Physically lame duck presidency now also a lame duck morally


The scandals that have been fogging up Malacañang—most recently the unconstitutionality and the illegality of the President’s and his Budget Secretary’s DAP method of amassing cash from properly funded projects and using the money for whatever they like to spend for—have made Mr. Aquino’s presidency a moral lame duck.

This is a big blow. The Aquino regime has been able to stand despite being a physically lame duck one because of the perception, albeit wrong, that it is a tower of morality and probity.

A lame duck is, by definition, an ineffective elected official and the President has been seen to be one, physically and officially, all these four years.

What we have from the President and his administration is a series of badly done, questionable work and utter failures. Here are a few of them:

• The failure to reduce criminality.

• The failure to improve the infernal traffic in Metro Manila (which has become more chaotic and more costly to the national and private economies of businesses and individual citizens).

• The slow rehabilitation of Yolanda-ravaged provinces of the Visayas and the failure to restore to normality of the lives of victims (some of whom are still in unsanitary refugee shelters).

• The failure to attain food security (as result the people will suffer high prices and shortages of rice and basic food commodities).

• The failure to reduce corrupt practices. (Instead we have a dramatic surge of corruption in government involving not just lowly employees and middle supervisors but now the most celebrated senators and congressmen, the Cabinet members and the President’s office).

• The failure to substantially reduce our country’s massive poverty condition.

• The failure to reduce unemployment.

• The failure to establish comprehensive peace in Muslim Mindanao (which is causing fears that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front might decide to re-start its separatist war against the government because their devoutly-wished for Bangsamoro Basic Law is–in the MILF’s own words (July 8 issue of Luwaran, the MILF website periodical–”stranded in the Office of the President…”).

There are many more instances to show that the Aquino presidency has been by and large a lame duck administration, performance-wise.

The case of the ‘delayed’ BBL
But we will stop at the case of the MILF’s Bangsamoro substate that the Aquino negotiators willingly gave to the separatist rebels, and with the approval of President Aquino himself as manifested by his speeches and signature rituals.

The President and his negotiators promised the MILF that the Bangsamoro Basic Law (which is to serve as the mini-constitution of the promised substate in Mindanao) would be passed by Congress during the year. Mr. Aquino generously arranged to have this draft written by the MILF bosses and their advisers. He gave them to understand that their draft would be readily passed because he would use his powers over Congress to achieve that goal. Then he would enact it.

President Aquino, however, cannot endorse the MILF draft as it is to Congress. He would be likely be charged with another impeachable offense if he did, something worse than inventing the illegal and unconstitutional DAP: treason!

So, as our page 2 banner said three days ago, “Bangsamoro law delay worries MILF.” Some Bangsamoro leaders, quoted by Luwaran, have called the Aquino revision of the BBL the “castrated version.”

What complicates the President’s status is that the scandals have added to his presidency’s being physically a lame duck the attribute of now being also a lame duck in the moral realm.


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  1. teresa mallari on

    Pareho lang sila ng nanay niya na vengatibo! Hindi ba korupsyon na.maituturing yan na gagamitin mo ang kaban ng bayan para makuha mo ang gusto mo? You still benefited Mr. PRESIDENT. Good faith? Bakit ba hindi makita ng tao na isa siyang corrupt official plain and simple. It’s no longer 1986. Stop associating incorruptibility with the Aquino family. The Son has different interests from his mother and father. Imposibleng gawin ni Noynoy yan hindi niya magagawa yan kasi anak siya ni Cory. Guess what? Kaya niyang gawin yan kasi may sarili siyang agenda at interes na gustong protektahan. Wake up the Aquinos are not perfect. They can also be tempted.

  2. HAY!!! Panahon na siguro para ibagsak ang student council na ito. Taka lang ako dahil bakit tahimik ung mga nanggugulo nun kay GMA kahit alam na nila na mas GARAPAL ang administrasyong ito???? Anong klase bang Pangulo ito na ang pinaka-pin nya sa dibdib eh “YELLOW RIBBON” imbes na ung official practice na emblem ng bansa ang nakakabit at nakadisplay para alam ng ibang tao na siya pala ang Presidente ng Pilipinas?? ‘tang ina, meron na bang Republic of Yellow Ribbon? Pinalitan na ba nito ang Republic of the Philippines. Bastos itong hayop na Noynoy na ito. Di na iginalang ang emblem ng bansa natin. Ginawang private company ang Pilipinas. Cabron talaga kaya yung mga bobong botante na bumoto sa kanya, dahil sa inyong kagaguhan, lahat ng Pinoy nagdurusa sa kagaguhan nito at ng mga galamay nya. BOBO TALAGA! INUTIL!!! VERY VINDICTIVE PERSON na hindi dapat mamuno sa isang bansa o ni sa isang maliit na grupo.

  3. Exactly, and take note those list that you have listed were happened just this year only not included his lame duck leadership last four years ago.

  4. Generally, any initiative of the government emanates from the minds of the sitting president. Given a president with a mindset focused on nationally-irrelevant objective as going after personalities responsible for the court decision to distribute a family landholding; cabinet advisers who are only inclined and interested to promote party (LP) interests, this nation therefore cannot expect meaningful performance from this government. The controversy now hounding this government painfully immobilizes and bound all its functionaries from devising and implementing concrete plans to move forward the country’s development. Because of its misplaced anti-corruption mantra, the government opts to stop the country’s development program initiated by the previous administration for baseless suspicion of corruption and practically all its energy are being geared on scavenging for evidences and prosecuting those alleged to be responsible. The body politic entered into a frenzy of destruction and dismantling of painstakingly planned development structure and already operational programs. This engulf the whole nation into an atmosphere of sectoral enmity and political struggle letting the ship of state practically rudderless and just subject to the promotion of party interests and immoral maneuverings by selfish and influential groups. The electorate who voted for PNoy erred greatly in electing President BS Aquino knowing beforehand his questionable mental capacity and his mediocre tract record in Congress as congressman and senator. What pains us immensely is that the majority of the electorate did not vote for him; a vital defect of the Cory Constitution of having a multi-party system instead of the previous two-party system,

    • Nicely put! But then again, this is what the Filipinos get for loving dearly the Aquino family….

  5. Samuel Santos on

    And, most of all, the failure to set aside enough time for “soul-searching.”

  6. Alejo Rosete on

    The President said, the MNLF is a failed experiment.
    What do you call this MILF Bangsamoro Agreement – a failure to get the Nobel Prize Nomination.