Planting a dagger into the heart of the Constitution


Impeaching the CJ?
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s unusual performance at the Oral Arguments before the Supreme Court on the disqualification case of presidential candidate Grace Poe Llamanzares has apparently so scandalized some legal practitioners that one lawyer has asked me, a non-lawyer, whether, in my judgment, she has not qualified herself for impeachment. I do not have the competence to answer the question, but my inability to do so does not alter the fact that it has been asked; between now and after the next President assumes office on June 30, some people might want to answer it competently.

The Corona impeachment has created a precedent. And Sereno was and still is at the very center of it. On Dec. 12, 2011, President B. S. Aquino 3rd, having taken office on June 30, 2010, had Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona impeached on eight counts; 188 members of the House of Representatives signed the Articles of Impeachment even without reading the document. On May 29, 2012, Corona was convicted in the Senate impeachment trial, where 19 of the 20 senator-judges who voted for his conviction each received P50 million or more from the so-called Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). On August 24, 2012, Sereno, having been named to the High Court two years earlier, became the first female—and the country’s 24th—Chief Justice. Assuming good health and good behavior, she will be there until 2030.

Did PNoy err?
However, her extended harangue in court last Tuesday caused many to wonder whether Aquino did right in naming her to the Court. Instead of simply ‘interpellating’ Commissioner Arthur Lim of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on its disqualification of Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares and the cancellation of her Certificate of Candidacy for President, she tried to make the constitutional provisions on citizenship stand on its head, to allow Mrs. Llamanzares to run for President, despite her not being a natural-born Filipino and lacking the 10-year residency requirement prior to the election.

At one point she sounded like she wanted Mrs. Llamanzares to be accorded natural-born status, not in spite of the fact that she was born a foundling with no known parentage, but rather precisely because she was born a foundling with no known parentage. The appeal was to sheer pity, not to the law or to justice, and pity for one specific foundling and not for all those, naturalized and natural-born citizens, who, for various reasons, cannot run for President.

Sereno warned against dire “reverberations around the world,” if the letter and spirit of the Constitution were strictly followed to deny her special foundling her alleged “right” to run for President.

Suis generis
No other member of the Court has done what she did. During interpellation, the justices asked the counsel standing before them the sharpest questions on the Constitution, the law and jurisprudence, either to shatter or simply test his position; but they uniformly took care not to be seen as “lawyering” for either of the parties. This was what Justices Antonio Carpio, Arturo Brion, Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, Mariano del Castillo, Jose Perez, Diosdado M. Peralta, Estela Perlas-Bernabe and Marvic Leonen did in the last three sessions of the oral arguments, and the exchanges have been most instructive. The Chief Justice’s suis generis performance, on the other hand, took the method of interpellation to an altogether different world.

As head of the 15-men-and-women court whose majority opinion constitutes the last word on the Constitution and the law, the Chief Justice is supposed to lend gravitas and wisdom to the Court on points of the Constitution, the law and jurisprudence, both in style and in substance. This is but consistent with the principle that from him to whom much has been given, much is also expected. Sadly, Sereno has managed to make sure that no legal scholar or plain observer would ever accuse her of possessing those qualities, as she dispensed her argumentum ad misericordiam and argumentum ad baculum, from the bench.

Political issues
In the course of the hearings, some Justices chose to raise some political issues. For instance, one of them asked, what made Mrs. Llamanzares decide to become an American citizen, (even before she could establish any claim to being a Filipino citizen?) This was an important political question, but hardly a constitutional one. It might have been far more productive had they asked her (through counsel Alex Poblador) when, and how, she became a Filipino, after having been born of no known parentage and nationality in 1968.

But nobody asked the question, and in the official narration of her personal history, this particular detail never surfaced. Everyone was simply left to surmise that she became a naturalized American citizen in 2001, after renouncing her “Filipino citizenship,” which proved to be non-existent.

And yet, that political question serves to point out that even if she had not been born a foundling of unknown parentage, and were, in fact, a natural-born citizen, the very fact that she once renounced and abjured all allegiance and loyalty to the Republic of the Philippines at age 33 to become a citizen of the United States creates a grave political impediment to her running for President of the Philippines, or even as member of the Senate.

