• How to play golf easier on your first 10 rounds


    Most teens and adults starting to play the game get frustrated, like totally! But younger kids don’t, plainly because they just want to play. That is actually one of the keys in enjoying the game, just play. When playing, have fun! This must be factored in every time you make a shot, finishing the hole and eventually the entire round.

    It is a priority and an advantage to learn the golf rules and etiquette. Put more emphasis on etiquette though. Constantly keep in mind to check your golf set before you leave for the golf course. Bring your golf shoes because it’s always better to practice and play with. Make sure that you have your gloves, golf balls, tees, umbrella, windbreaker and extra clothing. Also, bring along with you the word “fun!”


    In the clubhouse, do whatever is necessary to get you to play on the golf course. Pay for the green fee, caddie and insurance fees, and probably a golf cart if required. Keep the receipts because you may have to give them to a certain staff assigned to assist you. Make certain that you know the name of your caddy. Your caddy will always be there to assist you. Then, you are set to go!

    Normally, the first shot is from the teeing ground. Standard tee markers are the “red tees” for ladies and junior players, “white tees” for seniors, “blue tees” for the regular men, and the “yellow tees” for the professionals and other class “A” players. You do not have to tee-off from any of these tees when you are starting.

    If you are in a par 3 hole, do your shots from around the green by chipping and putting. You can start like 150 yards into the green when you are in a par 4 hole. On a par 5 hole, you can start from about 200 yards before the green. The closer you are to the green, the easier it becomes. It will save time and will allow the flow of traffic on the course better. With each shot you do, ask your caddy to tee up your ball as it makes it easier to swing through the ball this way. When you get on the green, you may need to stop using the golf tee. You won’t really need a tee to putt the ball.

    Since the golf course is filled with hazards like, rough areas (thick grass), water, sand bunkers and the perimeter wall (which is normally referred to as “out of bounds” or “O.B.”), just ignore them. Your caddy is always there to guide you. Meantime, do not hit over any water hazard. If you go inside the sand bunker, ask your caddy to bring out and replace it on a good lie or spot. When your shot goes inside the rough area, replace it on a good spot, too. Do not apply any penalties yet until such time you become more comfortable playing in the golf course.

    Remember these tips, as they will make your life easier the first few times you play. More importantly, have fun playing this game. This may be the only time you can unwind. In fact you can play some music and bring some beverages in your cooler to save some cash. Lastly, drink lots of water. This will prevent you from getting dehydrated and a heat stroke.

    So, learn the fun part first before getting into the technical side. It will be an advantage to appreciate the essence of the game.


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