• ‘Plain, simple murder’

    NO MERCY  This photo of a video clip that went viral on Facebook shows a Muslim rebel finishing off a wounded police commando. In the first photo, the policeman was still alive.

    This photo of a video clip that went viral on Facebook shows a Muslim rebel finishing off a wounded police commando. In the first photo, the policeman was still alive.

    A video that has gone viral and showing members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighter (BIFF) finishing off wounded members of the Special Action Force (SAF) proved that their actions were “plain and simple murder” the Philippine National Police (PNP) said on Wednesday.

    The six-minute video uploaded in Facebook and other social networking sites showed how the MILF separatist rebels shot the SAF police commandos at close range.

    Supt. Rey Arino, commanding officer of the 5th SAF Company, confirmed that one of the commandos being shot by a rebel in the video was a member of the 55th Special Action Company, the SAF unit that served as a blocking force.

    The video, believed recorded from a cell phone by one of the attackers, showed only his hand holding a .45-caliber pistol and shooting at a fallen police commando until he was dead. The wounded man’s patch and uniform identified him as a member of the elite SAF.

    The unidentified gunman then went on to strip other dead policemen of their combat equipment and gear as he shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great).

    The clip also showed other gunmen taking turns in stripping more fallen commandos of their weapons and uniforms while shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they ran toward river banks where the sound of automatic gunfire intensified and slowly faded after several minutes.

    The area was believed to be in the village of Tukanalipao in Maguindanao’s Mamasapano town where 44 police commandos died fighting MILF and BIFF rebels on January 25 while they were on a mission to get Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Filipino bomb maker Abdul Basit Usman.

    “[What you will see in the video is not pretty]. We are still investigating [if the video that has gone]viral [is part of the]Mamasapano incident. But as it is, it is plain and simple murder,” PNP spokesman and Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr. said.

    According to Cerbo, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group is coordinating with the PNP’s anti-cyber crime group to authenticate the video.

    The official said the video added injury to the already bruised feelings of the PNP, which up to now is mourning the loss of the 44 SAF troops.

    “Personally, yung effect ng video na yun ay masakit. Dapat may managot dito [That video really hurt us. Someone should answer for this],” Cerbo added.

    The Department of Justice also directed the National Bureau of Investigation’s Anti-Cybercrime Division to validate the authenticity of the video.

    Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said the video could be used as evidence once it was validated.

    “Kung totoo na SAF yan and ganun nga ang ginawa sa kanila, certainly, kailangan talaga imbestigahan nang husto at panagutin, alamin kung sino-sino ang may kagagawan nyan [If it is true that the SAF commandos were treated that way, it certainly has to be investigated and make those responsible for such acts answerable] because acts of cruelty or acts of atrocities at any setting are quite condemnable, completely unacceptable and, therefore, must be dealt with severely by our laws especially penal laws,” de Lima added.

    She said even if the government and the MILF are in a peace process, it does not mean that those who cruelly killed the SAF commandos cannot be prosecuted.

    Col. Restituto Padilla Jr., spokesman for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), agreed that the SAF members were brutally and mercilessly finished off based on the video.

    “It is very disturbing to say the least. It is clear proof of the brutal execution of the police officers. We appeal to the public to be circumspect and respect the grieving families whose feelings we should be mindful of,” Padilla said in a statement.

    The elite police team was part of a secret mission to capture Marwan in his hideout deep inside MILF territory.

    Marwan was killed by the commandos.

    The team was heading back to rejoin over 300 other commandos deployed outside the village when MILF forces attacked them, sparking a daylong battle that also left 18 rebels and seven civilians dead.

    Internet rage
    The video shared by Zaldy Balds Suson on his Facebook page went viral on Facebook and drew angry comments from those who watched the clip.

    It was unknown how Suson got hold of the clip but other Facebook accounts also posted the same video.

    “And you say you want peace? You don’t even respect humans and you don’t act like humans. No wonder your place is like hell,” wrote Son Retamalliv.

    WinYeon Nam said: “Sana sa susunod na bumagyo, Jan sa mga bwisit na lungga ng mga yan! Tamaan pa sana ng kidlat. Mga dimonyo [I hope that the next typhoon will drive the rebels to their rat holes. I also hope that lightning will strike them. They are devils].”

    The MILF did not issue a statement about the video clip.



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    1. Uyyy… may bagong kuwento sina Murad/Jaffar at Iqbal. Iyon daw ibang MILF ay bigyan daw ng medalya dahil tumulong daw para iligtas ang iba sa PNP-SAF. (Ano kaya, may video sila?)