Unthinkable in USA
As the Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Randy David points out in his Jan. 31, 2016 column, (with which we are in full agreement), in the United States nobody who ever renounced American citizenship can ever expect to regain it. Or even if she could, “it would be unthinkable for America to allow her to seek the presidency of the United States.”

The reason for it is self-evident. It was the express will of the Founding Fathers that only a natural-born American should become President of the United States of America for the noblest of motives. In his letter to George Washington on July 25, 1787, John Jay (1745-1829), who served as US Chief Justice from 1789 to 1795, said it would be “wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander-in-Chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born citizen.”

Neither Apolinario Mabini nor Felipe Calderon, who single-handedly wrote the Malolos Constitution, found it necessary to expound on this doctrine; but its truth is so evident there is no need to sketch it in a power-point presentation to our learned Justices.

Sinking in hell
Perhaps one could sympathize with CJ Sereno’s position if the nation was sinking into the bottom of hell and the only one who could save it was this particular foundling. But this is far from our situation here. All she apparently wants to do is to save Mrs. Llamanzares’s inordinate personal ambition, at the nation’s expense. For even if a forced rereading of the Constitution, the law and jurisprudence, (nourished by the big lobby that is said to have induced the smoke of Satan into some otherwise sacred chambers), succeeds in declaring Mrs. Llamanzares a natural-born citizen, our salvation—if indeed we need saving—cannot possibly come from her.

Continuing insult
She is essentially unfit, in the perception of Mr. David—and the CJ should be the first one to see it — for having once renounced and abjured all allegiance and loyalty to the Republic of the Philippines in favor of a foreign flag of convenience. Even now, she continues to insult our collective patriotism and intelligence by saying that her American husband, who is said to work (we hope, with a proper work permit) for a Filipino conglomerate, and her American children are prepared to become Filipinos should she be elected President. Her having crashed into the Senate, after misrepresenting herself as a natural-born citizen, and having access to State secrets, which should not be shared with any foreigner, has clearly failed to make any impression on her. What a shame.

Is this the politically damaged property for which Sereno is willing to throw away the Constitution, the law and jurisprudence, and her own future as Chief Justice for the next 14 years? The whole thing reminds me of one of the final scenes In Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons, where Sir Richard Rich is made Attorney-General for Wales in exchange for giving false witness against the King’s good servant, but God’s first – Sir Thomas More. This prompts More to exclaim: “For Wales? Why, Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… But for Wales!”

Get involved
I am not suggesting any resemblance between Richard Rich and the Chief Justice. But after the CJ’s unexpected performance last Tuesday, we need to be assured that nothing remotely similar happens in this case. The rest of the nation—not just the Comelec and the petitioners against Mrs. Llamanzares—must now get involved. We have to make sure, with the necessary militance, that no guardian of the law puts a dagger into the heart of truth, reason and the Constitution, in the name of a false mercy for someone who has committed one lie after another in order to hoodwink the gullible and the naive and hijack the presidency.


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  1. I totally disagree that Grace Poe is fit to run for the highest position of the land! Shame on her for her greed & ambition to occupy the Presidency of the Philippines! People should boycott her rallies & slapped it to her face that She Is Not Qualified.! Even CJ Sereno & her co horts must be barred from holding their positions! Wake up People of the Philippines! Wag tayong mag pauto @ magpaka tanga! Kung gusto ninyong Ng pagbabago, kayo mismong mga botante wag iboto Si Grace Poe Ambisyoso!

  2. Danny Cascolan on

    Personal Pov.
    A lying Chief Justice appointee of Aquino and Leonen is a Security Disaster in the Philippines. Both Sereno and Leonen know they have to implement the Law not to circumvent the Constitution by half truths, the foundling issue is an issue of pros and cons, but security to the nation is paramount. There is good sense in a must priority of Perfect Citizenship as birthright of highest Leaders for the rule preserves and attempts to guard our nation from being usurped by other nationalities.
    Wt@ happened too to the solicitor general post?? They all in their most sensitive position opted dereliction of duty and obligation to follow and implement our Constitution. We listened to their arguments and we hoped, we examined their ideas for maybe there are facts of genuine noble causes but only found them implanting substances of deception and extreme prejudice wayward fallacious at best to the importance of the thing such as citizenship in question. Clearly these people exhibited bad faith and betrayals in their words, ideas and actions. I believe these people will continue their works in other forms against the nation. I believe that the Government and our Nation will be better if cleansed of people the likes of them. Simply emancipating principle that we must have people in those critical posts that genuinely defend the interest of our Nation and avoid appointments of people who undermines our National Security.

