Pilita Corrales to dazzle in concert anew



“I am really excited to do this concert,” said Asia’s Queen of Songs Pilita Corrales at the media conference of “An Evening With Pilita,” a one-night-only musical event happening at The Theatre at Solaire on November 17.

Tita Pilits, as she is often called in showbiz, has been in the music scene for a remarkable six decades, with a career that has taken her to many parts of the world.

The Cebuana performer started out as host of radio show “La Taberna” on KZPI where she also sang Spanish songs. Her career took off in Australia where she became the first woman in history to top the country’s pop charts with the song “Come Closer To Me.” She was also the first artist signed up by Astor Records. In fact, Tita Pilits became so popular in Australia that they even named a street after her in Victoria.

Back to present time, what convinced her to do a show at The Theatre was Solaire’s ongoing thrust to provide OPM artists the chance to perform at a world-class venue. So, after OPM icons Basil Valdez and Celeste Legaspi held sold-out shows at Solaire, it is but fitting that Pilita Corrales takes her turn.

The concert will feature nuggets of time in the singer’s life and career, which means she will be joined by daughter Jackie Lou Blanco and son Ramon Christopher, and granddaughter Janine Gutierrez onstage. Colleagues Nikki Ross and Angie dela Cruz, better known as the Wing Duo, will also serve as guest performers.

As musical artist, Tita Pilits said she never lost the passion for performing.

Pilita Corrales FACEBOOK PHOTO

“The passion has to be there always. If the young singers of today ask me the secret to my longevity, my answer is they should love their profession. And they should love and respect their audience because they are the reason why they achieved success in their career,” she said.

She added that she’s the kind of person who doesn’t want to be stressed.

“I don’t allow stress to bother me because there is always tomorrow. I just look forward to tomorrow. I may have experienced some low moments in my life but I always bounce back. We should always look at the bright side,” she imparted.

The inimitable string section of the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra and the popular AMP Band will provide the big band sound of the ’50s and ’60s and a taste of the classics.

Writing the script is the mother of Martin Nievera, Conchita Rason, who also wrote the scripts of the long-running musical show that Pilita did for ABS-CBN during the mid-’60s until the declaration of Martial Law in 1972.

“We want to show a side of Pilita that a lot of young people have not seen. She is the first Filipino singer to actually showcase the Filipino talent internationally. She is both an icon and a legend,” concluded singer-director Carlo Orosa.


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