• Pinay karateka sets eyes on Olympics


    Heiddy Chloe Angeles demonstrates a kicking technique. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    A native of Canelar Triplet, Zamboanga City, Heiddy Chloe Angeles, 19, is beauty and brawn shining in her chosen sport of karatedo.

    Angeles is a member of the Philippine Typhoons, the national team of the Philippine Karatedo Federation (PKF). National coach David Lay and PKF Secretary-General Raymund Lee Reyes seeing her active participation as a member of the Zamboanga City Karate Association recruited her.

    Angeles revealed that karatedo was not her first love as an athlete.

    “I started to play badminton at the age of six. When I turned eight years old, my father taught me karatedo, which according to him would be useful for self-defense. I remember I was crying that time because I really wanted to play badminton,” Angeles told The Manila Times.

    But after a while she fell in love with karate.

    “Eventually, I see myself enjoying the sport. And the people in the karate community are very approachable that is why it easily became my passion,” she said.

    For now, her dream of becoming a policewoman has taken a backseat as she is focusing on representing the country in international competitions.

    A Philippine National Games veteran, Angeles knew though the importance of having a good education.

    “If given a chance, I would like to go back to school. I really want to make my mother proud of me,” said Angeles.

    Angeles wants to follow her father’s footsteps and become a police officer but looks up to her mother as a source of inspiration to achieve her goal.

    “Why? Because she really strives to give what is best for us after being separated from my father four years ago. She finds a way in everything and she never gives up.”

    “Like her, I will not give up until I reach my goals,” said Angeles, whose goal as an athlete is to become an Olympian.

    “Maybe the time that I will stop playing karate is after I competed in the Southeast Asian Games and Olympic Games because that really is my goal, to land and compete there for our nation,” she said.

    Reyes believes that Angeles has what it takes to achieve her dreams.

    “Actually, they are all entitled to participate and dream to go there (Olympics). She is doing her best because during our recent training camp, she excelled in all the activities and improved compared before,” said Reyes.

    As a parting shot, Reyes hopes that Filipinos would learn to appreciate the sacrifices of athletes instead of criticizing them whenever they suffer loss in international competitions.

    “It is hard for each athlete to be away from their loved ones. That is their biggest sacrifice just to represent our nation. We are hoping that our fellow Filipinos will help us to achieve greater heights in our future endeavors,” Reyes concluded.


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