    – Danny Cascolan

  3. asungot na pinoy on

    `I suspect that there might be some other element involved why a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court acting the way she is, in handling Sen. Grace Poe’s case, and that could be MONEY. Presently, the CJ have lost her “legal mind” because her reasoning is distorted, twisted and making up something that do not exists. Non-lawyers and not much educated people like me (I) can see clearly that she is biased in handling this case. A justice that in a right frame of mind does not act like the way she is doing now. Instead, she could have just dropped the hammer and say that foundlings are NOT natural born, and there is no clear definition in the Constitution. She would then address the Congress to amend the Constitution to accommodate foundlings. A very simple process. What she is doing now is trying to create a Constitutional Crisis. Someone should write a book entitled “The Money Dynamics in Philippine Politics” and there should be a chapter in this book dedicated to the Supreme Court Justices or something to this effect. I would do it If I am proficient enough to understand the grammar rules.


    MAR ROXAS had five years to build that performance he wants
    to be known for. But he squandered it. In all those five years, first as
    secretary of Department of Transportation and Communications and then
    as secretary of Department of Interior and Local Government, Roxas has
    nothing to show. He had everything at his disposal and yet he has no
    to boast about. He is Mr. Palengke .Mr. Semplang ,Mr. Kargador ,Mr.
    inom sa plato etc , still his survey REMAINS KULELAT ,never topnotcher
    in any survey .He is a certified incompetent ,want to be leader. He is
    allergic to all poor people ,marginalized ,old ,foundlings or orphaned
    people. He is a poor rich man without a backbone. Sorry roxas your money
    can’t buy a President position in the Philippines probably in your
    family business ,you can.



  5. Mr. Tatad,

    I dont know if you are a lawyer for all i know you were a former senator, since our constitution have 3 branches of government, and the constitution provides that the sole interpretation of it relies on the judiciary…you may not agree with one or two of the justices..but it is their duty to uphold what they think the interpretation of the law..

    When you were senators, we may not agree to the laws/bills you have passed..but is there anythjng we can do about it…we may see one or two senators giving absurd reasoning but the bill voted and the bills become laws…is there any filipino can do about it…

  6. Ram Campagnolo on

    Lourdes Sereno, Leni Robredo, Grace Llamanzares, Corazon Aquino all have something in common.

  7. We are civilized nation. We must respect our Philippine Constitution as we are not implementing the JUNGLE LAW….
    Fee your mind.. Follow the Rule of Law…. period.. Dont make things complicated.
    kaya hindi umuunlad ang ating bansa, dahil maraming loopholes ang batas na ginawa para sa mayayaman at hindi para sa mamayang Filipino…
    oh hindi ba???? Alam ng mamayang Filipino ang mga ito…..Siguro naman mataas ang mga pinagaral ninyo o baka nmn hindi ninyo ginagamit sa wastong paraan ang mga aral ninyo??

  8. Ram Campagnolo on

    CJ Sereno forgot her basic principle taught in law subjects on rules on legal interpretation that a “law maybe harsh but it is the law”, and, hence must be invoked and apply. The remedy is to adopt a law clearly declaring Foundlings as “natural-born” citizen of the country where found! In this case to amend the Constitution defining who is a “natural-born” by including Foundlings. It amazes me that CJ Sereno literally lacks the mind-focus on the term “bloodlines or jus Saunguinis” stating that no such term is found or stated literally in the Constitution which distracted her in knowing as to who is a “natural-born”.
    Reading between the lines of the Constitutional provision on this matter, it speaks of descendancy or blood-relationship or bloodlines when the Constitution defines who is a “natural-born Filipino citizen” as “those born of Filipino fathers or mothers xxxxxxxx”. This is the bloodlines or descendancy or blood relationship proving or disproving the citizenship lineage of a person.

