additional C-130s should have been done years ago. Instead of throwing P75 billion in PDAF allocations to members of Congress, whose job is to make laws anyway, during the past 3 years, PNoy should have spent P22 billions on 10 new C-130s and another P4 billions on new cargo helicopters so we don’t have to beg from other countries to lend us their equipment during calamities. Old planes break down more often, and sadly, the resulting crashes of these planes had cost the lives of some of our best PAF pilots.

    Checking the list of planes of the Malaysian military whose country has a much smaller population than ours, is enough to make every Filipino cry with envy. It has: 15 C-130s, dozens of helicopters, 18 Sukhoi fighters, 10 MIG 29s, 8 F-18 Hornets, 13 Hawk fighter jets, 13 F Tiger fighter jets. Whereas, our military has only 3 old C-130’s that keep on breaking down, trainer jets and mostly hand-me down helicopters. Our PAF is the laughingstock of Asia!

    I don’t buy this lame excuse of PNoy’s administration that it doesn’t have money to buy new C-130s. It has. All it has to do is scrap all forms of pork barrel funds, including the President’s, and set aside a fraction of these funds to buy 10 new C-130s and a dozen more cargo helicopters to give our military lifting ability in case of war or disaster. To buy 2 used C-130s for our Air Force is to add insult to injury.