• Pirelli is Motul FIM Superbike official tire supplier


    The 29th edition of the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship starts at Phillip Island soon with Pirelli being chosen as the official tire supplier for the 13th consecutive season.

    The first round of the season will take place at the historic Phillip Island Circuit in Australia. Its layout is unique thanks to its proximity to the sea and to the alternation of fast and wide-ranging curves and only two hairpins where it is easy to overtake, but it is also particularly stressful for the tires.

    This circuit generates at the same time both a constant mechanical and thermal stress for the tires, especially on the left side due to the track layout. It is not uncommon to witness the overheating in one area of the tire, but it is simultaneously at maximum lean angle and this generates various forces with torsion and very strong diagonal strain.

    The most challenging section of the circuit, at least for tires, is definitely the Southern Loop sweeper that has a medium-wide radius which that forces the bikes into a full throttle, fixed lean trajectory for a very long time with mechanical stress localized on a small strip of tread that undergoes rapid temperature increase, causing a loss of grip. In turn, because of the friction between the tread and the track surface, this causes a further increase in temperature with consequent wear. Regardless of the weather conditions at Phillip Island, there is a high temperature increase that can potentially cause thermal deterioration of the blend, or the phenomenon better known as blistering, which can be mitigated only by the rider’s skill and a detailed fine tuning of the electronics.

    For the test on Tuesday and Wednesday, Superbike Pirelli will provide riders with a total of four dry solutions, two front and two rear, in addition of course to intermediate and wet tires in case of need.

    Also for the Supersort, there will be two front and two rear solutions for dry, in addition to intermediate and wet tires.

    More detailed information about the solutions for tests are available in the attached files.

    After evaluating the goodness of the solutions used for tests, Pirelli will communicate to the riders that are the solutions for the race weekend.


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