  9. Ram Campagnolo on

    The constitution does not recognize foundlings to be natural born citizens because any foreigner (Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, etc.) can leave their baby to be adopted and the baby will be a natural born citizen just by virtue of being left on the street by foreigner parents.

  10. Addendum:
    According to Mr. Tatad (see the paragraph on Political Issues above), it might have been far more productive had the justices asked Grace Poe Llamanzares (through her counsel Alex Poblador) when, and how, she became a Filipino, after having been born of no known parentage and nationality in 1968. I absolutely agree with Mr. Tatad concerning this matter, as I could not figure out how she could have gotten her first Philippine passport unless she lied about her birth and parentage. As a foundling who had been adopted, she should should have submitted with her passport application form a copy of her foundling certificate, Court Order on Adoption, and birth certificate issued after adoption. Her citizenship would have been reviewed and this would have revealed if and when she applied to become a naturalized Filipino. At the time of her adoption, the citizenship of the adopted parents was not automatically conferred to the adopted child. She was, in fact, stateless.

    She also lied when she applied to become a dual citizen. This lying was exposed by Associate Justice T. de Castro who, in her meticulous way and penchant for “established facts”, scrutinized the application form for dual citizenship. From her Q & A interchange with Comelec Commissioner A. Lim, it became apparent that Mrs. Llamanzares’ application could only have been approved had she lied when a) she claimed that she was a natural-born Filipino; and b) she was born of Jesusa Sonora Poe and Fernando Poe Jr. These two were not even married at the time of her birth, and it is known that her adoptive mother was incapable of bearing children.

    The Llamanzares’ way:…… Lie, Lie, Lie, and Lie some more!!

  11. It is premature to speak of impeachment. As Aristotle said: “One swallow does not a summer make”. We need to wait until the case is over because Chief Justice M.L. Sereno’s opinion may provide more evidence of her lack of knowledge, experience and intelligence in respect of the law. Her action and performance in the coming days must be closely monitored because she and her cohort Associate Justice M. Leonen are “activist-judges” who will have no qualms abandoning the Constitution in pursuit of their personal bias, agenda, and their own definition of “justice”. Since these two are relatively young, we need to be vigilant because together they may erode and slowly destroy the Constitution – a document that reflects the will of the Filipino people.

    The long, boring, tedious and inappropriate sermon and ramblings of the Chief Justice were designed to convince her colleagues to join her in declaring Grace Poe Llamanzares -“The Chosen Foundling” – to be a natural born Filipino. Fortunately, aside from Leonen who is clearly a Llamanzares supporter, and Associate Justice Perez who has tipped his hand and can now be placed in the Llamanzares’ camp, the rest of the Justices remain unmoved by Sereno’s theatrics and “what if” dire scenarios. Based on their Q & A, they came across as determined to adhere to the text of the Constitution. Further, Associate Justice A. Brion’s turn at the bat should remind and yank Sereno back to the issue that faces the Court: Did Comelec commit grave abuse of discretion in cancelling the CoC of G. Poe Llamanzares on grounds of ineligibility? Based on the responses of Commissioner A. Lim to Justice Brion’s questions, the only possible answer is a resounding “No”!

  12. I would like to see those who filed disqualification cases to Grace Poe to be the candidates themselves. I feel that they cannot win any elected position. I will not vote for Grace Poe but I don’t want to stop the priviledge of those who support her. Let the democratic way be done – majority rule. When Kit Tatad was a senator – what kind of service to our country done by him?

  13. >>> The Philippines Year Mid 2010 to Year Mid 2016…. is the most and highly miserable administration ever had.
    Most of officials of this government were seems to be classmates due to their mental status, behavioral and attitude. And these officials are:
    Abnoy BSC-Aquino3rd + DoJ LIE-la maDELIMA+ omBADwoman ConSHITA+ CJ MALAS (MAria Lourdes A.Sira..noh)

  14. Thank you Mr. F. S. Tatad for your profound expression of your disappointment on the improper or unbecoming behavior of CJ Sereno during the third day of the oral arguments. I was following closely the whole episode from Day 1 till Day 3 through the internet live streaming. It was indeed depressing.

