• PLDT to cash in on movies


    PLDT HOME is positioning itself to reshape the traditional way of watching television in the country though its TVolution.

    “Movie watching, I think based on the research is that everybody watch movies. That’s the top 3 engagement in terms of research in terms of what they do in Internet, download videos and watch so that’s a huge chunk [of the market],” said Gary Dujali, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. vice president and head of PLDT HOME.

    TVolution will make available a device that can transform ordinary television sets into Internet TV, that allows streaming of blockbuster movies from the Internet.

    “Base on Clickplay study, they [Filipino television viewers] watch not only the blockbuster movies but classic movies as well,” Dujali said.

    Powered by quad-core processors, the TVolution device operates on an Android-based platform. It connects to any HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)-ready TV and syncs with a PLDT HOME Fibr WiFi connection.

    The company said that about 95 percent of Filipino households have their own TV sets.

    PLDT HOME was quick to spot the opportunities presented by global trends that suggest that the largest growing audience is online, and that they want video on demand, or VOD.

    A report for a large venture investment firm pointed to “the increased use of broadband, wireless home networks, rich media formats and devices capable of carrying Internet and video” as driving the Internet TV revolution.

    With this, PLDT HOME will be able to sustain double-digit growth by pursuing an aggressive marketing program on its customer base.

    To support its subscribers’ use of innovative applications relying on Internet access, PLDT recently expanded its fiber network to 78,000 kilometers. This is part of the P19-billion capital expenditure modernization investment of the PLDT Group.


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