• PHLPOST upgrades postal IDs


    THE Philippine Postal Corp. (Phlpost) re-launched on Tuesday an upgraded version of the postal identification (ID) card which officials said ordinary Filipinos can use in their transactions in private and public offices.

    According to Postmaster General Josefina De la Cruz, the new wallet-sized PVC plastic card infused with layers of digital security will replace the traditional postal ID assembled from cardboard paper and plastic lamination.

    During the Bulong Pulungan media forum at the Sofitel Hotel in Pasay City (Metro Manila), de la Cruz noted that the lack of valid ID remains a problem especially among the unemployed, full-time homemakers, youth and minors.

    “Many Filipinos still don’t have a credible form of identity to show in banks or hospitals or boats, therefore giving them a harder time to get transactions done,” she said.

    She allayed fears that the ID card could be easily duplicated or counterfeited saying that besides being more durable and presentable, the new postal ID is secured by fingerprint patterns and a quick response (QR) code to a magnetic strip.

    The Phlpost will start issuing the new postal IDs in mid-November this year in selected post offices and will become accessible nationwide by early 2015.

    De la Cruz said the ID upgrade is also in line with the government’s campaign to unify all ID systems of government-owned and controlled corporations under the biometric technology standards.

    She explained that the new ID is a flexible “smart card” capable of conducting secure and convenient transactions.


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    1. pano po ung iba na kakakuha lang ng postal id ? ung laminated paper pa .? kung next year pa ang nationwide coverage ng new look ng id ? maggamit parin ba ang luma ?