Porsche, Audi Phils. open their exclusive Motorsport Paddock in Clark Speedway

Porsche, Audi Phils. open their exclusive Motorsport Paddock in Clark Speedway

PREMIUM cars deserve no less, and so Porsche Phils. and Audi Phils. deemed it best to give their sporting produce their own posh digs by recently inaugurating the Motorsport Paddock.

Exclusive to Stuttgart’s and Ingolstadt’s pride, the paddock—helped set up by San Miguel Corp.—takes its prime piece of real estate at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. It is basically a hospitality suite where guests and clients are given VIP passes to racing and other track events, providing them the best view of the Clark racetrack.

The Porsche and Audi Motorsport Paddock has three main areas—pit garage, lounge and roof deck.

The pit garage, which can fit up to four cars, functions as a workshop where cars participating in track events can be serviced. It fronts the pit stop area where tire changes and engine checks are made.

The lounge and roof deck are excellent vantage points for the racetrack on one side, and the off-road driving area on the other, as well as for views of the surrounding sceneries of Clark Field. The roof deck is open-air while the lounge is enclosed and air-conditioned, making it an all-weather spot in which to relax. Product presentations, track-day briefings and other meetings can also be held in the lounge.

Drumming up the Motorsport Paddock’s opening, held on March 22, was the Porsche and Audi Driving Experience where guests were invited to sample the latest models of the German marques. Guided laps on the track and slalom exercises were done alongside professional driving instructors, who taught participants the proper techniques.

Those fortunate enough to be invited were able to drive the Audi A1, A4 and A6 cars, as well as the Audi Q3 and Q7 sport-utes. Porsche’s Cayman S sports car and Cayenne SUV were also offered for the racetrack exercises.

During the lapping sessions and slalom activities, they—along with their Audi cousins—exhibited the type of handling prowess that have made them legendary. The drivers who posted the five fastest times in the slalom course were handed citations.

Which is icing on a cake only Porsche’s and Audi’s Motorsport Paddock can serve.


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