Pisteng Yawa for Pestedente


THERE are a dime-a-dozen opinions. And there are expert opinions. Say, of Moody’s Investor’s Service, Standard & Poor’s or Fitch Ratings that somehow gauge a nation’s state of economic health that can guide investors worldwide where to plunk down monies for better returns.

Too, a physician’s diagnosis is, arrived at following a battery of tests and examinations, merely medical opinion; the ailing can seek another specialist, go through the same tests and examinations, and cough up some more monies for a second opinion. Or a third, a fourth or so on and so forth to confirm what the already confirmed sickness is.

In the course of marriage annulment proceedings, a clinical psychologist was called to provide expert opinion on one Rodrigo Duterte y Roa. Expert opinion was trotted out, found Duterte sick. Maybe, a misfit, something is not right in his cranium. But sick in the head isn’t exactly a terminal disease. And one psychologist’s pronouncement can differ from another’s. Truckloads of such experts can be hauled, each one can – at gunpoint, of course – be made willing to pronounce him fit for public office.

By the way, most of the top 500 corporations in the country would rather rely on the prognosis of their clinical psychologist on candidates for top-rank, high-pay employment; they’re still in adherence to that human ideal, mens sana in corpore sano, a sound mind in a sound body. It would be a waste of money hiring any retard or candidate for commitment to an insane asylum.

But, a large portion of our 54-million-strong voting populace aren’t that choosy, too rash even, when it comes to sizing up or running a fine-toothed rake over a candidate’s competencies and, uh, questionably good moral character that are sought for a position of responsibility.

Expert opinion indicates Duterte y Roa’s downright inability to “remain committed to a person or a relationship.” (That word “committed,” however, can also be used, as in, “commit adultery, commit a crime, or committed to an insane asylum.”)

Further, that court-appointed clinical psychologist opines that such malfunction of Duterte y Roa’s psyche stems from “a gross indifference to others’ needs and feelings, heightened by lack of capacity for remorse and guilt.”

Two words come to a layman’s mind to describe such a pitiable soul. The first: ruthless. The other: inhuman. A populace in desperation and ignorance needs such a sorry excuse for a human as a flock of sheep needs a butcher to lead them to their slaughter, right?

Forewarned is forearmed, but that clinical psychologist’s forewarning must have been thrown out the window. Who would have known any better? So it came to pass after collating data over the years and working on the ground, an alarmed global organization Human Rights Watch concluded that most of those slaughtered during Duterte’s rule over Davao City were “young men or youths who had been known in their community for involvement in small-scale drug dealing or petty crimes, such as stealing cell phones, and using drugs… street children (some of whom are youth gang members), and low-income blue-collar workers such as informal car washers, jeepney and tricycle drivers, construction workers, and fishermen.” Verily, these are the dirt-poor, the destitute folk that every two-bit seeker of public office woos to his side for their votes.

Maybe, even Jesus Christ would have approved of such large-scale cleansing, why, a tax collector-turned-preacher named Saint Matthew quotes The Messiah as plying out an opinion: “Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye did it unto one of these my brethren, even these least, ye did it unto me.”

That Messiah reminder won’t be a crowbar or cattle prod meant to prick those endowed with thick hides, even something called conscience. Groupies and fans ubiquitously rising to the defense of the Davao mayor would – everyone went on a high gear to gang up on him – likely point out that “even the devil can quote the Scriptures to suit his ends.”

And it has not occurred to the 54-million-trong electorate that they are not sending just one man to occupy Malacañang or any elective post to chart the destiny of this nation, our community, or what you may hope for, our collective lives. Voters will be sending an entire team, plus a gaggle of hangers-on that will see to the manifold functions of statecraft. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have the Davao Death Squad hold the entire nation under their heels?

BTW, the column title “Two cents” doesn’t refer to the worth of opinions. It is derived from the Aramaic writing on the wall addressed to a doomed king, “Mene tekel upharsin” – “you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting” is one reading. God’s sense of humor and retribution shines through in a more radical interpretation, “You’re a putative leader, you’re worth two cents.”


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  1. matino na pinoy on

    I think Duterte’s I.Q. is higher than most people, and have the ability to attract more women than most of us, to include the writer of this article. Inggit lang si Dong.

    Having four (4) wives in Muslim world is acceptable, and if you think eliminating criminalities is the same thing as committing crime, be it! Duterte is a NO non-sense person and he carries big stick in enforcing the law. Duterte has been tested and proven public servant and it seems like he is working for the people. Heck, look at Binay, your Boss, a Multi- Billionaire, comparing to Duterte still suffering from poverty.

    Duterte is LEADING and most likely going to win this election, if there are NO VOTE BUYING! He is the only hope and the only one that has a pair of BALLS that can do the job like punishing drug smugglers, pushers, whole sellers, and retailers. He will also be dealing with corrupt politicians, and your Boss, Dong, is in danger getting punished by the punisher, himself. Filipino people are really sick and tired of our government and they really wanted change, and they know, change is on its way.

    • Do you now see the level of voters attracted by Duterte . This country has millions of this kind of person that does not care who they are voting. If most Pilipinos are poor and destitute, the reason is because we have in our country illiterate and stupid voters. Please do not blame the rich, blame yourselves.

