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  1. Roldan Guerrero on

    Plotunium is the best suitable source of nuclear power instead of Uranium. It suits the BNPP very well and this kind of nuclear source recycles its wastes itself for use again as power source. So there`s no need for the disposition of wastes which may be existent but tolerable. This will lead to cheaper expenses with more efficient source of electric energy which means lower electric bills.

  2. Is this even a news? It is still in the planning stage and that include how to dispose nuclear waste. Ask advise from countries who has nuclear power like Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China.

  3. Usually the provider will handle the disposal. But wherever it stored, there is still some risk. It’s been calculated, but only time and events can tell.

    Going back to finding sources of quick, stable sources of energy, since the admin is not biased against dealing with russia, why not asked them about leasing those nuclear power barges they have in the works.

    But a more forward looking objective, is how to survive, if the country is isolated. So a responsible admin should to consider and have to build self-sufficiency capabilities in the basic necessities, possibly at least fair capability in agro-industrial basics as a means for survival.

  4. We can bury them in the remaining atolls in our EEZ, at W RP sea to dissuade the Chinese from further occupying them