• Plague of pigs holds the country in thrall


    WHILE an entire legion of demons have taken refuge in a herd of pigs that took a fatal plunge off a cliff, the largely Catholic nation reels from an affliction of porkers in feeding frenzy on “pork.”

    Tongue firmly in cheek and spewing wicked fun, an out-spoken official of the Church points to such swine as the country’s “pork barrel royal family,” after critics tabbed President Benigno Aquino 3rd as “pork barrel king.”

    Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz said that if Aquino is pork barrel king, Janet Lim-Napoles would then be the pork barrel queen and cong-ressmen and senators implicated in the pork barrel scam must be part of the “pork barrel royal family.”

    He said that not only foreign countries have the royal family, but “[there’s] really more funds in the Philippines” because Fili-pinos have a royal family, too.

    “Gusto ko sanang dagdagan ang pork barrel king, kung mayroong pork barrel king, mayroon ding pork barrel queen at ‘yun ang nakakulong ngayon [Napoles] . . . mayroon ding pork barrel royal family na mga miyembro ng Congress and Senate na naki-nabang sa pork barrel scam [I want to add to the pork barrel king since if there’s a king, there’s a pork barrel queen and she’s now under detention . . . there’s also a pork barrel royal family, the members of Congress and Senate who profited from the pork barrel scam],” Cruz said.

    Meanwhile he said “people who received the pork barrel are evil, but more evil is the one who gave the money, noting that it is not from his own pocket.”

    Reacting to the alleged mis-management of the government’s fund, Cruz said that the president, being at the executive branch of the government must ensure that the money released to the lawmakers should be monitored.

    “Kapag pinakawalan ang pera ng bayan, para sa mga mamamayan dapat yun at sa kabutihan. Kailangan ding tingnan niya kung doon nga napupunta at kung saan nga ang perang binigay. Hindi nga nangyayari kasi pagkatapos ng magbigay wala na [Once taxpayer money is coughed up, that ought to be for the common weal and welfare; where the money goes must be scrutinized. But this isn’t the case because the money after it was given away was gone],” he said.

    Further he is convinced that there was bribery in the Corona’s impeachment.

    Cruz said that Aquino has always been blaming the former adminis-tration, whenever he encounters a “growing clamor of the public. “

    However, he clarified that this “childish approach” won’t help him cleanse his rank.

    The prelate is convinced that the President will never waive his immunity against the plunder case filed to him by some farmers.

    But, he said, even if the President waives his immunity, the plunder case will not prosper.

    “Paano magtatagumpay . . . ang impeachment nga ni Corona ay nagtagumpay dahil nasa bulsa niya ang Senado at Kong-reso [How can the plunder case prosper . . . Corona’s impeach-ment prospered because Aquino has the Senate and Congress in his pocket],” Cruz said.

    He added that he is favor of Aquino’s plan to partially lift the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) of the lawmakers’ Priority Development Assis-tance Fund (PDAF).

    However, he clarified that the TRO might eventually be lifted, alleging that the Supreme Court (SC) is also in the President’s pocket.

    Give the money back to the people
    The prelate appealed to the government not only to prosecute the persons behind the P10-billion pork barrel scam, but to give back the money to the people.

    He believes that this can only be achieved if the government will truly serve the people with dedication and honesty.


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