Pinay forced to drink bleach out of danger


Agnes Mancilla, the Filipino domestic helper in Saudi Arabia who was forced to drink bleach by the mother of her employer, is now out of danger, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Tuesday.

Saudi officials gave assurances that justice will be served in the case of Mancilla, 36.

Elmer Cato, DFA assistant secretary, said Mancilla’s condition has improved. She recounted her harrowing experience to Consul General Edgar Badajos of the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah at the Jizan King Fahd Hospital.

Mancilla was hired as household service worker in 2016. The abuses started in 2017..

Badajos said Mancilla told him that there was a time when her employer did not give her food for 46 days. She was only allowed to drink coffee.

The consul general added that Mancilla would start working at 5 a.m. and would only be allowed to sleep at around 2 a.m.

The abuse stopped when she was hospitalized on April 2, after her employer forced her to drink household bleach for failing to make tea properly.

She also told the consul general that the burn marks on her back were actually bite marks of her employer.

Mancilla had no contact with her family in the Philippines for almost two years because her employer confiscated her cellphone.

Cato said the DFA is working closely with authorities in Saudi Arabia to make sure that Mancilla’s employer will be brought to justice.


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