• Pineda’s pointers for employee joy


    ■ Bosses, first and foremost, learn to let go!

    ■ You hired that person, let him unleash his potential by providing the environment to be able to do just that. Create a nurturing workplace.

    ■ Your job as boss is to take the hassles – such as bureaucracy, frustration about processes, mistrust – out of your people’s way so they can be productive.

    ■ Sometimes, companies stifle their people’s potential because they don’t empower them or listen to them enough.

    ■ Encourage team dynamics. Conversing with others is the best thing to drive creativity. Those situations have really worked for me. I always get a lot of ideas from interacting with others.

    ■ Never forget you are always a manager of somebody. Even if I run a large organization, and there are many people that I don’t get to see, I still like to know how they feel about the company. That’s a very important job.

    ■ Make it a point to get to know your people, and they, you. When you form a relationship, then it will be easier to discuss work problems.


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