Pia is dating the ‘Hottest Doctor Alive’

n ‘Once a Binibini always a Binibini!’ says Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

n ‘Once a Binibini always a Binibini!’ says Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and New York City’s celebrity MD Mikhail “Doc Mike” Varshavski first met in February, and steadily got closer as their social media posts have shown through March.

But while it’s People magazine’s “Hottest Doctor Alive” who’s been more open about their status, the Filipina pride has held back on any confirmation, with the standard statement that her reign as the world’s most beautiful woman remains her priority.
Until now.

Whether the 26-year-old beauty queen feels safer to talk about her private life on home ground, or feels she owes it to the Filipino people to tell the truth, Wurtzbach officially confirmed she is seeing the handsome doctor on her current return to Manilla
“I am dating Mike,” the New York-based Miss Universe told talk show host Boy Abunda during the latter’s late night program, Tonight with Boy Abunda.

With Dr. Mike Varshavski

With Dr. Mike Varshavski

Wurtzbach further detailed that the ever-gentleman Doc Mike is still adjusting to the Filipino culture of courtship, as she continues to explain to him how Filipinas are expected to act during the process.

Asked about the prospect of Varshavski visiting the country, Wurtzbach simply replied, “I know he would like to see the Philippines.”

Miss U in PH
Addressing another hot item in the rumor mill, Wurtzbach told Abunda that she is indeed advocating for Miss Universe to have its next coronation in the country. This particular buzz began when the title-holder on behalf of the Miss Universe Organization said they were going to make an important announcement on Sunday.

“It’s not a closed deal yet, but I am actively campaigning for it. The Philippines is number one on our list,” said the Filipino-German worldwide celebrity.

She added they are trying to find ways to bring the coronation over to Manila, and that to do so, they need the nod of the government, the support of private sector through sponsorships, and the involvement of the Filipinos.

“We need to show them that we’re interested to have the pageant here,” said Wurtzbach.
The Philippines last hosted the Miss Universe pageant during the its 43rd edition in 1994, where India’s Sushmita Sen was crowned the winner.

Always a ‘Binibini’
Wurtzbach is currently in Manila to pass on her Bb. Pilipinas-Universe crown, alongside four other crowns, at the local pageant’s 53rd coronation night on Sunday.

During her Thursday afternoon press conference in Novotel Manila, the beauty queen spoke passionately about the qualities every “Binibini” must have to win the crown.

“She has to be prepared, in a lot of aspects, not just with how she’s going to maintain her beauty but she has to have a genuine interest in what’s going on in the country and the world,” Wurtzbach shared, noting her own experience in the pageant, when she received questions on very political issues.

“You need to have your stand and opinion. You have to be well spoken, and you have to be brave,” she ealborated.

The Filipina pride further said that the next Bb. Pilipinas-Universe must bear in mind that winning the title means taking on an actual job.

“It has to be something that she really wants—it’s not just a one day thing. Ok, you won the crown on let’s say Sunday, but what about Monday, Tuesday? What about the next three months and then the preparation after that? What about that one month before your flight [to the pageant’s host country]? Are you prepared physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually?” she enumerated the specifics.

Beyond the glitz and glamor, the makeup and fabulous gowns, Wurtzbach is calling on this year’s candidates to think beyond winning the crown pageant night.

And on a personal note, she confessed, “It’s going to be quite emotional for me to pass on the crown because it was a difficult and a big challenge and honor to win Miss Universe.

But before I even got to that level [of competition in Miss Universe]it took me so long to win here in Binibining Pilipinas, so this is very bitter sweet.”

It will be remembered that the former actress and model had to join the local competition three consecutive times before finally landing her dream to compete in Miss Universe.

“I consider this my ‘home,’ but now it’s finally the time to pass the crown to the next girl who will be taking on the responsibility.” Wurtzbach acknowledged.

Albeit with sadness in her voice, Wurtzbach reiterated she’s very to meet her successor on Sunday night, until she took a step back in her train of thought.

This time, with conviction, Wurtzbach said, “You know what? No, it’s not the end. Once a Binibini always a Binibini! Thank you.”


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