• Ping and Miriam: Rekindling their dormant presidential dreams


    (By Marlen V. Ronquillo, Opinion, December 18, 2013)
    Swak again ang opinyon mo Mr. M. But will u please give us a hint who is the wealthy one who back Villar who is himself very wealthy? I don’t know if Binay noticed that Tanda and Bigote are now heavy baggage in his Presidential run and do something about it pronto before it’s too late.
    Aaron Legaspi, eirons1043@yahoo.com

    Yeahhhh! Only Miriam Santiago can straighten out all the mess that the LP and Pnoy have brought to bear on our hapless citizens… She is smart, disciplined, truly fearless, woman-of-action, and very importantly, NO political dynasty, and is from the masses, NOT an oligarch butt-kisser like the others… Only Miriam/ perhaps with Briones, or Bongbong Marcos…as VP… She is the only one “sane” enough to be president…
    We, OFW (Italy)
    Ramon, ngramonc8@yahoo.com

    Of those mentioned, in my opinion, Miriam D. Santiago will do the most good for the nation. She seems to embody the ideal of “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” In 1992, she ran for Pres. because of the clamor for her to do so. The other people mentioned in this article will be running because of personal ambition, not because of a deep desire to help the country. The Philippines has had too many leaders who were corrupt and spent most of their time stealing gov’t. funds. This has gone on too long. Santiago will be different from the usual Commander-in-Thief. So she gets angry at people sometimes, so what? Her anger is directed at stupidity, time-wasters, the corrupt. It is righteous indignation. Most honest people in her position, being exposed to all the corrupt Senators and time-wasters, would get angry, too.
    DanielG, davidvlac@hotmail.com


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