• Ping won’t cover up for Noy’s crime


    After the Supreme Court declared illegal Noynoy Aquino’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), otherwise known as the “Presidential pork barrel,” Malacañang dictated on Congress to devise convenient ways to fleece this year’s national budget.

    With little opposition, the culprits managed to insert provisions in the 2015 General Appropriations Act (GAA) to allow budget realignments, where the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) pools appropriated funds and diverts them to other uses.

    This massive scam was uncovered by former senator and rehabilitation czar Ping Lacson who addressed a group of accountants on Monday in Makati.

    I believe Lacson could no longer stomach being part of the wholesale defrauding of our nation’s coffers.

    And, as much as I expected, the distinguished law enforcer and lawmaker, will never cover up for Noynoy’s own corrupt practices.

    In his speech, Lacson also pointed to lump sum allocations in the current budget amounting to at least P424 billion.

    “It is still counting,” he said, pointing out discretionary funds handed in silver platter to 11 major line agencies.

    The Department of Agriculture (DA) alone has a lump sum budget of P6.2 billion for “farm-to-market roads.”

    Just recently, the Commission on Audit (COA) disclosed rampant irregularities in the disbursements of DA funds for farm-to-market roads.

    Walang patawad ang administrasyong ito at binubukulan pati kawawang mga magsasaka!

    Legislators have also maintained pork barrel funds even after the high court had outlawed the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) which was widely misused. They only gave it different names.

    Such is our most serious predicament –the impunity of government officials, corrupt practices, the abuse of discretion versus the rule of law, the lack of transparency and accountability.

    That which prevails directly contradicts that which this administration professes, the matuwid na daan crap.

    It is because of this that the anger, disgust and frustration of our people have grown more intense.

    But I expect Lacson to enlighten us on how Noynoy’s cronies gobbled budget items, such as the Unprogrammed Funds, Special Purpose Funds, Motor Vehicle Users Fund, the Malampaya Fund and Overall Savings.

    He had in the past made no secret of his observation that the annual national budget smacked of insertions, double-appropriations, as well as unlawful realignments.

    Tuloy ang ligaya!

    Now, Malacañang is cooking up the National Expenditure Program (NEP), the basis for next year’s national budget in time for the opening of the joint session of Congress, highlighted by Noynoy’s final State of the Nation Address (SONA).

    God forbid the lies we have to put up with.

    Wala ng wang-wang… si Wang Boo na lang ang nandiyan!

    I don’t mean the Chinese fugitive Wang Bo, who should have been deported by the time the President delivers his SONA on July 27th. I was referring to the Wang Boo himself who should be deported from the Palace.

    The Wang Boo in Malacañang, along with his bagman Butch Abad, fleeced the national budget, which could have change the people’s lives for the better if made available to them in the past five years.

    You just wait till Ping Lacson uncovers what sort of crooks you are, wang boos!



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    1. Alieto C. Cajilig on

      Good article. I believed Ping on this alleged stuff. Hence, upstream core managers might have good intentions to serve the ‘Boss’, whilst at downstream who tends to be looked-like a sheep but on wolfs’ clothing, contrary to ‘tuwid na daan’…busy enriching themselves of taxpayers’ hard-earned money ay napakalungkot naman. Nawala ang nationalism at dedication sa sinumpaang tungkulin. Makonsensiya naman sana sila sa madlang pipol at sa PNoy administration.

    2. Kung baga warehouse ang corruption, WHOLESALE na ang nangyayari. Everyone in the Executive and Legislative are involve. Failed government na ito. Everyone should resign out of delikadesa.

    3. Poe is tickled pink being popular..she should know limitation…in a way she is also self-centered ,egocentric..

    4. Good article. Ginagawang mga gago ang mag Pinoy. Mga bobo kasi ang mga bomoto sa kanila kaya mga bobo ang nandiyan sa Malacanang.

    5. Felimon A. Soria on

      Here we have a General who should be president instead of a present senator we don’t even know whether she is legitimate or not.

      • Legitimate or not of what? Legitimacy or illegitimacy or born out of wedlock of a candidate is not an issue. The issue is…can a candidate handle the affairs of the country.

      • the way she talk about china, I think she can’t handle world maneuver in world politics. it requires a skill to gain advanges in any bluff trown,..we need a leader who can show strength of confidence.