PLDT rolls out fiber optic network in Palawan


THE Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) will soon roll out in Palawan a P1 billion fiber optic network that will link the island to its existing network across the country.

Kat Luna-Abelarde, PLDT first vice president and head of its SME nation unit, said the move is in line with the group’s program to provide substantial assistance to small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) across the country.

”We need to be the key enabler in transforming SMEs to revolutionize their business and become globally competitive by providing future-ready solutions enabled by world class infrastructure,” she said.

The company’s 620-kilometer inland and submarine fiber optic cable, running from La Paz, Iloilo to Taytay, Palawan to Puerto Princesa, will provide strong support to the island’s growing information and communication technology (ICT), especially in the region’s increasing demand for voice and data traffic in both mobile and fixed services.

With Puerto Princesa expecting to benefit most in the initial roll-out of the Palawan DFON project, the enhanced ICT infrastructure is seen helping to boost the city’s tourism efforts that cater to the rising number of foreign and local tourists that visit the island every year. Palawan attracts about 25 percent of total tourist arrivals in the Philippines, with an estimated 800,000 visitors last year.

”Our fiber optic rollout in Puerto Princesa is an expansion of our investment efforts to allow local enterprises access to global class connectivity—with faster and stronger facilities to connect their business to the world,” said PLDT EVP and Head of Enterprise, International, and Carrier Business Eric Alberto.

As Palawan links to PLDT’s 7-loop DFON across main points in the country, businesses in the province will benefit from the advantages of high-speed fiber optic technology with a 40 gigabit bandwidth capacity that can be expanded up to 100 gigabit. This enables a faster rollout in service delivery within a single platform for businesses to support increasing demand for greater bandwidth of enterprises and small-and-medium entrepreneurs in the area.

Puerto Princesa Mayor Lucil Bayron said that her administration is “happily looking forward to a partnership with PLDT in helping nurture and develop the local ICT facilities of Puerto Princesa city to support further economic growth of the city.”

PLDT has the most extensive and resilient fiber optic network in the country, with over 78,000 kilometers of fiber architecture as of end-2013.


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