• This PLDT DSL hell


    TODAY marks one month of nothing but intermittent Internet from PLDT DSL.

    Which is also to say that for the past month we’ve given PLDT a chance to deliver the service that it promises us, and which we deserve, paying customers as we are who have been using their DSL since forever. Which is to say that for the past month we have been disappointed.

    That is putting it kindly. The work we do is dependent on staying up to date and in touch with the world via the Internet. We invest in the service, use hard-earned money to pay for it, not because we want to be on Facebook every day – though that is as valid a reason as any thank you very much. But where I live, we use the Internet for work. For updating websites and publishing content, for doing research for articles, and sending those articles out into the world.

    Were it not for a heaven-sent cousin who lives next door and shares her Internet with us for free, and my phone’s Smart 3G service, this would’ve been a month of no work done at all in this household.

    Service please!

    When the PLDT phone and DSL service both died on October 20, we could not even bring ourselves to dial their customer service hotline 172. Have you heard that recording? It’s atrocious. Because also instead of giving you a customer service representative, it tells you to listen to a recording of this same male voice who will walk you through troubleshooting your DSL modem yourself.

    They make us do it ourselves, and don’t even have the decency to give us a real person to talk to. But of course you can stay on the line and waste a good 20 to 30 minutes waiting for a customer service representative to answer your call, too.

    On October 21, I found a PLDT’s customer service Facebook page and sent them a private message. Five hours later, Iggy of PLDT informs me that there’s an “ongoing PLDT facility migration.” On October 23, all the way in Tacloban, I report to Iggy again on behalf of my household: the phone line was back but the DSL was still dead. The following day a certain Fay replies and says they are still performing system maintenance and “may not be able to handle your concern immediately.”

    I wanted to say: well it’s been five whole days, so “immediately” is out of the question. Little did I know we were looking at a month down the line with no DSL.

    Instead I ask how much longer the service will be down, and if we get a refund for the five days we haven’t had Internet. A certain Celle replies and says they cannot give a date for the completion of the maintenance, and requests for refunds are entertained once service is restored.

    None of that sounds hopeful of course. And really: to have to request for a refund instead of being given it for services PLDT knows full well it is unable to provide is just offensive.

    Beyond broadband
    The PLDT DSL slogan says it is “beyond broadband.” Well you know what’s beyond broadband? No broadband at all!

    From October 20 and into the first week of November, we had no real internet service to speak of. On November 8, I send a tweet to @PLDTcares, telling them this is practically three weeks without Internet, thanks to them. No one replies. I send them the same tweet three days after, on November 11.

    An Eileen from PLDT sends me a direct message on Twitter and says they’ve sent a report for “immediate troubleshooting” and thanks me for bearing with them.

    For three days, from November 13 to 15, the service was back. Since November 16 though, it’s been as unreliable and intermittent as it has been all month. I go back and send @PLDTcares a tweet, they send me a direct message telling me that in fact “adjustment on the restoration of the line has been completed” and they would do “immediate line testing” to figure out what’s wrong.

    No one has offered to come check out our DSL modem. No one has followed up to tell us exactly what’s going on, offer their apologies and a refund for the past month of only three days of service, if at all.

    PLDT DSL’s epic fail
    Early morning of November 18, 30 days since we first lost our DSL service, Tanie and Precious inform me via Twitter direct message of how much more trouble this is going to be.

    That is, if I insist, as I have the right to, that we get a refund for the past month of no services rendered. Because apparently the only basis for a refund is PLDT’s technical report on our account and the number of days we have not used the service after its restoration.

    Which means they will not refund us for October 20 to November 16, when they themselves had said they were under system maintenance? Which means the basis is not whether or not we have had the service, but what their technical reports say? I wonder if we will ever see those reports. One wonders if we can charge them for work not done and lost due to the lack of DSL service.

    Of course not. Because in this country PLDT DSL’s epic failure to deliver services that its customers pay for, goes unnoticed and unpunished. Welcome to the Philippines, protecting big business is our business. The consumers can go to hell.


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    1. Laiza Brgka Manda on

      It’s almost a month now since we lost both the dsl and the phone line connection. A tech came out to repair it once and it worked for an hour. That’s it! We’ve had this phoneline for more than 2 decades now & we, the “loyal” customers are treated like crap. We’ve been following up and all we get is a “no eta yet” response! The f! We don’t even hear from them! No nothin’! Awful awful service.

    2. Same as mine, PLDT is bullshit. I returned my TELPAD unit for replacement under warranty and waited for 8 months paying my monthly dues of P2100+ without the unit meaning no equipment at all. But then decided to permanent disconnect my subscription. Unfortunately, their marketing team did convince me to continue there service downgrading my subscription to Plan 1299 with complete package including a free PLDT to PLDT NDD calls but turns out they billed me for calling NDD. Where’s the inclusion? they said the marketing agent who convinced me to continue did not even tag me to have that service on their system. So i did not pay that charge worth 30.00 after a day my DSL was cut off. This is really bullshit.

    3. I am experiencing their excellent customer service right now. It is now more than 2 weeks that I have been losing my connection at night that is if I get connected at all. I have experienced all of what have been said above. What really irks me is they keep doing that line testing over and over again which maybe by now obviously is not the solution. I have been promised they would be sending a technician a week a ago but I guess their very busy technician got really busy and never got to go to our place.

