The plan to make the Philippines a socialist state


The police will have a lot of explaining to do on the injuries sustained by at least 10 demonstrators in front of the US Embassy on Wednesday, when a van rammed into a number of protesters, who were reportedly trying to flip over the vehicle. But this will not prevent hostile and imprudent speculation that the march had President Duterte’s tacit approval and support.

This was the first violent anti-US incident following DU30’s verbal assaults on the US, whose President he had called the “son of a whore” for showing official interest in the drug killings in the Philippines. The incident happened while DU30 was on his four-day state visit to China, where he again criticized the US.

In a speech to the Filipino community in Beijing, he said the Philippines had gained little from its long alliance with the US, which colonized his country for 50 years after Spain had colonized it for nearly 400 years. “Your stay in my country was mainly for your own benefit. So time to say goodbye, my friend,” he said, addressing the US.

The US embassy march

DU30 may not have been entirely aware that some of his supporters would march on to the US embassy. But they obviously wanted to show support for his anti-US stance, and be on the same page with him. How the US will respond is not easy to say. But it is safe to assume the US will always act as a world power. Following Newton’s third law of motion—for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction—there will be consequences.

What DU30 will do to the US would ultimately decide what the US will do to protect its own interests, both as a longtime Philippine ally and as the principal military power in the Asia Pacific. Now, despite DU30’s strong words about “breaking away” from the US, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told the Commission on Appointments that DU30 has not said one word to the Cabinet about the latest status of military agreements with the US. So the picture remains blurred. In Beijing, DU30 said there would be no breaking off of old military alliances with anyone, and no entering into new military alliances with anyone either.

It is typical of DU30 to say something on one occasion, declare the opposite on another, and go back to the first proposition later. So he tends to leave everyone guessing. But the more dependable indicator of his ultimate direction would be those activities where he seeks to involve the entire government and stake his own life and honor. His war on drugs and the summary killings of drug suspects seem to illustrate this only too well. He does not seem to mind that the daily killings of drug suspects have become the staple of the mass media these last four months.

Preparing Filipinos for more deaths

These daily killings have caused some analysts to suggest that they have less to do with eradicating the illegal drug problem, and more to do with creating a climate of fear among the citizens and “desensitizing” them to the sight of dead bodies piling up everywhere—in preparation for the possibility of more killings happening in the near future should public order completely break down. This could happen should the communists take over, and the people rise against the government.

Analysts have suggested that the police should know the existence of at least three large illegal drug laboratories in the country—one in Arayat, one in Calabarzon, and one in Maguindanao. But despite DU30’s high-profile anti-drug campaign, in which close to 4,000 have already been killed, only the lab in Arayat has been raided and closed down, without any arrests or any large illegal drugs haul.

Acoustics encounters

Unusual police encounters with so-called “vigilantes” have also been reported without any fatalities, prompting the same analysts to wonder whether the encounters were real or simply staged to produce some phony stories for the newspapers. Some reports have placed the fatalities in the current narcotics war at 1,323 and counting, killed in “legitimate police operations,” and 2,233 and counting, killed by “vigilantes.” But until now not a single vigilante has been unmasked and arrested.

There is a growing suspicion that the NPA is already being utilized in DU30’s anti-drugs campaign. Some conscience-stricken police officers are dismayed that their superiors are, according to them, not interested in the number of drug users giving themselves up for possible rehabilitation; “they are simply interested in the body count,” one source said, “the more dead bodies the better.”

Evasco’s national movement for change

As troubling as the drug killings have become, “the best” from the DU30 coalition government with the Left is yet to come. Under the leadership of Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr., who supervises 12 strategic government agencies, the government has launched a well-funded, barangay-based, nationwide “Kilusang Pagbabago” (Movement for Change), which seeks to create a personality cult around DU30 as a “socialist President” and bring about a socialist state in the Philippines.

