• Pimentel rebukes VP Binay’s accuser


    THE chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee investigating the alleged anomalies involving top officials of the Makati City government is starting to doubt the credibility of one of the witnesses for failing to substantiate his allegations.

    Senator Aquilino Pimentel 3rd rebuked lawyer Renato Bondal at the resumption of the Blue Ribbon sub-committee hearing on Tuesday for his failure to present evidence to substantiate his testimony.

    Testifying at the Senate hearing, Bondal said that Vice President Jejomar Binay illegally earned from the College of Nursing of the University of Makati (UMAK).

    In his presentation, Bondal claimed that Binay used Dr. Jack Arroyo, nephew of former Senator Joker Arroyo, as a “dummy” who took up the shares of stock of the vice president in the company that manages the UMAK’s College of Nursing.

    “Mr. Jack Arroyo is not part of UMAK. He is not also part of STI but out of nowhere he becomes a 20 percent stockholder of that company,” Bondal added.

    Bondal was referring to the Philippine Healthcare Educators Inc. (PHEI), the company that manages the College of Nursing.

    PHEI was established following the joint venture agreement between UMAK and STI College for the creation of the institute of Nursing in UMAK in 2003.

    UMAK was represented by then Mayor Binay, being the university’s chairman of the board of regents, and STI by its president Monico Jacob.

    Bondal claimed Arroyo was included in the PHEI to be the vice president’s dummy, and to hold Binay’s 20 percent share in the firm.

    When Pimentel asked Bondal if could present proof that would substantiate his allegations that Arroyo is Binay’s dummy, all he can present is a copy of the PHEI incorporation papers from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
    Based on the SEC document, PHEI was incorporated in 2004 with equity of 20 percent out of the 60 percent stake of Systems Technology Institute (STI) in the company, the remaining 40 percent of shares being owned by the city government of Makati.

    Pimentel was not pleased with this development and reminded Bondal to substantiate his allegations when the committee resumes its hearing.

    The sub-committee wants Bondal to provide definite proof that Arroyo is Binay’s dummy.


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    1. Pete Albea on

      Looks like we need a confession to convict an erring government official. Our prosecutors, or even the fact finding committees of congress, are too naive to even arrive at a conclusion of their investigations.