    4. esteban pagaran on

      Completely agree with the observations regarding lousy PLDT internet. Consumer ombudsman should do something to protect subscribers.

    5. Resty Refuerzo on

      I was sold on a PLDT sales agent pitch for Fibr connection from DSL. My speed would increase to 3mbps, same monthly fee except I have to pay 1500 for a new modem, landline and installation that can be paid on a staggered basis. Two or 3 months hence, my speed is slower than the former DSL. Sure, they reply to my queries why that is. But to no avail up to now.

    6. Our ordeal with PLDT lasted 22 days to have full landline and internet connection restored. And another 50 days to get an acceptable refund which I think PLDT agreed to, to finally close the report on my compaint.

      Here’s what we learned:
      1. If you report the problem using a cell phone, you only get a recording that spews out reference numbers. No one contacts you or comes for repair. You cannot follow up on action taken. Next time you call, you get another reference number.
      2. You can call 171 from a PLDT landline, get a reference number, and later follow up to get a status from a voice recording, often saying that repair is being scheduled.
      3. You can call 173 (a number which PLDT does not advertise) to follow up and a human will take your call.
      4. You get faster response thru email or a message to the PLDT Facebook page. But how can you, when you have no DSL connection!
      5. Complaints can be closed even though they were not addressed. On checking with a business center, I was told there was a major problem but the report was closed without action. WHAT?!
      6. PLDT records can show that they called the complaining subscriber and that said subscriber confirmed that service was restored rendering the complaint report closed. Someone from PLDT claimed having spoken to me though it did not happen.
      7. Your line can be connected to another line/telephone number as in our case, dial tone was restored, DSL service was reconnected. We lost both intermittently. We could make outgoing calls, but to PLDT landlines only, not to cell phones or other service providers. We did not receive incoming calls. A lineman finally diagnosed the problem and made the right connection.
      8. You resort to and spend more for using cell phones or prepaid wireless internet service for your communication needs.
      9. PLDT does not offer a refund for the days when you did not get the service that they committed. You have to demand it and demand from at least a supervisor who…

    7. You are not alone, we had the same problem with promises from PLDT that they will repair our phone line and DSL. After several request for repair PLDT phone my wife from her cell phone if our line and internet is OK. What an insult!! They could have phoned us on our land line to check if they line was Ok but knowing that it’s not working they phoned my wife cp number. Our solution, we terminated our DSL, but decided to maintain the land line for the sake of communicating with our overseas siblings and friends. We shifted to other internet provider for our internet needs and it seems more reliable than PLDT.

      When my wife went to PLDT to request for termination of our DSL they plead and promised that they will do their best to improve the services but still we were firm in our decision to discontinue our DSL and I think it was the right decision and we did not regret

    8. They ask you to upgrade your internet and promise you a free router.
      Uptil today I am waiting for it after upgrading. They said within seven days and its already more than six months. Complaining to PLDT is banging your head against a concrete wall.

    9. Manny Pangilinan for president? I use the wireless pocket router, if one provider goes offline, I switch to another one. Very simple and painless.

    10. after a few days of heavy downpour, ms katrina, my dsl would give me intermittent service. like you i have experienced waiting for more than 30 minutes everytime i call 172 for repair of dsl. and if i get connected, i would be on hold for another 30 minutes or so before i get to talk to a human being. as to the billing refund, pldt does not give refunds unless you again call their call center and ask for billing where you suffer and waste time waiting to talk to a human being. refund should be automatic from the time you reported non-service up to the time you get service. this pldt does not do. that is why this company is very profitable and remits billions to salim group yearly in dividend income. further, they have the gall to constantly call you up enticing you to upgrade your dsl or get the new telpad they are promoting. they keep on promising higher speed but once you sign the contract you are hooked and become frustrated. kawawa ang subscriber sa pldt at mga telcos. parang monopoly at parang walang competition. wala kang puntahang maayos na kumpanya na nagbibigay ng tamang serbisyo. only in the philippines, ika nga.

    11. victor m. hernandez on

      In a competitive business world you have a choice. You should try other internet providers. You might be pleasantly surprise that there are in fact good and reliable ISP which have completed their upgade on systems.

      • Unfortunately, telecom and internet providers here provide the same level of customer service. Their basic tenet seems to be to put subscribers at their mercy. That’s true for PLDT, Sky and Globe based on our, friends’ and family members’ experience.

    12. Ill say it again & again, in the philippines companies pay no heed to customer service. All they care about is perting you from your money, after that they dont care about you.

    13. They even had the gall to call us at home and offer an upgrade of our DSL connection to a faster internet connection, didn’t the Philppines has one of the slowest internet speed in our region? So what speed upgrade they are talking about?

    14. An action-item appears very obvious — to work for liberalization of the telecom-infrastructure. In other words, to allow Malaysia or Turkey, or maybe even Beijing or Saudi Arabia to enter Pilipinas internet/telephone market with 100% ownership.

    15. And you wonder why business people like Manuel Pangilinan, Lucio Tan and others become filthy rich when they do it at the expense of hard-working Pinoys like yourself!