Evasco is a former Catholic priest who joined the NPA in the ‘70s. He was arrested and prosecuted by Duterte, but became the latter’s closest confidante in Davao upon his release. In 2007, he was elected mayor of Maribojoc, Bohol, where he served until 2016, when DU30 asked him to run his presidential campaign. Since then he was reported to have gathered the married ex-priests around the country, a number of whom had already joined the NDF, in an attempt to explore the possibility of organizing a parallel church in the Philippines, similar to the “Patriotic Church” in China.

However, the Kilusan is free from any religious color. Evasco gave a preview of his Kilusan in a recent assembly in Cebu, but the basic document on the Kilusan, which came to me yesterday, reveals that it is a nationwide mass indoctrination movement, starting in Luzon. The Kilusan describes itself as an organization of citizens waging war on drugs and criminality, all forms of corruption in government, rule of the oligarchy, and foreign intervention. It will promote patriotism and nationalism, active citizen participation in governance, just and lasting peace, the eradication of poverty and establishment of federalism.

It will act as watchdog against corruption, educate the citizens on the programs of government for the nation, protect them from natural disasters, calamities, and criminality, terrorism, and foreign intervention. It will guarantee that the government’s programs reach the citizens and that they benefit from them. It will draw the core of its membership from workers, farmers, students, teachers, indigenous peoples, the unemployed, the OFWs and their families, and government workers.

Creating a socialist state

The Kilusan’s basic document points out the need for as many government functionaries as possible to become like DU30 in his practice of socialism in all aspects of governance. It is not enough to have socialist barangay councilmen, captains, mayors, governors, senators; there should be no let-up in the Kilusan’s effort to transform the government, the document points out.

On DU30’s complaint against the “intervention” of the US, the European Union and the United Nations in his government’s internal affairs,” on the issue of the drug killings, the Kilusan says it needs deeper studies on the role of the US in the nation’s affairs, and how to get out of American influence and control. We need to pursue our own industrialization so that we could stand on our own feet, the document said. Obviously, it also needs to understand that no state may execute any of its citizens without due process, and claim it as a purely “internal” matter, in which other states may not intervene.

On the eradication of poverty, the gravest problem confronting Philippine society, the Kilusan paper has almost nothing to say, except this: “Of course, we need to understand why so many are poor. From here, we need to promote an advocacy that would end the problem. But we also need to take concrete steps to reduce poverty, by accessing government programs addressing the plight of various sectors.” This is what Chesterton calls a “garden of wonders for those who are unable to read.”

Inverted federalism

On federalism, the Kilusan says, “we need to study the issue and what type of federalism is best suited for us. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this to the citizens?” This passage is the first official admission that the administration has no real understanding of what DU30 wants to impose upon the nation. Under the puppet Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, the House of Representatives is ready to organize a constituent assembly and rubber-stamp DU30’s proposal to balkanize the Philippines in the name of an inverted federalism, or a federalism so grossly misunderstood.

Federalism is an excellent organizing principle for independent or semi-independent states, which want to coalesce into one federal republic. But it cannot and should not be used to subdivide an existing unitary state in order to come up with several federal states, regions or provinces. DU30 stands a better chance in working for a federal union for the Southeast Asian countries of Malay stock, after Rizal’s concept of “Malaya irredenta,” than in trying to subdivide an already unified republic into several states in order to put them back together again.

Hopefully, the Kilusan could jolt the President and his daydreaming satraps from their midday sleep.

Also, through the efforts of Kilusan, DU30 would hopefully realize that the fight against the oligarchy is the first fight a true revolutionary must wage in order to change the social structure of society. But DU30 may have already lost this fight when he singled out the laughably powerless Roberto Ongpin as “the oligrach,” without any mention of the Ayalas, the Lopezes and the big names appearing yearly on the Forbes magazine listing of world dollar billionaires.

