PLDT looks south for new HQ address


Taking a queue from Facebook’s workmanlike headquarters in Menlo Park, California, telecommunications and digital service provider PLDT Inc. (PLDT) is preparing to build a campus-like headquarters south of Manila, the telco’s Chairman and Chief Operating Officer Manuel Pangilinan said.

Panglinan said the company would be moving its headquarters from Makati to a location most likely in the south in the next three years.

“I have taken a trip to the south and looked at alternative sites,” Panglinan told reporters in a spot interview Wednesday.

The CEO said the new headquarters for PLDT and its subsidiaries Smart and Sun will employ a work-efficient design which he described as a simple three-story building just like Facebook’s, which Pangilinan visited recently visited.

The PLDT campus in the south will cover between 10 to 20 hectares.

“There is a prospect further south. Obviously, when you go further south to Ayala-Alabang it will be cheaper,” Pangilinan said.

Because PLDT does not intend to build a high-rise tower Panglinan said the company will be ready to move in two to three years.

“The good thing is we don’t intend to build a tower. Most of the buildings will be three stories,” he said.

Pangilinan said that similar to Facebook’s headquarters, the buildings on PLDT’s campus would most likely use the ground floor for parking, and the floors above for offices and roofdeck.


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