• Plaint


    “We, NDFP peace consultants and political prisoners, led in making complaints against the absurd and cruel confiscations and many other human rights violations committed by the ‘greyhound’ operatives of the national jail authorities. In reprisal the latter ordered the confiscation of the typewriter that we used to type our complaints. The national director of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology all the more absurdly tried to justify the confiscation of the typewriter, claiming that typewriters are also considered as ‘contrabands’ – Alan Jazmines, National Democratic Front of the Philippines peace consultant and political prisoner, Special Intensive Care Area 1 Jail, Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig City, October 1, in his statement “Even a lot worse this time inside Bicutan”

    he calls them “greyhounds”,
    savages unleashed
    by jail men higher in rank

    their mission:
    seize all things
    that make the uncertainties
    of undefined prison terms tolerable

    transistor radios
    blunt scissors
    shaving razors
    small shaving mirrors
    nail clippers
    cooking stoves and lighters
    rice cookers and rice
    toothbrushes and one supposes toothpaste too
    ballpens and their partner sheets of paper
    canvases and paints with which
    to color the gray days
    even vitamins
    and small change

    godless greyhounds they are
    graying and soiling
    and wasting
    and stealing
    prisoners’ food
    even harmless (read: apolitical)
    gift books given
    by the rare visitors

    will visitors ever return
    when they are themselves
    fingerprinted, all ten fingers,
    not the thumbs alone,
    strip-searched and,
    before armed guards,
    commanded: “remove your shoes
    raise your brassiere
    pull down your pants and underwear”
    thus leaving those
    gray prison walls
    riddled with anxiety
    about being grey-hounded too?

    absurd! cruel!
    the fierce poet in him
    protests as the blithe
    spirits of sympathy
    compassion kindness
    and little joy over there

    sigh with me,


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