PLDT drops 400,000 inactive subscribers


THE mobile communications units of telecommunications giant PLDT Inc. (PLDT) lost 400,000 subscribers during the first three months of the year, mostly due to a cleanup of inactive postpaid accounts, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Manuel Pangilinan said.

“We lost approximately 400,000 subscribers on the wireless side for the first three months of this year.” Pangilinan said during a press briefing.

In the midst of a transformation into a fully digital telecommunications business, the company said 40 percent of the subscriptions lost after the inactive postpaid account of mobile services business brand Sun Cellular were swept.

This brings the subscription net loss to 240,000, compared with 5million last year.

“The loss is not that significant but we still do not want to see any deterioration in the subscriber base.” Pangilinan said.

Ariel Fermin, PLDT executive vice president said, PLDT is on its toes to attract and maintain good quality subscribers.

“In April, the first time in quite a while, we are posting net gains for mobile of close to 40,000 subscriptions. That one is a blessing. We take it as a start.” Fermin noted.

PLDT is really aggressive when it comes to attracting more subscribers with quality mobile and customer services.

Its digital pivot strategy to fully shift toward digital communications has prompted PLDT to actively transform and expand its network.

The company allotted four times more capital expenditure at P14.6 billion during the first quarter.


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  1. Hector David on

    Smart and pldt are getting a taste of their own medicine ..lousy service ..high rates . Steaing load ….management strategy with a focus on profit not sevice that what these oligarchs have been doing under their yellow flag to build loyalty… all these and more …an end to monopolies and cartels …squeezing and draining the blood of the common man …that’s what theseoligarchs have Ben doing under… the yellow flag