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    PLUS: Katarina Rodriguez is still PH representative to Miss Intercontinental

    It seems like 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach has more time to pursue her advocacy nowadays. Just last week, In The Know had the chance to chat with the famous beauty queen at the Ateneo de Manila University where she was launched as UNAids Goodwill Ambassador for Asia.

    “I get to work with the United Nations now, how cool is that?” Pia enthused.

    A cause she chose as a candidate to the Miss Universe pageant, she is bent on raising awareness for HIV testing. In particular, she is pushing for the Philippine government to fund HIV testing at an earlier age.

    “Because right now I think the age for testing is 18. Come on, realistically we all start having sex much younger than that,” Pia unabashedly stated, making a roomful of people laugh.

    Realizing what she just said though, Pia blurted out, “Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I just said that! Magagalit ba kayo sa akin, totoo naman eh! Di ba? The law should mirror what is going on outside. Let’s not try to think we still live in nineteen-something, 2017 na po. I’m going to get bashed [over this statement]but I’m ready for that and for anything for the sake of UNAids.”

    While on the topic of bashing, Pia was pressed for her reaction regarding two recent controversies that dragged her name into the picture—the discovery that her boyfriend Marlon Stockinger is a father of twins, and her gaffe with Brunei-based businesswoman Kathelyn Dupaya.

    The ever-graceful beauty quickly responded, “There will be a lot of stones thrown at you but that’s how it is. I think I’ve gone through a lot already and I now know how to handle certain situations.”

    Pia Wurtzbach

    On a happier note, Pia told In The Know that her New York state of mind will be on hold for a little longer since she just accepted five new endorsements this side of the world. That means more time for the queen here at home!

    At the sidelines of UNAids event, Pia’s manager and mentor Jonas Gaffud took the opportunity to talk about another talent of his who’s also in the middle of some controversy today—newly crowned Bininibing Pilipinas-Intercontinental Katarina Rodriguez.

    A few days after the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, rumors of Katarina’s resignation surfaced purportedly because she wasn’t satisfied with her actual crown. Others said it was because of a residency issue.

    Ending all speculations, however, Jonas said Katarina was asked to hand in her resignation a day after the coronation night because she was a no-show at the beauty queen orientation.

    “Hindi kasi siya galing sa mundo ng pageant so we had to explain to her what was happening. Napagod kasi siya at nagising ng 5 p.m. kaya hindi na nakarating,” the beauty queen maker detailed.

    “Pero ngayon ayos na ang lahat. We will be more strict with her and we will train her more before Miss Intercontinental,” Jonas assured.

    Viral dad Robert Kelly from BBC plans to take his family to the Philippines.

    For the uninitiated, Kelly, a university professor rose to online prominence when his two adorable kids crashed his BBC live interview. The video has since gone viral.

    Kelly was in the country to give a lecture about his expertise on North Korea, and why the Philippines should be concerned.

    Knowing full well we didn’t really want to hear that, but rather, about his adorable kids, the professor updated the audience that he and his wife approved for Marion and James to have their very own animated show called “The Adventures of Mina and Jack.”

    Katarina Rodriguez

    “I don’t think it is exploitative given that when the writers contacted us, we also became consultants of the show,” Kelly said.

    The professor also plans to take his whole family to the country later this year to enjoy the destinations popular for Koreans. In effect, Filipino fans of Marion and James can soon catch a glimpse of the famous kids!

    GUESS WHO? This star (TS) was caught dead drunk while out and about at this party island recently. After news broke out that TS split with a significant other, TS did not wait and was grinding with partyphiles in the club. Fans were even concerned how TS would go home since TS had been drinking almost a whole tequila bottle.

    Wonder how that night ended?

    Until next week! Ta-ta!


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