    • Ah… you mean to say the Millions of OFW’s, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, scholars and other intelligent people attracted to the man of action. Surely you cannot just lump everyone into being indigents and poor people. The war of the classes is already over and almost all are already united against the upper 1%. Yep you cannot blame somebody for being poor but you cannot also let the oligarchs rape our national coffers. I will cite just the billions of unpaid loans by these oligarchs. I pity those who cannot come down from their high horse and see reality. Do you really think only RoRo supporters are intelligent? tsk… tsk… tsk…

    • anong ko lang sayo sana sagutin mo lang YES or NO tama ba ginawa niya?kung sayo kaya mangyari na may anak ka na ni rape na at pinatay pa at piliut mong ibinabaon sa limot dahil napakasakit tapos may kapit bahay kang kapitan na tumatakbo at sinabi niya ang ganitong biro noong nangangampanya siya ano ang mararamdaman mo? matutuwa ka ba sagutin mo sana ng yes or no dahil kakalat uli sa lugar ninyo ang balitang ito na ang anak mo ay ginahasa at pinatay pala .Sa totoo lang di naman lahat makakaalam sana nito pero dahil sa di wastong pag gamit ng dila na di narerendahan the damage is already done.PLEASE sagutin mo po sana tanong ko pls lang po I need your answer yes or no lang po PEACE TO ALL

  2. mga dutertards talaga, ang linaw na nga ng mga video at audio, santo pa rin tingin kay du30?

    • Angelina Ellen Villegas on

      Aquino: Mendiola massacre, Hacienda Massacre, SAF44 massacre and Kidapawan police killing, laglag bala sa airport and pinagnakawang mga OFW. But aside from that sinasanto nyo pa rin ang mga animal na yellowtard especially the mentall retarded abnoy. Dutertew have more clear mind that your evilsaints Noytard.

  3. We need to subject all the candidates to a psychiatric/psychological test to find out who is really fit to lead our country,a fair deal I guess.

  4. Filipinos are known to be jack of all trades and good in doing quick fix or remedy. The problem is it is always temporary rather than long term. In this coming elections same seems to be happening, people predicting 360 degrees change of course through Duterte by ending criminality by killing the criminals. This is a quick fix, that works for a while but not for long. Crime is a result or a product of a social problem that is bigger and more serious. Crime can be likened to fever, fever in many cases is just a symptom of a concealed illness. A general practitioner doctor would often prescribe medicine to ease the fever, but a specialist, would analyse the fever in totality with all other symptoms, require further examination to come up with the exact diagnosis, until then the specialist will zero in the real problem and solve it to where it all started. So with crime, go ahead kill those criminals, but will it solve the issue? It will not, for as long as there are hungry people, unemployed, children who can go to schools, people who can afford medical services, there will be people forced to commit crimes. Kapit sa patalim ika nga. Crime is only a symptom of a more serious social problem that plagues the country-extreme poverty.

    In many developed countries crime rate and poverty level are inversely situated. Now, the simple fact is Philippines cannot provide all the needs of this country. Foreign investment is an ingredient of development. But with such harsh mouth in Duterte will drive away investors. In that recent foul comment on Mexico, what if they will pull out the FDI’s from Mexico here? Thousands of people will lose jobs- and no jobs means no income-means hunger and when people get desperate they resort to criminal activities. Duterte said UN is hypocrite we don’t need it, so far North Korea is the only other country who thought of the same and see what NoKor is as of today. Duterte also said Human Rights is a western propaganda, and is not for Filipinos. Who else in history believed in the same idea, Polpot, Kim Ill Sung, Peron of Argentina, Mao Zedong among others. Being a local chief executive you can ignore all other external factors and live in your own box, but not in the case of a national chief executive- you have to be mindful of everyone around you, you cannot afford to offend other country’s specially for a developing country wanting and needing those FDI’s

    Yes Davao may have been relatively peaceful now, since most of those street criminals have been executed, and many fled to the nearby towns. Now, imagine in a national scale, where there is nowhere to run. Its going to be a violent era.

    Justice yes, but I have higher hopes in a corrective or restorative justice being a more sustainable and long term approach as compared to a vigilante approach. And that we go and solve the issue to where it all started, solve the unemployment, education problem, hunger and create more sustainable sources of livelihood.

    You don’t stop the grass from growing by simply trimming the leaves, dig the roots.

    • Most crimes are a product of poverty. Eliminate poverty, I guarantee that there will be much lesser crimes. We cannot totally stop crime but we can lessen the impact. Lesser impact is better than total impact.

    • Tama !!!na tumbok mu pasok na pasok pin point….evryone has to there part help hangang kaya….si binay bong bong lang ang my attitude ng ganun…my aura ng ganun just do it para sa nakakarami….dumaan lang tayu sa mundong ito wag kayung madamut share the love….ang yayaman nyo na anu pa ba gusto nyo..makuntento naman kayu

  5. Daniel B. Laurente on

    Pitiable soul. The first: ruthless. The other: inhuman. A populace in desperation and ignorance needs such a sorry excuse for a human as a flock of sheep needs a butcher to lead them to their slaughter, right? No. Very Wrong.

    A centavo should be keep away so that the piso will not be a whole. Drug lords became richer because the victims are the small fry and there are plenty of them.

  6. This is also what they did to Merriam Santiago when almost he got the presidency. They character assassinate her of being a”brain damaged” candidate. So there you are. And now you did it again to Mr. Duterte. Just keep your mouth shut and let Mindanaoans do this job of changing our country for the better. We have too much of candidates from Manila. Binay? nothing would happen to this country for everybody will steal because they saw that there president is doing this. Just 6 years is all what we need, give this country a chance, Anyway Duterte is only good for 6 years, He is too old for another.

  7. There is a sense of desperation from the electorate when a mayor who you described as ruthless and inhuman is now widely considered to be the frontrunner in the presidential race. The people are seeking for a change, they’ve had enough of the so called “status quo” , where vested interests have been lording over the majority for so long.