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  1. So long as the people who are seated are fully aware of the powers given to them, they will use it however they wish to meet their own goals and ideals rather than use it responsibly for the good will of all. Some will even go so far as declaring ‘for the good of the people’ when the results are contrary. History time and time again has proven this fact.

    That’s not to say everyone in the government from the lowest position to the President/Prime Minister is evil or corrupt. There are indeed those who have a sense of duty, responsibility, and virtue and the show it. But more often than not, they are drowned by the actions of everyone else. Yet these people, fully aware of what they’ll end up, risk doing so anyway if it means fulfilling their roles as public servants.

    And let’s not forget, most of the people seated in the government are those of our OWN choosing. That’s not to say Democracy is bad, but whoever we vote for, we really don’t know how the country will turn out with these officials in power until the result finally comes. Like gambling or in the stock market, we have to know what we’re risking for and learn to deal with the consequences of our choice.

    UK PM David Cameron made a powerful quote “If you don’t like this government – it won’t last forever.” Their control doesn’t last forever and we can always choose someone else to take their place and hope for the best. If a country wants to be free from all this corruption really bad, they (the people), must be of one collective mind and call for reform and elect someone who will wipe the state clean and start fresh. That is next to impossible to achieve as such a person must able to bear the burden while still show as an effective and virtuous leader. Such a person unfortunately is very rare to exist. Until that person emerges from the chaos, we remind our governments who put them there in the first place and can be removed when the time comes.

  2. It’s not going to happen,because the poor,starving,vulnerable Filipino voter could easily sell his priceless vote over a bribe of a ganta of rice or an envelope full of money from the corrupt running for office.