PLDT’s P600-M fiber project expected to boost Bohol growth


The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) said it has completed a P600-million fiber optic cable project that provides Bohol with high bandwidth connectivity.

The project should help boost Bohol’s economy as the province recovers from the devastation wrought by last year’s 7.2-magnitude earthquake, the company said.
“This new fiber link will boost Bohol’s thriving tourism industry and enable the province to attract more business process outsourcing companies to set up shop there,” PLDT President and Chief Executive Officer Napoleon Nazareno said in a statement.

“We will continue to expand our internet infrastructure to support the development efforts of different parts of the country. This will spread more equitably the benefits of the strong growth of the country’s economy,” Nazareno added.

PLDT said the new fiber link also strengthens the resiliency of its domestic fiber optic network (DFON) by establishing a third link to the island of Mindanao via Bohol and Misamis Oriental Province.

”Moreover, Boholanos will be able to enjoy improved internet services at their homes, schools and offices,” Nazareno said.

The Bohol DFON is equipped with up to 50G capacity to support the increasing demand for greater bandwidth in both fixed and wireless services by corporate customers, said Rolando Pena, head of PLDT’s Technology Group.

Pena said the new fiber optic cable facilities also allow PLDT to provide fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services and support the operations of its wireless subsidiaries Smart Communications and Sun Cellular, particularly in providing expanded HSPA (high-speed packet access) and LTE (Long-Term Evolution) coverage to their subscribers in the area.

He added that the Bohol fiber optic cable project will also support the information and communication technology (ICT) requirements of the international airport that will be built on Panglao Island.

Consisting of 245 kilometers of inland and submarine fiber optic cables, the Bohol fiber project connects the island in the north from Loon to Mactan in Cebu and in the south from Garcia Hernandez to Kinoguitan in Misamis Oriental.

By providing a third link to Mindanao, the Bohol fiber link project bolsters PLDT’s network resiliency, making it less susceptible to outages from fiber cuts caused by natural disasters like earthquakes or heavy storms, the the country’s biggest telecommunications company said.

The PLDT Group’s fiber optic network is the most extensive in the country, with more than 85,000 kilometers of inland and submarine cables as of end-March, more than four times that of the competition.

”If you don’t have enough of fiber, you cannot offer extensive, resilient high-speed broadband service,” Pena said.


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