Finally, in the short-listing of crimes to deal with, perhaps the Kilusan could persuade DU30 to include illegal gambling, which was one of the major grounds for Estrada’s impeachment, among the crimes he could go after with the same zeal as his war on drugs. It does not add to his reputation to hear reports that some people have already entered into an arrangement with the gambling lords of Southern Tagalog for a protection fee of P300 million a month.

The Kilusang Pagbabago seems to have an immense potential for good. But its potential downside is equally enormous. Using extensive government funds, personnel and resources, it could be utilized to organize a parallel bureaucracy to create a Stalinist cult around the President, and create a resurgent communist state, patterned after North Korea, a rogue state, long after international communism had lost the Cold War and the largest remaining communist state has adopted market capitalism to lead the global economic race.


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  1. Sowing war is their only option. It happened before, it can happen now if we continue to be lapdogs of the US… Duterte’s mindset is up there, some pretend they understood what he’s doing with their simplistic analysis.

    Gather all the facts first, from all sides.

  2. its better just to wait and see the come out of this. we do not want a civil war like that of Syria. we all lose. the positive about pivot to china is we will learn from the Chinese discipline in governance and business practices although we already have many tsinoys in the country and they control our economy because they work harder and smarter. I would give digong the benefit of the doubt with china and see what all these investments will result if really infrastructures will be build and modernized including the AFP upgrades. Lets give him a chance and wait and see.

  3. same old stories traceable to the ideology patterned from the die-hard socialist/communist wanna-be’s who instead of living in communist/socialist countries while on exile preferred to stay in The Netherlands, quiet opposite to their ideology. look how china treats its citizens, look how north korea treats its citizens…. so what else is new? another martial law for 20 years?

  4. Duterte wants to align us with China when China is the one taking our territory? How stupid can he get? I think he is influenced by his communist advisers- Sison, Jalandoni , the Tiamsons who should be in jail for the crimes they have committed against the Filipino people.

    During typhoon Hayan, did China and Russia send any aid to the Philippines? The US was there very quickly with so much aid. Walang hiya ka Duterte; walang gratitude.

    You go to China and Russia alone; the Filipino people are not with you. Get out of the office if that is what you are going to do. Let us IMPEACH HIM.

  5. A lot of comments in here about US debt – touché. Of course, a lot of that debt was piled up protecting a lot of other countries from the USSR & Red China. OK, so be it. However, I think the rest of the world (including the Philippines) needs to start protecting itself. We have a lot of infrastructure in the US that needs to be fixed or just outright replaced, so what we need to do is close the foreign military bases, bring the troops home, and put those people (and a lot of that money we spend on defense) to work helping ourselves. And if any other nations decide that snuggling up to Russia or China just isn’t working for them, and asks for our help, no problem. Just send us the contents of your national treasury, and we will be there just as soon as we finish our wall.

  6. Yonkers, New York
    21 October 2016

    Usually perceptive and insightful columnist FRANCISCO S. TATAD is thorough in his rundown or comments on the latest “achievements” of Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte, but here obviously he has too much on his plate, and fails to comment on a seismic Speech which he delivered in his October 18-21 State Visit to Beijing and which is in the nature of a COMMUNIST MANIFESTO FOR THE PHILIPPINES, and so let me just quote that here, to wit:

    WAY.” [Caps mine.].

    The Philippines is now a COMMUNIST state. That is FAIT ACCOMPLI! There is no turning back now.


    How stupid can this new bloodthirsty COMMUNIST Little Tyrant be?


  7. Do Not Doubt China is behind all of the problems the Philippine faces;

    1. Stolen fishing waters
    2. Killing of Pinay Fishermen
    3. Drug manufacture
    4. Stealing Philippine land and resources
    5. Fake Pro China Anti USA posts on all social media and media
    6. Money given to Duterte and associates by middlemen China business people

    China get out of Philippines NOW! It is so obvious you are trying to take us over.

    Without USA and west customers china will explode in itself. China made is usually bad quality and often toxic. They even fake baby powder and eggs and kills their own babies plus forced abortion on all citizens! Killing their own people and organ harvesting, corruption is normal in China.


