• Pinoy’s new invention hikes fuel efficiency


    Filipino inventor Jun de Jesus has unveiled his newest invention called “Highmax Turbo Power Simulator” that increases fuel efficiency, engine power and torque.

    De Jesus, the inventor of “Eagle Eye”—a unique security alarm device for cars and business establishments that is activated using a mobile phone—conducted a demonstration of “Highmax Turbo Power Simulator” before members of Team Montero Sports Philippines (TMSP) at Metro Walk Complex in Pasig City (Metro Manila) over the weekend.

    TMSP, headed by Royce Tan, expressed its full support to de Jesus’ new invention.

    De Jesus said “Highmax” works as a power booster with less fuel consumption because the device “converts atmospheric air into ozone and hydrogen/nitrous oxide before it enters the engine to enhance fuel burning efficiency.”

    “The more fuel you burn, the more energy you release and the more power you make, and that means the faster and the farther the vehicle runs with greater engine torque,” he explained.

    The inventor said “engines normally burn only up to 70 percent of injected fuel.”

    “Thus, if you burn almost 100 percent of fuel in the engine, that is 30 percent more power and as a result, you will be able to save at least 10 percent of your fuel consumption,” he pointed out.

    De Jesus said “Highmax” is environment-friendly as it cuts down air pollution because “almost 95 percent of fuel is burned and there is almost zero smoke emission from the engine.”

    Edilberto “Boyet” Dungca, another TMSP member, attested that he is satisfied with the performance of “Highmax” in his vehicle, both as gas saver and splendid engine power.

    Al Sapayan, a TMSP member, who installed “Highmax” and “Eagle Eye” in his vehicle, also confirmed the high performance of both devices.

    De Jesus hopes that the government will help promote inventions by Filipino inventors.



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