• The Pied Pipers of the Philippines



    AS I said before, the opposition is bent on tracking PRRD’s daily attendance card. He knows by now that he is not allowed to rest or call in sick. And surprise, they now even monitor his absence in international gatherings like the G20 summit. The Palace should not waste time writing his excuse slips. PRRD occupies the principal’s office.


    Yesterday, Saudi Arabia executed six people for drug trafficking and homicide. No, the New York Times, Human Right Watch and Agnes Callamard are not complaining.


    The Philippine Red Cross is swamped with donations even from foreign governments and private contributors whenever we experience disasters and calamities. We need not wonder why. Every cent received by PRC goes directly to the victims without political interference. Not only engaged in search and rescue operations, the PRC has gone miles further by assisting in rehabilitation and livelihood.


    Speaker Alvarez should be more careful in proposing martial law extension for another five years. It is an outright admission that the government is slow and weak in dealing with national security problems like rebellion and terrorism. Mr. Speaker, can’t you see that no one is smiling?


    The United States apologized after a White House statement mistakenly described Xi Jinping as the president of the “Republic of China.” Xi can get even by calling Donald Trump the president of the “People’s Republic of the United States.”


    They are now saying that the battle for Marawi has transformed into a deadly cat-and-mouse game between state security forces and the Maute group. We just hope that our soldiers are the cats and not the other way around.


    Eating crocodile meat should be banned. Let us stop legislators from eating one another.


    Ever wonder why China’s Xi Jinping is reluctant to adopt his legendary boldness in dealing with North Korea?

    Expected to play the role of “Mr. Do-Little,” he would rather be restrained in going after NoKor than be labeled as “pressured” by the US.A “weak leadership” may endanger his domestic political standing in the eyes of party mates. Xi Jinping was elected general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of the Central Military Commission since 2012.

    A strong Japan and SoKor will be less acceptable than a strong Pyongyang government. He would rather be watching Kim Jon-un’s dagger pointed to his neighbors, including the US, rather than at the mainland’s heart.

    For China, a nuclear test represents a graver threat than an ICBM test as the environmental and strategic effects are just too close to its border.

    Xi cannot tolerate a toothless North Korea as it will endanger as well the border of his ally Putin and will definitely result in a decline in the relationship with its one and only strong ally in the region.

    Lastly, China’s trade with the North grew 37.4 percent during the first three months of this year – thus, stricter sanctions by the West enriches Xi’s treasury.


    Tips on how to conserve battery life of your smartphone:
    – delete Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apps
    – sell it and buy an old Nokia 3210
    – when fully charged, turn it off and open it only once a day for only one minute
    – use Motolite maintenance free battery
    – borrow other smartphones when texting and calling
    – leave it on trains, taxis and restaurants
    – unfriend all contacts on Facebook
    – receive notifications via smoke signals only
    – stop paying your carrier
    – always leave it at home
    – don’t buy one


    The House of Representatives shall honor and implement whatever resolution/decision the Supreme Court may render. In the remote event that the House still refuses to honor and execute the resolution/decision of the Supreme Court in the administrative matter, the President shall undoubtedly execute or implement the decision of the Supreme Court, as mandated by his oath of office to preserve and defend the Constitution and execute its laws.


    Before it was “Pray for Marawi.” Now it’s “Build Marawi.” Don’t you think it is a lot better than saying “Let’s retake Marawi?”


    “Marcos is merely fishing for evidence” – Robredo. It is unethical to pre-empt the assessment of the court now that it has accepted BBM’s request to re-validate the official count. If this is true Madam Leni, BBM then is in for a big catch. His fishing net is supplied by an outfit with a popular brand called “Smartmatic.”

    News: ‘Piso para kay Leni’ launched for costs of election protest. So, what’s next? Concert para kay Leni? Dinner plate para kay Leni? Fun Run para kay Leni? Lotto para kay Leni? Raffle para kay Leni? Lugaw para kay Leni? Her camp should get these drifts and start applying for DTI permits before proceeding.


    The Pied Pipers of the Philippines:

    It does not involve rocket science to see why oligarchs continue to lord it over this country. They own the country’s largest banks to finance construction of their own shopping malls (charging parking fees to patrons) buy more real estate properties where they can put up high rise condos, hotels and housing villages with their own construction firms and developers, exposures in tollway, airlines and airports, telecoms, own power generating plants, power distribution companies, food processing and agri-business and even own the largest insurance outfits and hospitals. Not enough? They have also stakes in mining, oil exploration and even memorial parks and golf courses.

    And to top it all, they own the biggest media outlets to protect their interests and bully any government that will obstruct their greed.And we wonder why most politicians are in their pockets?

    Rubbing salt on the wounds, small investors or entrepreneurs, including inventors,that can contribute to a growing economy are given a mile-long list of requirements when trying to obtain loans from their banks while their sister-corporations can get it in hours through mere phone calls between their executives.

    Risky investments? Of course they go to the nearest government banks and financing institutions for safety and may even get loan restructuring through officials they helped get appointed.

    Yes, dear Juanas and Juans, these greedy pipers lead us like rats while we all drown dancing to their music.

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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