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For Inno Sotto, the key to being fashionable is to dress appropriately for every occasion

For Inno Sotto, the key to being fashionable is to dress appropriately for every occasion

‘World Wide Wear’ provides cues on appropriate fashion
WHETHER for family bonding, work, relaxation or adventure, Filipinos jump at every opportunity to travel. And with their growing exposure to all things out there, so do their tastes and lifestyles continue to evolve.

Expectedly, fashion is very much a part of this social phenomenon, and no one knows it more than luxury lifestyle retail store, Rustan’s.

“We recognize that most of our customers love traveling and they all have different lifestyles. With that, we also know that they are always on the lookout for something perfect to wear for every occasion,” acknowledged Mi-chael Huang of Stores Specialist Inc.

In response to the Filipino’s demand for style, the retail giant launched its very first “World Wide Wear” campaign on September 2 at Raffles Hotel in Makati City where it unveiled its latest finds in the global world of high-end fashion.

Taking to the runway were such luxury labels as Josie Natori, Stella Mc-Cartney, Tadashi Shoji, and Nina Ricci, among a moving collage of Fall/Winter 2014 looks.

From Facconable’s newest collection

From Facconable’s newest collection

Tasked to head the month-long World Wide Wear (WWW) campaign is renowned Filipino fashion designer and Rustan’s creative consultant Inno Sotto. For the show, he expertly merged the elements of style and comfort in effortlessly chic ensembles for every occassion.

“The whole inspiration for this World Wide Wear event is to bring fashion from all over the world together for the stylish Filipino who is always on the go,” reiterated the respected designer.

“Rustan’s, in its history, has been able to bring so many brands from all over the world to the Philippines. Years before, it was the only retail store that had such brands like Lacroix, Valentino, Lanvin, and Nina Ricci.

“They continue to do so with a passion, and this year, Rustan’s is bringing more new brands like Monique Lhullier as the holidays approach,” Sotto revealed.

Getaway must-haves
With WWW focused on “on-the-go fashion,” the style guru graciously shared his views on jet setter essentials, especially in for the coming season when many parties and travelling take place.

An outfit by Josie Natori

An outfit by Josie Natori

For women, Inno suggests to always carry your “basic black pieces.”

“Black skirt, black pants, black t-shirt, and a basic black dress, short or long doesn’t matter,” Sotto ennumerated.

To provide panache to the classic black, he insists on the use of accessories.

“You don’t want to look like a mafia widow!” the designer warned.

“Now this is where the accessories department comes in. Wear what Rustan’s has—scarves by Stella McCartney, bags by Fendi. That’s how you dress your basic black.”

For men, he suggests a classic crisp shirt or a dark suit from Facconable especially on trips abroad.

Home style
But no matter where the globetrotting Filipino goes, home always remains to be the place for the most action, even in style.

However, Sotto observed, “Fashion in the Philippines is peer pressure now more than ever. If you go to the ‘in place’ now, everybody more or less has the same hairstyle, nail polish, scent, and bag. They have the same design trends—that’s how it is.

“Mga Pilipino kasi pala-gaya [Filipinos are copycats]. A lot of men, ages ago, would not wear pink. But probably because of social media, or technology, it all changed. Now men are more open to wearing different looks.

“The downside of that is people are not able to weed out, curate, edit and know what is actually a good look for them,” he warned again.

The key to being fashionable, concluded the style guru, is dressing appropriately for every occasion—precisely what he showed on the World Wide Wear runway


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