A piece of paradise on the serene side of the island


    Boracay remains the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines, and for very obvious reasons.

    In the latest ranking released by tourism website Travel + Leisure on July 11, the paradisiacal place in Malay, Aklan was named the third best island in the world —after Palawan and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, USA—following its number one ranking in 2012 and international magazine Conde Nast Traveler’s Best Island in the World in 2014 and 2016.

    Legendary for its white sand beaches, Boracay is also recognized as a global destination for relaxation, while offering a thriving nightlife at sundown.

    International and local tourists—celebrities included—keep returning to Boracay to enjoy its soothing wind, clear waters, bright sun, friendly people, varied cuisine, unparalleled sunset, and the breathtaking views of this blessed beach.

    However, besides the fun and excitement to be had in the island are environmental issues that need to be addressed for Boracay to sustain its idyllic nature. Moreover, with commercialization part and parcel of tourism growth, there are also those now looking for alternative destinations within the island for a more tranquil experience.

    Boracay Newcoast is poised to be the next important destination on the island with its own share of white beaches, clear waters, panoramic view and coves

    Sustainable development
    On the northeastern side of Boracay, where the sun rises over the Sibuyan Sea, a township of integrated tourism development is taking shape from the careful planning of Megaworld Corporation’s subsidiary Global-Estate Resorts, Inc.

    Covering 150 hectares, including the 18-hole Fairways and Bluewater Golf Course community, the property is aptly named Boracay Newcoast.

    This stretch will be dotted with lounges, carefully selected cafes and themed restaurants, beach clubs and souvenir shops

    “We have tripled the standard of the white beach front in drainage, waste management, siltation and environment guidelines to make the township a sustainable development,” Boracay Newcoast Vice President for Sales and Marketing Jennifer Palmares-Fong told The Manila Times during a visit around the vast property.

    Comprising 15 percent of the total land area, Boracay Newcoast is poised to be the next important destination on the island with its own share of white beaches, clear waters, panoramic view and coves.

    According to the property deve­lopment executive, the company initiated the collection of garbage in 2014, gathering seven tons of waste from partygoers at the conclusion of Le Boracay; nine tons in 2015; and 11 tons last year.

    The magnificent sunset adds to Boracay’s distinction as one of the world’s best islands

    “The garbage from the white beach eventually goes to the other side, so we took it upon ourselves to put up trash bins in every conspicuous area, although the task of gathering is the municipal government’s,” she conveyed.

    ‘Not Station 4’
    With the shoreline of Boracay identified as Station 1, 2 or 3, Megaworld’s property will simply be called Newcoast Station.

    Right behind the beachfront at Cove 2, the stretch is to be packed with lounges, carefully selected cafes and themed restaurants, beach clubs and souvenir shops.

    The Newcoast Station will also feature a Baywalk and Grand Plaza, envisioned as a venue for exhibits and musical extravaganza. These spots will be situated a little farther from the beach area, however, in order to maintain the natural beauty and serenity of island living.

    Moreover, Newcoast will have its own jetty port to serve tourists and visitors so local residents need not worry about traffic getting heavier along the narrow roads of Boracay. All the same, environmentally friendly e-trikes will remain the best choice for transportation to give guests within the township accessibility.

    An integral part of the township is the 18-hole Graham Marsh championship Fairways and Bluewater Golf Course

    “Ours is a fusion of the world’s best beach destinations like Ibiza in Spain, Santorini in Greece, Miami Beach in Florida and Bali in Indonesia. There’s no single inspiration of this township development. It sprang from the creative mind of our chairman, Dr. Andrew Tan,” explained Palmares-Fong.

    Green pride
    Given its topnotch planning and design, however, what Megaworld is proudest of is implementing in Newcoast what has not been laid out on the popular side of the island—strict environment guidelines, even upping the ante threefold.

    For one, the township has its own material recovery facility (MRF) that recycles waste materials collected within the development. There is also the sewage treatment plant (STP) for recycled water to be used to maintain the greens within the property including the golf course and fire hydrant reserve. There is likewise rainwater collection tanks instilled in the buildings as stockpile for the dry season.

    Another special feature is the installation of detention/siltation tanks for storm drainage outfalls to impede soil sediments and debris from storm run-off prior to disposal.

    As for maintaining unobstructed views of the island, there are no dangling wires from electric posts as the township utilizes an underground cabling system with the use of 100-percent LED lighting and solar streetlights around the estate.


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