Pimentel wants to reopen Senate probe on Espinosa killing


Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd said the upper chamber must reopen its investigation into the killing of Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa to get a “clear picture” of why the Department of Justice downgraded to homicide the murder charges filed against the policemen involved in his death in November 2016.

“The best way for the Senate to be involved is to reopen the hearing and request for the copies of the counter affidavits or other papers or documents that the respondents filed,” Pimentel said in an interview.

“And then ask the DoJ panel which handled the preliminary investigation on what convinced them or what moved them to change their mind that the murder was not committed but instead homicide,” said Pimentel.

This is why, he said, “a reopening would do the trick”.

He said in the course of the inquiry, the DOJ would be asked to submit documents that all the senators would read for “a more complete picture”.

“There are many lawyers among us in the Senate. If we come to the same conclusion then that is a reasonable conclusion. If we cannot come to the same conclusion then we have to ask ourselves what happened here,” said Pimentel.

Superintendent Marvin Marcos and 18 other police officers have been charged with killing Espinosa and another inmate Raul Yap.

Espinosa had been linked to illegal drug operations in the Visayas and had promised to provide authorities with a list of those involved in the use and purchase of these banned substances.



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