    Well, I can only surmise that CJ Sereno and Justice Leonen are the undeclared biological parents of Grace Poe.

    • I was dumbfounded after listening to the almost 3 hour interpellation of CJ Sereno of Commisioner Artur Lim.She said nothing about the constitution and the unmistakable,clear,unambiguous provision on the issue of natural born citizenship.Instead she was arguing on adoption laws,presumed citizenship based on international laws ,the countries that adopted it,and even suggesting that our country has already shifted its adoption of citizenship based on jus soli.Horriffic remarks coming from the chief justice of the SC.

    • LoL… ha ha ha ha….. Indeed, that’s the only conclusion that one can arrive at. Leonen, who broadcast that he grew up “poor and without a father” can just step forward and claim to be Grace’ father! That should solve her problem!

  15. Thank you Mr. F. S. Tatad for your profound expression of your disappointment on the improper or unbecoming behavior of CJ Sereno during the third day of the oral arguments. I was following closely the whole episode from Day 1 till Day 3 through the internet live streaming. It was indeed depressing.

    Well, I can only surmise that CJ Sereno and Justice Leonen are the undeclared biological parents of Grace Poe.

  16. Just like abnoy pnoy – an accidental president, sereno is an accidental cj is totally undeserving of the position. Were no is clueless of her job description. What a shame!!!!

  17. hoy Tatad amboy kami piro dugong pinoy kami. Siguro pag ikaw mahirap ka rin tulad namin baka OFW karin gutom sa Pinas Pa salamat ka magatong ang magulang mo mahirap mag salita o kaya damput ka rin ano ang pakiramdam mo sobukan mo manirahan doon sa bundok para alam. Kami US citizen kuno for security lang yon, pag retire na kami sa PI pa rin kami ang amin huling araw Tatad boy

    • Di sa kinakampihan ko si Tatad ang pinag uusapan dito ay ang pagiging natural born citizen. Pilipina naman si grace hindi ito itinatanggi pero di natural born.Bakit inilagay ito sa constitution kasi alam ng mga sumulat nito na balang araw dahil sa pag unlad ng siyensiya darating ang panahon na ang lahat ng tao ay madali nang mag sama sama.
      Ikaw tanungin kita,gaya mo isa rin akong OFW kaso sa Saudi ako halos 25 yrs na gaya mo kahirapan rin ang nagtulak sa akin.Ang ikatitibay ng isang bansa ay ang konstitusyon at ang batas na iniuutos dito,ikaw sabihin mo ngayon mula ng binaboy natin ang batas gumanda ba ang pamumuhay riyan sa Pinas ? Siguro ikaw ang higit na makakasagot nito. PEACE and GOD BLESS UNITY nis the answer to all of us

    • Security or not di pwedeng president ang isang chopsuey…kaming true blooded Filipinos have stayed here in our country for the better and the worst and contributed our shares in building the nation so we demand a leader who shares our hardships and love of our country not those who take things for conveniences……” kung saan masarap doon kami” are deciples of llamanzares….

    • Jiro, the fact that you renounced your Filipino citizenship and become an American citizenship is a decision on your part and you should accept the consequences. You may be Filipino by heart or by blood, but still you are no longer a Filipino. Sorry. I can understand the reason (for security), but you should be man enough to accept the consequence. Do not justify yourself because of that. Simply lang, you denied the Philippines, therefore Philippines has the right to reject you. Di ba?
      I rest my case your honor…

  18. Senator Tatad, just because your position is diametrically opposed to that apparently espoused by the Chief Justice doesn’t mean that yours is the constitutional and appropriate interpretation of the extant facts of this case. And I can’t believe you’re suggesting impeachment of the CJ. What’s the impeachment ground, sir? There’s a legal axiom that the spirit of the law oftentimes prevails over its letter that “killeth.” My own humble opinion is this truism will be applied in Senator Llamanzares’ case and she will in due course become our President with either Bongbong Marcos or Chiz Escudero as VP which should be a welcome development.

