• Philvolcs estimates 7 to 8-meter high tsunami in Dagupan if Manila Trench moves


    An 8.5 magnitude earthquake emanating from the Manila Trench could generate from 7 to 8-meter high tsunami in Dagupan City.

    This was estimated by Dr. Leonila Bautista, an official of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), who was invited as a resource speaker during her weekly executive meeting with department heads called by Mayor Belen Fernandez.

    The Manila Trench is a fault line running from north to south some 100 kilometers away into the West Philippine Sea from Bolinao, Pangasinan, west of Dagupan City across the Lingayen Gulf.

    Bautista estimated that the tsunami, when it comes will have a width of from five to 10 meters.

    She said that Phivolcs has installed a tsunami warning station in Bolinao, which can transmit signals to the tsunami warning station in Dagupan City.

    The tsunami, she said, will come 40 minutes after a high-magnitude temblor occurs in mid-sea as a result of the movement of the Manila Trench.

    Water generated by tsunami, she said, will follow the river systems, thus people must stay away from rivers even if these are located inland.

    At the same time, Bautista confirmed that there is no fault line in Dagupan but the problem here is that its soil is soft and affected by liquefaction

    The Phivolcs official suggested the planting of mangroves in the coastal areas to help cushion the impact of the tsunami inland.

    Since the tsunami will be from 7 to 8 meters high in Dagupan, Bautista suggested a vertical evacuation for the people, which means they should seek refuge in strong tall buildings.

    The officials of the city should see to it that tall buildings will be opened to accommodate people when a big tsunami strikes, she said.

    She left to the people of Dagupan City to decide on whether they will still continue with the construction of a man-made tsunami hill in the village of Pugaro and in case they will decide to continue, this must be relocated, strengthened and made higher to ensure it can really save people.

    The man-made tsunami hill, whose first phase was the only one completed, it should be designed at only six meters in height and located only 100 meters close to the sea and the mouth of a river.

    Mayor Fernandez already phased out the project upon her assumption of office in July and instead, deemed the center of the circular embankment to be just made into a tree park. PNA


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    1. Sana may preparation ang mga siyudad at bayan. Hindi puro mall at fast food chain ang gustong itayo.

      May traffic lights nga sa Dagupan at Calasiao for instance, di naman gumagana. Walang public university at own public hospital ang Dagupan City. Ang City Hall ng Dagupan ay parang palengke.

      Panahon pa ng kupong kupong, wala pa gang ngayon makaayos ng drainage system. Mas dumaraming ang mga yumayamang Intsik at hirap ang mga local businessmen, walang regular ang mga empleyado, mahal ang bangus, walang trabaho ang mga tao, baha, ang traffic flow walang katulad – at ang masaklap nito ang mga tao nakangiti lang, kuntento na sa buhay buhay.

      Bangon kabaleyan!

    2. dont understimate our philvocs. we r in a vry crucial time anything could happen. prophets come n go to manila nd they prophesyd blessing if we take heed nd obey God contend w/ HIM in prayer repent frm r wicked ways And curses if phil. nd pangasinan will not take heed, surely these things will surely come. the word of God says blieve nd take heed on the words of the prophet. those words r warnings these prophets r the mouth piece of God.

    3. they just want to get budget thru there project for their pocket… no body knows when and what will happen to us everyday we wake up the only things we do is be thankful always for beautiful blessings given to us by God .. not that preparing for impossible and worse things happen on any part of earth only God knows when where and what will happen on judgement day.

      • Hmn, maybe you’re right about the monetary side of this issue. But you said it yourself, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Do we always have to wait for something to happen? Shall we wait for someone to lose their lives because we aren’t prepared? Then what will happen to our government if that happened? People will judge them again and say that it’s their fault for not being prepared to help the people or they’ll argue that it’s the government’s fault for not having done something to prevent a disaster from being realized.

        We know that the hill/solution that they’re proposing is not a practical solution. But then again, mother nature’s wrath is something we humans can’t avert whatever we may do.

      • You already said it.. nobody knows when at what will happen.. the expert only answering what will happen if there will be an 8.5 magnitude earthquake emanating from the said trench