  8. Doing the same thing over and over again, and expect a different outcome is the very definition of STUPIDITY.

    This article is suggesting that we’ll just keep the status quo left by past administrations, because real change is rather scary, is the height of stupidity.

    The US debt is at $222 trillion. It has no intention of paying China and the rest.

    In contrast, China is able to uplift at least 800 million out of poverty, through their collective sacrifices, i.e. cheap labor, to satisfy Western companies’ insatiable greed for profit. Now, every Chinese is reaping the benefits. They now have a thriving space program to be proud of, a summation of their scientific advances.

    However, after being used as the shock absorber during the Great Depression, just look at where the US has brought us, and it will be easy to see what kind friend we really have for the last 100 years.

    Exporting care givers, highly skilled technical workers, best doctors, etc. Our national patrimony has been raped, etc. In short, we are nothing more than a source of raw materials, and human resource for the West, and this author thinks that it’s good for us to stay that way for another 100 years, because we deserve nothing better, or that real and meaningful change is too scary.

    Fortunately, 90% of the population don’t agree with this view, and most of them are hoping they could go home at last.

    • There is a new word for deluded so called “intellectuals” like you: eejit. Self explanatory. Where in God’s green earth did you cull that 222 trillion figure from? Even your fellow eejit Trump cannot come up with that figure. Inflate the figure of the people who agree with you too. Please use China as your metric for everything great and then some. I hope you know enough Chinese to say “Master, Sir, Ma’am,” if that is what you please”, I will do the laundry ASAP”,” yes sir, I have enough pride to eat”. It will do you and yours good.

    • Where on earth did you get 222 trillion? Please show me a link.

      the real figures are 20 Trillion for the US and 29 Trillion for China. Have you seen the over 100 cities that are empty in China?

      You are out of your mind!!!!!!

    • We are seeing before our eyes the first birth pains of a leftist dictatorship in the Philippines that shall be enforced at the point of a gun. It always starts with intimidation of media and political institutions and creeping fear amongst the masses. This is not going to end well for the poor and powerless. Are some already fearful of speaking out against the new President? My guess is………..Yes.

    • The US national debt is twenty times higher than is officially reported, approaching $222 trillion, and today’s children could soon be paying their parent’s debts, reputed American economist Laurence Kotlikoff told RT. TRANSCRIPT of the interview:

  9. Please don`t fall us Mr. Tatad, just tell the real picture US is bankrupt with trillions of $ in debt. This US debt is piling up and growing fast. Middle class is diminishing, I live here in N. America than you Mr. TATAD. US owe billions of $ from China in the form of treasury bond etc. US have bourgeoning bureaucracy or too many govt. employees to pay.
    Infrastructure especially highways/roads are I don`t know what. All countries helped by uncle Sam are screwed up, IRAQ, SYRIA, LIBYA. US tax dollars are going into this places what a wastage.

    China is rising economically and militarily? I put it into question mark just yet. But economically yes, most countries under Chinese radar are doing well, Laos, Vietnam and even some African countries.

    Philippines can you please tell us your readers since you try to be an expert on international affairs why are Phils. is so poor, by the way get out from glass house and walked around. The last time I visit the country just despicable people wallowing in poverty and we are under the graces of US. It seems the richer are OFWs` and the Wealthy.
    I don’t see too many middle classes.

    • Just to clarify this nonsense, China currently has the same proportion of debt to GDP as the USA, at a 10x lower per capita income base. All the countries helped by Uncle Sam, like Western/Eastern Europe, Canada, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, you know all the parts of the world that are most livable

      Not to mention China only started it’a economic rise when it aligned economically (WTO anyone) with the USA.

      Everything you said in your comment is the reason why the PHP is in the state it’s in. The USA can give aid but it can’t fix any other country. You seem to think the US’s job is to correct the mentality of the population who lives there, this isn’t reality. Japan and South Korea improved their own country by their own grit and know how. Being aligned with the USA just gives breathing room to be whatever your country decides to be.

