PLDT revs up Internet investments


PHILIPPINE Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) is going full blast when it comes to investment opportunities involving the Internet and is eyeing at least 10 projects.

“Well, we have a healthy list of investment opportunities on the Internet. It is a whole range of Internet possibilities,” PLDT chairman Manuel Pangilinan told reporters.

“Alam mo naman sa Internet anything goes. So it is a whole [new range of]possibilities. The main IT countries are the US, Europe, parts of Asia,” Pangilinan said.

“About 10 [projects]. I think the decision to invest needs short time-frame. In other words, you have to make a quick decision because the world of the Internet does not wait for anybody. It moves quickly so you have a few weeks to decide.”

PLDT earlier said it will offer Big Data services to help local enterprises advance through a range of digital transformation solutions to analyze available data and gain insights that drive predictive and data-driven decision-making for business.

“Clearly any telco has got to engage the Internet now. They cannot participate on the Internet space beyond providing the connectivity or access. So we’ve determined that we will participate and engage the Internet in one or three ways,” Pangilinan said.

“One, is to partner with the OTTs (over-the-top content providers): Facebook, Uber, among others. Two, is to make investments in internet companies like what we did in iflix and Rocket Internet, And third, is to develop our own apps like SafeZone, Pay Maya, Traffic Navigator of Interaksyon. So those are indigenous apps developed by the group.”

Digital economy
With the amount of data created and consumed by enterprises, there is a need to ensure that Big Data analytics services are backed by a reliable network infrastructure.

As a company that heavily generates data, PLDT’s infrastructure is designed to handle Big Data processes generated by over 75 million wired and wireless PLDT subscribers.

PLDT has also renewed the partnership with IBM Philippines to help thrust leading industries ahead with a wider suite of cloud-based services similar to ICT-advanced economies.

Through the partnership, PLDT enterprise clients can leverage on IBM’s Cloud offerings and solutions through Softlayer Infrastracture-as-a-Service (IaaS) giving them a wider choice and flexibility in implementing a cloud environment suited to their business.

PLDT said that the country Philippines is ready to lead a digital economy evident in a culture of being sociable, curious, creative, tech-savvy and innovative.

“With some of our clients already enjoying the benefits of cloud, there has been positive impact on their bottom line because of operational efficiencies and lower operating costs that have helped them manage their businesses better,” PLDT Executive Vice President and ePLDT President and Chief Executive Officer Eric Alberto said.

“Together with IBM’s unique Softlayer Baremetal offerings, we hope to better evangelize cloud benefits and help more Filipino enterprises to integrate cloud into their business and enable them move ahead in the competitive digital era,” he added.


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