• Piñol proposes world food bank vs hunger


    Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol proposed before the United Nations the establishment of a world food bank to arrest the worsening number of hungry people in the world.

    In his statement during the 40th Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Session Conference in Italy, Piñol said that the food bank would act as a “unique bank” where agricultural products could be deposited and loaned out to countries suffering from food shortages and famine.

    “The idea of the World Food Bank is not a new as this was already discussed in the past but it was formally presented to the Plenary of the 40th Session of the FAO yesterday as the world’s leaders raised alarm over the increasing number of hungry people in the world,” the DA chief said.

    He said that the world food bank will not only ensure that commodities produced in excess by a country would not go to waste thus ensuring that the farmer will make money from his endeavor. It will also greatly contribute to the FAO’s vision of zero hunger.

    Under Piñol’s proposal, any country producing a food commodity in excess, like wheat, corn, cassava or rice, could submit their excess products inventory to the world food bank.

    “For example, Filipino farmers who are producing cassava and corn in excess of what the Philippines needs, could be assured of ready market for their products,” he said.

    In a Facebook post, Piñol claimed that the idea is gaining interest from different groups, which see a lot of benefits, both for the food producing country and the countries suffering from food shortages.

    “FAO Secretary General Louis Gagnon has promised to refer the idea to the technical people of the Organization who would give flesh to the unique idea,” the Agriculture Secretary said. “Switzerland Ambassador Bernard Lehman called the idea ‘interesting’ and said he would look into it and provide feedback to the Philippine delegation.”


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