      Enough to with the whole “if only America.. bla bla bla” the Philippines is in the state it is because of the crooked ways it’s been run for decades. Maybe quit complaining and stabbing each other in the back. Aligning with China won’t change this fact. If Japan and South Korea can become prosperous world beating countries so can the Philippines.

  10. We are now entering a dangerous phase in our nation’s life. And many of our kababayan are clueless about it.The nation may have to regret its fatal decision to have a leader this radical and left leaning. Do we really want to align our country with China and Russia?

  11. Im with you in your objection to federalism, but as for creating a grassroots based, nationalistic anti-establishment and anti-west movement, that is the only way to achieve real and lasting change that will benefit the masses. The current 500 year- old elite can go to hell, to borrow some of Digong’s favorite words. Join up and try to influence this movement from the inside, instead of throwing stones at it. There is no question that you are an intelligent man with a wide and rich experience, but do you have what it takes to ascend the ladder inside this kind of movement? Forget about gaining power again through the usual means, the world is changing fast and I feel a movement like this is the wave of the future. The people, those in the declining west and the westernized satellites like us who are feeling this crushing disenchantment with the status quo, are taking back power from the elites, inexorably. Those with political ambitions who are blind to this trend will be left behind.

  12. P.Du30 thinks that he can turn this country into a socialist state; he will be sorry. The military and the majority of our people will stand in his way and will more likely than not, force him out of office. He will not last a year in office.

  13. President DUTERTE has good intentions for our country the PHILIPPINES. But we should remember that ” the road to HELL is pave with good intentions”.

  14. I suspect it is coming silently.. When marshal law was declared, it was done smoothly without any resistance from
    the People. Now, there is no resistance even from Supreme Court, Senate and Congress. Well if Filipinos have trusted DU30 about their future,, noting more I can say.

  15. He wants a zero-sum game. So be it. the US businesses should leave right away. I just want to know in the BPO services industry if China can replace the 18 billion dollars the US companies bring in year and year out. This year it is probably up to 20 billion dollars. Let us see how good Dugong’s zero-sum-game is. I don’t think he really has thought this out. By 2020 the BPO industry will bring in 46 billion dollrs of which 70% come from the US businesses. That is 32 billion dollars. Did he calculate already that he can loose 100 billion dollars the next 4 years from kicking out the Americans? How much is China giving 9B loans and another 3+ B in business deals. It is worth kicking out the Americans?

    • It’s naive to think it would just be the Americans – Europeans, Australians and other will look to Vietnam, India, and other potential areas to shift their BPO’s Ironically China has ambitions in the BPO space also. Investors hate uncertainty and you can be sure they are already holding off investment.

      The China money is likely to head to low-skilled jobs in manufacturing or construction. The Chinese are also notorious for writing deal where their one people build infrastructure projects so the money may end up heading back to China with few local jobs.

    • On the other hand, perhaps he really has thought it out, along with his henchmen, and does not care if the BPOs go.

      Let’s say these guys truly are setting up a socialist autocracy, as the author (rather meekly) suggests. If so, they must have assessed socialist autocracies in the past. And they must know that the last time a socialist autocracy was economically beneficial for the public was…never. And, knowing this, they must, cynically, have only their own benefit in mind.

      Or maybe these men are so megalomaniacal that they truly believe “only they” (to paraphrase those old national socialists Hitler and Mussolini) can save the country. Either way, the country is in deep yogurt.

    • Duterte wants to borrow billions from China but forgoes billions in US aids which is for free. He is antagonizing the West which when push comes to shove, could mean export to the West will decrease, call-centers will be taken out, investments will be withdrawn. So we are saddled with loans from China without the capability to pay because foreign earnings which even now keeps the county afloat will vanish!.

