• Pimentel for death penalty over extra-judicial killings


    FORMER Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr., on Sunday said that he would rather have the death penalty reinstated instead of having extra-judicial killings as punishment for those who committed heinous crimes.

    But the ex-lawmaker was quick to clarify that he is against the death penalty because he believes in the importance of life and everyone is entitled to the right to life.

    “In effect, what I’m saying is… kung may pagpipilian ang taumbayan na extrajudicial killings o death penalty, mas mabuti na na idaan sa batas, (if given a choice between extra judicial killings or death penalty, it would be better if it will be coursed through the law),” he said.

    The former lawmaker at the same time sees the possibility of the re-imposition of the capital punishment under the Duterte administration because of his popularity.

    A political ally of Duterte, Pimentel was one of the authors of the law that repealed the death penalty in 2006.

    Meanwhile, the former Senator also appealed to media and the general public to give Duterte a chance noting that the president elect would not do anything that is against the Constitution.

    As a lawyer, Pimentel said Duterte knows the law and is aware of the bounds of his actions, although there are some occasions when he committed speech errors or slips of the tongue.

    “I am sure that when he takes his oath as President, he will uphold the Constitution, that is why we should give him a chance,” Pimentel added.

    Duterte was criticized for justifying the murder of journalists saying that some of them were killed because they are corrupt.

    Pimentel said that members of the media have all the reasons to react negatively or show concern regarding Duterte’s remarks but he noted that what the incoming president wanted to say is that there are limitation to press freedom.

    “Meron din kayong responsibility… In other words, may hangganan ang press freedom. Ang hangganan is what is allowed by law, (media also has a responsibility… in other words, press freedom has limitations. The limitation is what is allowed by law)” he explained.

    The former Senator said Duterte is determined to ensure that members of the media who commit a mistake will also be held liable in accordance with the law.


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    1. Juan T. Delacruz on

      Extrajudicial killings work better than death penalty because when the son of a bi*** is convicted and ready to meet his maker, he still has the right to “appeal” his conviction. The government will be spending a lot of money to house this criminal, legal fees, guard salaries, and all the necessities that the Human Rights demands from the government. Put this drug lord behind bars, like the NBP and watch him continue his business by cooking SHABU. The government is in the right direction encouraging citizens to participate in getting rid of drug criminalities in the society, by killing drug lords, drug manufacturers, drug pushers, rapists, kidnappers, and more. Just do it!!

    2. Both the death penalty and extra judicial killings must be avoided at all cost. My suggestion, revamp the judicial system where no bail on murderers, drug pushers, drug lords , corrupt officials, and rape. The cases must be close in 60 days. Duterte is just giving up on our justice system. It is the justice system that is at fault. Duterte sees criminals getting away with crimes. When caught, they bail out. Judges were accepting money from criminals. Most of them are accepting bribes. What can Duterte do ? Nothing but wait for these criminals to bail out and have them assassinated. This guy Duterte was a judge or fiscal before. He knows what is happening. He is just giving up. Only solution , kill all of them.