• Please somebody gag his mouth


    (By Rigorberto Tiglao, Analysis & Commentaries, November 13, 2013)
    From what I’ve read, the Philippines Air Force has a total of 3 older C-130s (in pictures they have 4 blades on each propeller) while the US Marine Corp, the smallest branch of the US military, was able to fly in 2 modern KC-130s from Japan within a day (the ones with 6 blades). and has dozens more coming, along with larger C-17 jet transports from the U.S. Air Force that can also land at Tacloban and other small airports.
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    In times of crisis, you see a person’s best and worst qualities. Sadly it has shown that our president is definately not a man of the people. The people will not forget his words and behaviors during the time of need. I am ashamed we have a hypocrite, uncaring, coward to represent us. Lord help us during our people during our time of need.
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    1. Re: what lessons can be learned for any future disaster
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      Quote from: ayoshi on November 14, 2013, 10:45:09 PM

      its amazing to see all the experts come out of the woodwork during the disaster and pass the blame on your current president .
      i’m not filipino but i strongly support your current president .

      listen to this john f kennedy speech


      the aquino family have more than giving their blood and loyality to the philippinese . your current president has stood firm up against china .

      look how he has set about moderising the filipino military .

      this disaster is not his fault . all these so call experts that have turned up from the wood work , if they were any good at their jobs they would have opened their mouths long time ago .

      the aquino family reputation is beyond reproach . the philippines is their life and blood . yes this disaster is the worst thing to happen to the philippines but i believe the right president is in place .

      do not forget so fast the late aquino .


    2. Incompetence and lack of compassion (and corruption) from the presidency down to the lowest local government officials elected by the people highlight the aftermath of the devastation brought by Yolanda. Thus, people are suffering for days without food, water, and other basic needs while these self-serving officials point fingers and lie to the world!