  16. The police will have a lot of explaining to do on the injuries sustained by at least 10 demonstrators in front of the US Embassy per SEc. Kit Tatad

    Bad,bad cop indeed per opinion of a writer from another Philippines newspaper . I agree with the current chief PNP director Gen. Dela Rosa to start an immediate investigation and placing officers involve under administrative relieve of their position. This is a very appalling and sickening sight to see people run down not once but three times. I don’t like to place judgement but there is an intent to do maximum harm without care to life. This should not be. People has the right to assemble and express their rights . With some situations, people need to respect others right of passage and property.

    I do not condone such drastic method. I have seen there are failures in policies and command with the implementation in controlling such event. Watching these videos, it is evident that the police were outnumbered and were unprepared for the sudden rush of the rallyists. This incident should not have happen if this rally was not allowed to form for lack of permit. It should not have reach the embassy. There is a need for competent commander who know when to back down and protect and prevent harm to his troop. He must have strategic plan to place his assets in vital facilities and infrastructures and to save and protect at all cause.
    Let’s justice prevail. Mr. DU30 has started the much prize change and is laying the path of return to greatness of my Philippines. May this not be a blemish to our way to progress Thank you

    DU30 may not have been entirely aware that some of his supporters would march on to the US embassy. per Sec. Kit Tatad

    Again Sec. Tatad you are insinuating that Mr. DU30 will propagate a socialistic state in my Philippines. You have created a beautiful conspiracy theory that Mr. DU30’s main agenda is not the return of my Philippines to greatness but to create a communistic government. Let us say you are right, it might be the solution that will finally eradicate the evils that beset my Philippines. It might be an answer to finally get rid of crimes graft and corruption that plague my Philippines. I am not into socialism or communism. I don’t believe of being control by man or government. Only the Lord, my God. has everything to say with my destiny. I don’t believe filipinoes will ever resort to communism. My Philippines is a God fearing country and would not give up their freedom. Filipinoes would never again be fooled by politician’s crooked speech and promises. Mass informations are accessible and all around their daily living

    It is typical of DU30 to say something on one occasion, declare the opposite on another, and go back to the first proposition later. by Sec. Kit Tatad

    I beg to differ. I don’ t know this man. Only time I heard of him is when an elderly american asked about a Philippines presidential candidate nickname “Dirty Harry”. At first I thought of Erap Estrada and that dismayed me. How could the filipinoes allow an impeach president to run again as president. It got my curiosity. I was very surprise to learn that an unknown man won the Philippines presidency.
    I found Mr. DU30 very straight forward. Even with his broken tagalog, he tried to voice out what he feel and think without political correctness. He is able to explain himself that is understandable to the common filipinoes. He is the only politician that would broadcast names of high ranking corrupt generals and politicians with out fear of any repercussions. Mr.Du30 did admit about his leftist leaning and his acquiantance with Joma Sison, a communist leader. I can see where his admitted dislike toward USA is coming plus blaming USA for the massacre in Mindanoa. I never heard him stray from all his messages. He did what he say. I am still waiting watching and evaluating.

    It will act as watchdog against corruption, educate the citizens on the programs of government for the nation, protect them from natural disasters, calamities, and criminality, terrorism, and foreign intervention per Sec. Kit Tatad

    I am sure you will. Should I hold my breath until I am blue? You have admit of knowledge of three large illegal drug laboratories in the country. When did you learn about this? How long is this laboratories been operating? Were this laboratories been functioning since the last administration or from previous administration? If so, how long have you been sitting on it? I apologize if am questioning your sincerity. I believe that you would your utmost to protect the people. It is just hard for me to forget the Marcoses atrocity. Thank you

  17. The protesters must be thrilled about replacing the US with China instead. Look at China’s great human rights record. And environmental record. And as DU30 points out, the US was here only for its own benefit. In contrast to that, China will be “helping” the Philippines just because is so selfless. As the Chinese businessmen at the top of society here have shown for decades. Selflessly making the $$$ and keeping it from the masses.