Pinoy triathlete shares secrets on staying fit


Building up fame and an illustrious career in sports is a rewarding path that only an elite few are lucky to accomplish in their lifetime. But while many aspiring athletes look up to achieving such pedestal status, enjoying one’s passion to the hilt—beyond one’s prime that is—is an even grander success that not everyone can pursue.

And no one knows the secrets to a long remarkable career better than homegrown sporting legend himself, triathlete Frank Lacson. Seasoned at age 50, Lacson—considered as the country’s “Grand Daddy” in triathlon for the past 30 years—is barely slowing down from his game.

Getting older means just getting better.

From his penultimate foray into the sport in 1992 as the first Filipino triathlete to compete overseas, Lacson has impressively dominated both local and international leagues in various periods. With a fiery commitment to his career success, Lacson is indeed way beyond retirement. In 2013, he clinched successes in the Subic International Marathon 42K (10th overall) and the National AG Triathlon Subic AG (50 to 54 age group, second place). The icon has also earned a lifetime achievement award for his accomplishments in the sport, and just recently broke the tape for his milestone 123rd triathlon in 2013.

A hero in his own right, the Olongapo native shares that to keep up with their game, an athlete should possess discipline, a heart of a champion, and commitment to hard work. “Even with the best trainer or equipment, without these three qualities, an athlete can never accomplish much, or ever truly become what he or she wishes to be,” Lacson stressed.

It is these factors that drive Lacson to push his limits, as he undergoes rigorous fitness workouts. Yet even as a celebrated gold medalist, he has his own serious bouts with physical challenges. “Even with steady exercise and healthy lifestyle routines, the body tends to show signs of aging, like in the form of frequent leg cramps, knee pains and injuries. Which is why besides adjusting workout routines, it greatly helps to have a training aid, like CEP compression socks,” he shared.

“From the moment it’s put on, my lower legs feel they’ve warmed up all ready. The socks seem so magical, like shock absorbers,” he mused.

With triathlon being a challenging, multi-stage competition, athletes need all the necessary precautionary measures and training advantages to go the full distance. “Which is why triathletes like me needs to condition our body very well and very scientifically at that, to prevent injuries,” Lacson continued.

“For instance, with the CEP socks, the burning sensation during high intensity cycling, or track interval sessions is definitely reduced, if not, no longer experienced. I also now have higher pain threshold while climbing on the bike or running up hills.”

Despite having to mettle ever-present signs of aging, Frank Lacson is all set on his goals, sticking to play his sport with full gusto. “It’s a tough sport. But the joy of movement, not to mention relishing each moment of challenge and triumph, is too hard for me to resist. As long as my passion is there, my momentum is unstoppable,” he ended.

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