    • Did you watch the oral arguments…the CJ is completely off tangent and is muddling up the issue…. the constitution is clear… if there are no existing laws covering foundling then you don’t have to concoct other ideas to mislead people…. she is ripe to be impeached after ABNOY finish his disastrously incompetent and forgettable government… the worst ever…….

  19. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Agree. We should not allow any vested interest, whose interest is only for themselves and their personal ambitions, to twist and violate the Philippines Constitution. Should we allow disgrace GRACE and her minions to continuously make fools of the Filipino people would be tantamount to breeding chaos and finally anarchy. Yes, GRACE continues to disgrace herself with her lying to her very teeth. God save the Philippines. God bless the Philippines.

  20. Even if foundlings can be considered natural born citizens, one must first be officially recognized as a foundling.

    Grace Poe has not until today registered as a foundling and therefore cannot be officially recognized as a foundling!

    Case closed.

    • If what you write is true then it makes filipinos & filipino law look so stupid. Here you have a person not registered at all as already an elected senator. Surely checks have to be made on people running for office. She couldnt be registered as someones child as she wasnt & if you say she wasnt registered as a foundling then what was she registered as. If nothing then she doesnt exist.
      Im baffled by either your stupidity or the Philippines stupidity, which one is it.

  21. So true! The constitution is sacred ! Liars and OPPURTUNISTS like Grace Poe whise only political ticket is the name of Fernando Poe with no personal credit to herself should neverbe allowed to sit in malacanang!

  22. The seeming position of the CJ on Poe’s case is more founded on her wish rather than on the constitution.

  23. ernie del rosario on

    Remember work of T.S. Eliot “Murder in the Cathedral” where Archbishop Thomas Becquet was assassinated by knights in the Canterbury Cathedral due to his conflict with the King ? Will there be a murder in the Supreme Court ? Of our Constitution ?

  24. Jose A. Oliveros on

    Today, February 8, is the birthday of Don Claro M. Recto and in the light of what Sen. Tatad has written, specially the last sentence of the last paragraph, it is appropriate to recall Recto’s ringing words and constant reminder to every Filipino that we are the Constitution because it can only live in us, through us and for us. And because we, the Filipino people, are the Constitution, “neither in the toils of the day nor in the vigil of the night must the sentinels of the Constitution relax their vigilance. Let us all be wary and stand upon our arms lest by culpable tolerance or criminal negligence, our country should, in some distant and desolate future become a desolate Carthage wherein only the naked ruins of our republic shall remain; fallen monuments to our past in whose desecrated labyrinths, our descendants, by then the forlorn bondsmen of some corrupt despots shall in vain struggle to decipher the language of the Constitution, inscribed, as in some forgotten hyeroglyphs in the sarcophagus of our dead freedoms.”

  25. I am just wondering how , this day and age , the people can allow this to happen . Come on it is 2016 !!!!!!

  26. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    08 February 2016

    I am not sure whether or not Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s pathetic performance in that hearing constitutes sufficient grounds for her to be impeached. I seriously doubt it in fact.

    But she made a spectacle of herself, that’s for sure. It was a performance totally unworthy of a Justice of the Supreme Court, let alone of a Chief Justice!

    If as assumed she is familiar with the Constitution, which she has vowed to defend and protect upon assumption of that high office, that assumption must yield to the next assumption that indeed she is not and cannot be because she had no problem doing it violence.

    If she has any shred of pride and decency left in her, I suggest that she seriously consider resigning as Chief Justice without further ado.


  27. taga palm springs on

    Being an American Citizen and even a Dual Citizen, I do think that what the CJ of the Supreme Court of the Philippines is a wild dream, beyond expectation! If she will insist on doing this precedent, some of us who was directed to go to the USA, as God willed it can run also for President of the Republic of the Philippines. Who knows, people vote us and win, if time permits. LOL

  28. GRACE POE AND CJ SERENO are both hallucinating to be in power in six years facing EDSA revolution everyday.They are going to lead us to perdition as replacement to a mediocre NOYNOY AQUINO, the son of CORY AQUINO and NINOY AQUINO.

