• PLDT leads Filipino homes to the multimedia future


    This New Year, Filipinos are bound to see the telephone, the Internet and home entertainment in a whole new dimension.

    “We have gone beyond telecommunications,” said Ariel Fermin, PLDT executive vice president and head of Home Business at a roundtable with Entertainment Editors on Wednesday. “PLDT Home is now a full-service multimedia company, changing with the times to offer solutions that meet the ever-evolving communication needs of Filipino families.”

    The year 2013 saw PLDT Home launching Fibr, Home’s most powerful broadband running on fiber optic technology with dedicated speeds of up to 100 Mbps; and the all-new Dual Core Telpad, the world’s first landline and tablet in one backed by the latest Android OS. PLDT Home also built partnerships with entertainment giants EA Games, Cignal, Smart Music, Clickplay and MyPinoyTV as it becomes a full-service multimedia company offering not only the most superior and reliable access in the country, but also the most compelling content.

    Through PLDT Home, subscribers can get the best of multimedia. Families can watch live high-definition (HD) television shows through Cignal, seamlessly streamed on Fibr. Kids and parents can share bonding moments as they watch blockbuster Hollywood movies on Clickplay or play hit EA games on their Telpad.

    With its suite of trusted services fit for every family’s needs, PLDT Home now gives Pinoys across the country access to both communication and multimedia solutions that support every aspiration.

    Every family can find whatever they’re looking for online together as they enjoy unlimited sharing via the family-sized connections of PLDT Home DSL. Tech-savvy families looking for the fastest Internet access will find it on PLDT Home Fibr.

    Families looking for all-you-can use broadband access for social media and school work will enjoy PLDT Home BRO services and families who love the latest gadgets will find premium, wholesome entertainment options for all ages through the PLDT Home Telpad, the world’s first tablet and landline in one.

    To further solidify the position it has established through this feat, PLDT Home begins the year by redefining families’ viewing experience with the Tvolution—the small yet powerful device that can turn an ordinary TV to an Internet TV. This device allows streaming of blockbuster movies and series straight from the Internet to televisions. PLDT Home subscribers will also begin enjoying an enhanced tablet and landline service with the Quad Core Telpad.

    Apart from new technology, PLDT Home will also reveal more landmark partnerships with top content providers over the course of 2014.

    Fermin concludes, “PLDT Home aspires to provide the foundation for better lives for every Filipino family. We believe that the strongest connections are made at home that’s why PLDT Home ensures that every family can access the best of communication and content in their pursuit of personal, familial, and societal goals while simultaneously building the best connections to each other in their homes.”

    Find out more about PLDT Home on www.pldthome.com.


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