Please somebody gag his mouth


It would be in President Aquino’s best interests and definitely that of the nation, if his advisers could just gag his mouth during this most horrifying episode of our people. They should realize that in the wake of such human suffering as that wrought by super-typhoon Yolanda, communications, and I don’t mean its technological aspect, break down and a distressed people magnify the flubs of those in power.

For instance, I was surprised that a TV report the other night showed an obviously educated, comely woman in devastated Tacloban suppressing her tears to say: “What does the President want to see for him to help us? More dead bodies?”

However, and I have been closely monitoring Aquino’s statements since the super-typhoon approached, he had not said anything that should elicit that kind of angry excoriation from that lady.

However, what made that lady make that complaint against Aquino could be traced to his antagonistic remarks against Tacloban officials, that they didn’t prepare enough for the super-typhoon. Aquino even sounded like a brat in a tantrum, that Tacloban officials simply ruined all his plans for a “zero-casualty” by either being incompetent or lazy.

Death in Tacloban: “Low casualty count,” Aquino referred to it in his Nov. 11 TV address

Death in Tacloban: “Low casualty count,” Aquino referred to it in his Nov. 11 TV address

Blaming Tacloban officials
Aquino indeed said the day after Yolanda hit: “Yung Tacloban, hesitant lang ako. Para bang hindi ganun ka prepared…compared to other areas . . .” Aquino said that officials in most hard-hit areas did prepare for the coming of Yolanda, as seen from their “low casualty count”. But those who seemed unprepared will “have to explain” their casualty count. “Any casualty is an issue with me,” the President said.

Everyone knew though that he wasn’t referring to the council members but to the mayor, Alfred Romualdez whom he probably saw in his mind as the cousin of Leyte representative Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, an opposition leader whose newspaper Manila Standard Today has been writing scathing exposés and opinion columns detailing his boo-boos.

But why would Aquino jump to such hasty conclusions?

Either he was stressed by the immensity of the devastation by super-typhoon Yolanda. Or, in his pettiness, he saw a chance of putting down the Romualdezes who control the island and who are with the opposition: Rumors had probably reached him that the mayor wasn’t even in his home or office when the typhoon hit that his wife and children had to fend for themselves in closely beating death because of the floodwaters. (The mayor was reportedly checking up on preparations in his city, and stranded by the typhoon in a resort, where he also narrowly escaped the deadly storm surge.)

Aquino should really shut up. Even as the smell of decomposing bodies became worse in Tacloban and other Leyte towns, Aquino did not let up in blaming the local government there.

Aquino: Low casualty counts
In his latest televised address, just the other night, he said “The low casualty counts from the other provinces that were also in the typhoon’s path, such as Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, Negros Occidental, Palawan, Aklan, and Romblon (was because) their local governments were able to prepare in advance.”

Wasn’t he briefed that most of those killed in Leyte were those who drowned, many carried to the sea, because of the storm surge created by Yolanda that reached several kilometers inland, that there were no or only minor storm surges in the islands he mentioned as having low casualty counts?

Wasn’t Aquino informed that the waters reached more than two-storeys in height because Tacloban’s cove-like bay acted as a funnel that magnified the storm surge?

Wasn’t he briefed that even his Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas—just two top officials he dispatched to prepare Tacloban for the storm, but who didn’t coordinate with local officials—narrowly escaped a rather embarrassing death by drowning, when wherever they bunkered in was also inundated by the storm waters’ surge, and were incommunicado for two whole days? “Wherever they bunkered in” since intriguingly, Gazmin and Roxas haven’t reported exactly where they were during the storm, and how they survived it.

Aquino’s media operators may think that they’re so clever as to have the President use prime TV time for his addresses regarding the typhoon.

His address the other night however was a display of an unfeeling leader, which psychiatrists would interpret as a deficiency of mirror-neurons. Nowhere in the address is an expression of grief or commiseration for the suffering of Filipinos, only a list of things he claims his government has done or will do. He refers to the horrible drowning of Filipinos as merely “casualty counts”, which he is so defensive to claim as “low”.
(US President Bush’ speech in the wake of the disastrous hurricane Katrina in 2005 was criticized as his worst. But compared to Aquino’s address though, it was a masterpiece in reaching out to a people in misery, and inspiring them to be bold in the face of adversity, for instance:

“We have seen fellow citizens left stunned and uprooted, searching for loved ones, and grieving for the dead, and looking for meaning in a tragedy that seems so blind and random. We have also witnessed the kind of desperation no citizen of this great and generous Nation should ever have to know – fellow Americans calling out for food and water, vulnerable people left at the mercy of criminals who had no mercy and the bodies of the dead lying uncovered and untended in the street. (But) these days of sorrow and outrage have also been marked by acts of courage and kindness that make all Americans proud.”)

After address, horrific videos
His spin doctors should have watched his latest address at their homes, and not in the Palace watching his delivery, as there, they could not have seen that it was an interruption of TV news that were broadcasting the first horrific videos of the tragedy.

For instance, in his address, Aquino says: “The delivery of food, water, and medicines to the most heavily affected areas is at the head of our priorities. We have tasked barangays to deliver and distribute these vital needs; 24,000 family food packs were already distributed in Tacloban yesterday; and these efforts are centralized in the eight largest barangays there.”

Right after those statements, TV news comes in again, showing footage of stunned victims in Leyte towns on the roadsides begging for food and being interviewed complaining through their tears that they’re starting to die of thirst and hunger. Wouldn’t most people instinctively exclaim, after hearing the president and then seeing the video clips: What a liar? A more analytic audience would immediately wonder: He’s boasting of 24,000 food packs when TV says at least 500,000 are now scrounging for food and water?

