• Pinoy soldier dies during war games


    A FILIPINO soldier died Thursday afternoon when he accidentally fell to the sea near the Subic Airport while he and US troops were conducting proficiency jump exercise as part of the annual war games between the Philippines and the US.

    Military officials refused to identify the soldier, who holds a rank of Airman 2nd Class, pending notification of his family.

    “We withheld the name of the Filipino soldier for his family’s concern, although BK16 leadership is in the process of informing them. All details will follow as soon as we obtained it,” said Capt. Celeste Frank Sayson, Balikatan 2016 spokesman.

    The soldier, belonging to the 710th Special Operations Wing of the Philippine Air Force, reportedly dropped to the sea when he was hit by a strong wind drag while he and other Filipino soldiers were doing the jump exercise at 3:45 p.m.

    He was quickly recovered by pre-positioned force protection team from the Philippines and the US.

    The soldier was rushed to the Unihealth Hospital but he died 5:25 p.m.


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    1. opinionated pinoy on

      Medyo Malabo ang istoryang ito, but I am assuming that this is a parachute jump. What kind of jump was this? was this a “static jump” or “free fall jump”? What kind of aircraft was used? was it a C-130? If they were dropped to the sea, was the casualty able to exit the aircraft door safely? was his parachute tangled while exiting the aircraft door? was his parachute opened before it hit the water? at what altitude they were jumping from? These are the questions that need answers to determine where it failed. Was it an equipment failure? procedural failure? lack of training or rehearsal? a Jumpmaster failure? We need to safely train these soldiers for future confrontations with China.