    2. Everyone am sure is after the truth. But is it too much to expect Media to give those who died some dignity? Must we show everything in print? Not even any attempt to obscure gory details ..on a widely circulated print at that. The man sacrificed his life, must he help you sell more copies too? Decent editorial please.

    3. Justice in this case is delivering this cold blooded killer, in chains, to the family members of the deceased. They could just keep him in chains forever, while they tourture him every day, or kill him. That is justice for this cowardly act or murder.

    4. And now BSA wants it taken down because it is “heartless”. Guess what? The group were trying to make peace with is heartless and everyone gets to see it in video!

    5. Ivanna Aguiling on


      Where’s the humanity, Philippine Star, Manila Times? That they died for their country is enough. We don’t need to feast on it front page style.

      • Alam nyo hindi naman porke inupload ito you tube eh para katuwaan ng tao. Iniupload ito dahil para makita ng taumbayan kahit na isang video man lang eh totoo pala ang nangyari. Kasi puro na lang tayo basa sa diyaryo, makinig sa mga pulitiko, sa mga kasinungalingan ng mga partido na sabit dito. Ngayon, maliwanag na totoong minasaker nila ang mga pulis natin. Di lang balita, me visual pa. Ung siguro purpose ng pagupload nila sa web. Now, nakita na natin, ok na. Di na tayo magdadalwang isip kung totoo o hindi ang mga nabasasa natin at ikinukuwento lang nila. BE OPEN-MINDED PEOPLE. Ung Malacanang sabi nila, Take it down. Bakit??? nakukunsensiya ba si Abnoy, Coloma, Laicerda, Valte, Ochoa, Purosama, Gazmin, Roxas, atbp. sa nakita nila. buti na lng me isang naglakas loob na iupload ito. Sige, Malacannang, ngayon mo sabihin na tiwala pa kayo sa MILF/BIFF at ang me kasalanan pa sa nangyari eh ang mga SAF at si Napenas. Sige, mga HINDOT kayo. Sana sa pagtulog nyo eh bangungutin kayo dahil sa nakita nyong video ng murder.

    6. The savagery displayed by the execution of a wounded and helpless SAF trooper, show that MILF/BIFF are not people nor rebels who seek peace, they want vengence and would not think twice of extracting it on anyone, not even a defenseless person.

      These brigands of murderers deserves nothing more than to be executed themselves, and this goes the same for traitors like BS Cojuangco Aquino III, Deles, Ferrer, Iqbal, Purisima and all those who had a hand in the gruesome death of the SAF troopers, law enforcers who suffered under the hands of the murderous Moro butchers – these traitors and murderers all deserve a bullet or two in the head for what they have done.

    7. Bow! who needs BBL again? we in mindanao don’t need bbl. it’s the fucking milf who needs it to have power and money. revolutionaries huh? in their assess!

    8. Iqbar and MILF “press/advertising” people are preparing a documented denial. (Or maybe Iqbar (and Jaffar plus Murad) will simply say again that MILF is still in a state of war, which is to say “syerrap na lang!!” dapat si deLima at si PresiNoynoy).

    9. The atrocities and brutality committed by the Muslim traitors, as shown by the video clips, as it went viral, is abominable and grossly despicable. Woe to all of you Muslim terrorists. Your leader Iqbal denied in the media that you are terrorists – TRUE you are not only terrorists but MURDERERS and big LIARS. You are no different from the marauders who roam around the desert. These Muslims have no place in a civilized society. They should go to HELL and be with LUCIFER. This problem with the Muslims (all Muslims) had been nagging the government for years. For me, the only possible solution is to declare an open war with the rebels and compel them to respect our sovereign rights. They should not think that they belong to another republic within a Republic. That’s a no no. But the trouble is that ABnoy does not have the balls to fight against the Muslim rebels because he is their supporter all they way from his father.

    10. Revisit the Pata Island massacre of 1981 in Sulu and you will see the same brutality and merciless killings of Army troops.

    11. Yan ba ang nagnanais ng kapayapaan?maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na gawaing terorista yan…sigaw ng sambayanan HUSTISYA PARA SA MGA FALLEN 44…

    12. This incident could have been prevented. The SAF commander did not request a back support up support before they move forward. And their communication should have a radio instead of texting. So bottom line is the Philippine Army should have been gone thru this situation instead of the PNP.