  29. In defending Poe, doesn’t it make Sereno the one really unfit to be Chief Justice? This lady was just forced onto us by Aquino who had visible ulterior motives in doing so.

  30. You are always innocent until proven guilty. I hope you understand that. So you & different accusers say she isnt a natural born Filipino, ok tell us where she was born then, surely you have evidence to tell us where she was born. You accuse she didnt have filipino parents then again i hope you have evidence of who her parents are.
    Im sure i read she was found still with her umbilical cord still attached, now unless she parachuted from an aeroplane im sure that would show she was born in the Philippines. I say she was born in the Philippines & she also says she was, you say she wasnt, then prove it. Prove where she was born.

    • what if she was a daughter of a foreign tourist who intentionally went to the Phil to hide giving birth to an unwanted child? Abandoned the child after birth.

    • Then produce the documents for God’s sake… she never showed any proof of her parentage up to now…. she is the one who is applying for president so she has to prove it and show it to us…. she had once fooled those into voted her as a senator… so follow this line.. ..”a person can fool another person one time, he/she can fool people some of the time… but he/she cannot fool the people all of the time”…….

    • The issue is not whether she was born in the Philippines. It is whether her father or mother is a Filipino. In the Philippines, it is by blood (jus sanguini) rather than by place of birth (jus soli) like the United States of America.
      What if she gets elected and then one of both her parents, who are non-Filipinos proves that she is their long lost daughter. The we will have a foreigner President. What a travesty of the Constitution. We will be the laughing stock of the world. Shame on us.

    • so stupid argument…it is an established fact that she was born in the philippines…to be exact she was found at the front of jaro cathedral in jaro, iloilo…natural born filipino citizens are determined by blood and not by place of birth…meaning one of her parents must have filipino bloodlines…since she is a foundling with no known parentage so she cannot be qualify as natural born filipino, naturalized filipino maybe but not natural born…is this really that complicated?

  31. Poor and pitiful Philippines! You have a Chief Justice who is suppose to interpret and protect the sanctity of the Philippines Constitution and yet she is the one that spits and trample same to the ground to pursue her ambition of riches and protect her own hide. Bayan ko, bumagon ka. Hindi ka isang agilang nasa haula, ikaw ay isang malayang agila.

  32. If the other SC justices will allow this illegal act to be perpetuated by an incompetent CJ, expect that the legal system will be chaotic from here on because this case will precede so many similar acts from different groups and persons. The Constitution will surely be prostituted and history will be so bad for the legal system in this country. Surely, Lourdes Sereno have a defective mind for even talking about the very clear case of the illegibility of Grace Llamanzares. She really is a lunatic in the very sense of the word.

    • are you kidding us, the filipino legal / justice system is a complete joke. Look how long it takes to get any rich or powerful person into court. Then compare it with the uk, then you will see what a joke it is. Take the Maguindanao massacre for example, it was in 2009 ( i think ) & how many have been tried. If it was funny it would be laughable, but funny it isnt.

  33. sana may mag file ng impeachment kay sereno. pati si poe sana maalis na siya sa senado. ginagawa na nila ang mga filipinong tanga. ano bang meron si poe na bayaan na lang natin siya sa ginagawa niya ang constitution natin na parang piece of paper lang. shame on her.

    • Manny De Guzman on

      Walang hiya na rin sin serena at poewet. Tanging sandalan lang nyan ang FPJ na US, citizen din kaya mayroon talagang nagtatanggol sa mga ito. Alam ng iligal ang gigawa nya sugod pa rin dahil ginagaw nyang gago ang mga pinoy. Sa katanganhan din naman nitong sirang presidenete wala man lang ginawa upang pagsabihan ang mapangsamantala at gagang poewet.

  34. Rodan Guerrero on

    What I would like to know is the crimes Grace Poe has committed and what are her penalties. This woman who is too ambitious to get something not hers should face the consequences of her wrongdoings. It is very clear now that she had been sitting in the senate illegally for 3 long years and now wants to hijack the presidency. Who is Grace Poe? Is she a a very special animal who must be tolerated in stepping her dirty feet at our constitution? Is a huge amount of money at play? How much did GP bribed Sereno and Leonen?