• PITC urges SMEs to go for market expansion


    The government is urging small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to expand markets beyond Philippine shores as a way of consolidating bigger import-export outputs.

    “Currently, for our output for the top countries that we’re exporting to, Japan is on top of the list. So, if you expand into, for instance, the socialist countries to which we can expand aggressively, I think the output of both import and export would be even bigger,” Dave Almarinez, newly-appointed president and chief executive officer of Philippine International Trading Corp. (PITC) said on Thursday.

    The Philippine’s top trading partners are Japan, China, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and The Netherlands.

    “Therefore, there will be more businesses that would be generated if we’re expanding, not limiting to particular countries,” Almarinez added.

    The PITC’s role is to engage in exports, trade services and special trading arrangements. It also ensures the most efficient and cost-effective procurement services, and contributes to price-supply stabilization of goods and services.

    “More expansion—we’re not —generating more revenues and generating more jobs, directly affecting more Filipinos. In the end, our fellowmen will generate all of this,” Almarinez noted.

    The PITC intends to give people easy access, particularly those who want to expand their businesses.
    “We will give equal chance, weather you’re big or small, to really expand beyond domestic, especially in international markets,” Almarinez said.

    For small businesses, the “PITC would be the lead agency for them to partner with, if they don’t have the network yet. We will give them advice, we will give them the possible information and guidance. If not, partner to match which is best for them,” he added.


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