Piolo Pascual and son Iñigo’s call to live an active lifestyle

Piolo Pascual is every bit the ideal ‘fitspiration’ not only for his son but hardworking adults as well INSTAGRAM/IMINIGOPASCUAL

Piolo Pascual is every bit the ideal ‘fitspiration’ not only for his son but hardworking adults as well INSTAGRAM/IMINIGOPASCUAL

A new survey by an international insurance policy company showed that 89-percent of Filipinos place high importance on health. Despite the staggering figure, 59-percent of the same participants in the survey ironically do not exercise; 46-percent do not get enough sleep; and 41-percent eat unhealthily.

Alarmed by the growing number of “unhealthy habits” among Filipinos, Sun Life intensifies its annual fitness and wellness advocacy, the Sunpiology run for 2016, and enjoined Iñigo Pascual to help his father and long-time brand ambassador Piolo to get the population moving.

Youth magnet
When Iñigo Pascual broke into the scene via the 2014 romantic flick, Relaks, It’s Just Pag-ibig, the teen star tried his best to veer away from his father Piolo’s superstar status.

Try as he might, people could not help but regard the Los Angeles-raised teenager as the younger version of his father. After all the boy had his father’s charm, penchant for singing, and as attested by his numerous small and big screen projects, his dad’s acting chops as well.

When it comes to fitness, the apple, likewise, doesn’t fall far from the tree. In fact, he is exhilarated to be deemed a fitness buff, just like his father.

“Papa P [as the industry fondly calls his father]is a good role model when it comes to staying fit. I like working out too and I always do sports with him. We play badminton, we run and we train for triathlon,” the 19-year old said at the launch of the yearly run that was named after his famed father. With him at Piolo’s side, Sunpiology hopes to attract more young participants to the marathon.

“It’s great that my line of work encourages an active lifestyle—by dancing and performing I’m able to stay fit,” Iñigo noted. “I really hope that by example I can motivate young people to start being active as well.”

‘Sugar Wars’
Piolo, on the other hand, has always been in love with physical activities, not only in keeping his body fit but more so, in ensuring his health.

An avid runner and recently a triathlon finisher, Piolo is a true believer of the saying that “health is wealth.”

“If you like to eat, exercise more,” he advised when his turn came at the mic at the Sunpiology event. “Because if you don’t exercise, you’ll run into all sorts of health problems, the most alarming one for me, being diabetes.”

Echoing the company’s research, he related, “Now that the Philippines is considered a diabetic hotspot, we have to raise awareness on who’s at risk and how to avoid it, which is why we have themed this year’s Sunpiology run as the ‘Sugar Wars’.”

As such, Sunpiology makes sure to add both education and entertainment in the fun run. Per station, there are challenges they must first complete to pass through such as interactive LED screens, challenging obstacles ala hole in the wall, and sugar mascots that they must outrun.

Teenage heartthrob Iñigo Pascual hopes to enjoin more youths to his father’s advocacy

Teenage heartthrob Iñigo Pascual hopes to enjoin more youths to his father’s advocacy

Piolo added that besides raising funds for his Hebreo Foundation for grade school, high school and college scholars, Sunpiology will also allot a substantial amount this year to the Institute for Studies of Diabetes Foundation, Inc., to further medical breakthroughs for diabetes treatment and prevention.

“But of course, the most effective way to prevent diabetes from ruining our health is to exercise,” he emphasized as he called on old and new faces to join his meaningful advocacy promoting an active lifestyle.

“Besides Hebreo Foundation and the Institute for Studies of Diabetes Foundation, Inc., proceeds of the event will also go to LingkodKapamilya, Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Philippines Inc., and the Star Magic Scholars,” Piolo finally shared.

* * *

The ‘Sunpiology Run: Sugar Wars’ takes place at sunset on November 19 at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City. Participants can choose from 500m walk/dash for kids and adults or 3K, 5K and 10K categories. For more information, visit www.sunpiology.com.


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