• PLDT’s Alpha rolls out targeted market platform


    PLDT Alpha, PLDT’s corporate business group, and Voyager Innovations yesterday launched SafeZone, a free-access internet platform that offers a more targeted market reach strategy to enterprises.

    SafeZone, a platform that allows Smart and Sun subscribers to access websites for free, enables merchants to open their websites and mobile applications to prospective customers.

    “This opportunity cannot be missed by enterprises. Because the traffic is already targeted,” Eric Alberto, PLDT/Smart EVP and ePLDT president and CEO told reporter on the sidelines of the launch yesterday.

    Nico Alcoseba, PLDT’s Disruptive Business Group head, compared the SafeZone concept to toll-free numbers, a channel that brings customers to enterprises.

    “The way we help them [enterprises]is like the toll-free concept. If my customer wants to contact me I shouldn’t let them pay,” Alcoseba said.

    “The concept of the toll-free call channel has not changed. If we talk digital channel, we are talking about websites and the internet,” he added.

    Alcoseba said that by subscribing to SafeZone, enterprises are encouraging clients to go their websites free of charge, a concept of bringing your merchandise to customers.

    “In today’s increasingly B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) ecosystem, companies need a complete digital strategy to maximize their online presence and connect deeper with their consumers who are becoming more tech-savvy and price conscious. With SafeZone, PLDT Alpha Enterprise is enabling enterprises to drive traffic and increase usage into their digital assets, allowing them to form a more intimate relationship with their customers, and thereby creating stronger affinity to their brand and business,” Alberto said.

    He added that most enterprises are willing to spend hefty amounts on marketing while blindly reaching out to their consumers, but with platforms like SafeZone, the consumers will be seeking out the merchants.

    To date, SafeZone has more than two million signed-up users based on data posted on SafeZone’s website.

    SafeZone’s starting package, 10GB Package, is priced at P20,000, a fixed monthly rate that comes with 10GB monthly data allocation at P2 per megabyte.

    The 50GB Package, with a monthly data allocation of 50GB at P1.50 per megabyte, is available for a fixed monthly rate of P75,000.

    Their 100GB Package, which comes with 100GB monthly data allocation at P1.20 per megabyte, costs P120,000.

    The largest plan, the 250GB Package, gives enterprises 250GB monthly data allocation at P1.00 per megabyte. It comes with a fixed monthly service fee of P250,000.

    As of the launch yesterday, SafeZone had 47 partner merchants including Zalora, PopSlide, PAL, BPI, Takatak, Shakey’s, Food Panda, and The Philippine Star.


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