And then you have the President looking so irritated when Tacloban businessmen and even his own officials told him how bad the situation is right after the typhoon struck. A Tacloban businessman in that meeting related his harrowing experience that he was shot at by a looter. Instead of being disturbed by such breakdown of law and order, the President of the Republic retorted:

“Buhay ka pa naman, di ba? (You’re still alive, aren’t you?) “

Really, just gag him. Better for him and this nation’s morale during this crisis that try everyone’s souls.

(On Friday, I’ll continue the second part of my column “Ten Questions, they didn’t, couldn’t ask at the Napoles hearing.)
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  1. Noynoy Aquino is inept to govern. His name BS Aquino means “BullShit” Aquino…full of talk but no action! It’s time for Filipinos to wake up

    • Hello Juskia,

      This is not about blaming. It is critizing how the President of the Philippines pointing fingers and blaming others of what happened when what he is saying is going back to him.

      We are not blaming the President, we are commenting on what he has been doing and saying.

      One more thing, not because we are doing this does mean that we are not helping.

      Just an FYI

  2. Pity he said the body count will be only around 2000 As of tonight it’s 4356 and climbing rapidly! By saying this the aid agencies will start to back off! Not a sensible comment!

  3. It is a very simple problem we have in the Phils. Everyone in the government is inexperienced to act like employees of private enterprise. The lack of experience specially in management will always results to blame games. We don’t even have an outfit to address a national disaster like this. We have marines and army trained to go to war with MNLF/MILF/BAGSAMORO/NPA. We have PNP trained to establish check points in highways with newly ironed uniforms to address peace and order. We need a national guard with all equiptments both land, sea and air to address disasters and respond to emergencies. Politicians please make a bill to address this problem!

  4. how can the lgu’s of leyte distribute food? That All of them were also affected by the typhoon,

  5. I never realized how truly inept and petty the bachelor President is! He has no concept of what leadership is. he should be told a little imagination, and a little acting are needed..even if being a leader has fizzled out from his DNA. One does not need a long training on leadership. Just watch a movie, Gandhi, say, and see how Ben Kingsley acted, or any of Kevin Costner’s films. If there is no heart inside, at least, there must be a bit of an oratorical talent. Or perhaps, tell him to just go and sow some seeds.

  6. aminin man ni pnoy o hindi, napilitan lang syang maging presidente, hindi bukal sa kalooban nyang maging leader ng bansa gaya ng pilipinas. mapapansin nyu sa mga salitang binibitiwan nya sa media, napakababaw ng pananaw nya sa salitang accountability, yung mga lgu accountable pero sya hindi. yung mga tantrums nya, ibig lang nyang sabihin doon na “look, kayo ang may gustong maging presidente ako, i didn’t ask for this”, so no one to blame but the people, we started a joke but the joke is on us now. kahit anung sabihin natin, basta sya alam nya tama lahat ng decisions nya at tayo ang mali. end of discussion for him. sad but this is the reality of a leader we have now.

  7. you cannot blame a natural disaster to a president. the break down on the command and control and disorganized is starting from the LGUs, barangays and municipalities. they do not have the logistics because the money to buy the logistics they stole it themselves so now they have to suffer. this is not the fault of the president this is the Filipinos fault for being laid back, undisciplined and corruptable.

    • Di ko alam…being poor is a fault for being washed in the typhoon. Paki explain po kasi kasama ka rin sa undiciplined and corrupt—dahil Pinoy ka din, right?

    • first and foremost… how in the world could the LGU’s act when they themselves are affected. in a situation/catastrophe like this it is stated in THE LAW: “section 15(e) of RA 10121 mandates the NATIONAL DRRMC to take the lead in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from the effects of any disaster when two or more regions are affected.”
      he can’t blame the LGU for being unprepared…they did prepare but nobody/nothing could have withstood that typhoon. all their preparations were washed out…destroyed… drowned. I would ask PNoy the same question… did he make preparations for the aftermath of a category 5-6 supertyphoon? Did he make organize a team – rescue – clearing – relief and the like.
      I would have applauded him if he humbly passed the decision making on this kind of emergency to someone who has far more experience in dealing with emergency/disaster operations.

  8. sometimes he needs to be cruel in order to be kind..LGUs had their shares of negligence too..pero nangyari na ang after his rant now is the time P-Noy should do his part and make it this time of difficulties we don’t need a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens and helps..

  9. si PNoy pwede magturo o manisi, pero siya hindi pwede ituro o sisihin. ganun ba?

    OK, Noy. if you think kapabayaan nga iyan ng mga nasa lokal, patunayan mo at papanagutin mo sila ng bigtime.

  10. Atlas Rebellon on

    One stupid president of the Philippines (aren’t they all are?) said once “I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans, because however bad a Filipino government might be, we can always change it.” He got his wish and more!
    The country has been run like hell ever since by corrupt Filipino officials at all levels starting from the imbecile local village chiefs to the idiotic senators, congress, and presidents. And it is not getting any better.
    And how smart were the Americans for letting go of your incorrigible country!

  11. Maybe, just maybe, if this was during the time of Marcos, everything would be much better. Corrupt politicians will be executed (maybe!) and things will be much organized.

    Sorry but this is how I understand the whole picture.

  12. In times of crisis, you see a person’s best and worst qualities.

    Sadly it has shown that our president is definately not a man of the people.

    The people will not forget his words and behaviors during the time of need.

    I am ashamed we have a hypocrite, uncaring, coward to represent us.

    Lord help us during our people during our time of need~

  13. stupid leaders….it is not passable relief was delayed….if the airforce can drop a bomed by either a heli or a plane how come our leaders didnt think of dropping the reliefs from the air is a much better way….

    • the president did not criticize nor blame anyone (if this comment refers to the president)…he just tell to the people the outcome of irresponsibility from some of the local government officials…

      since you have mentioned that criticism really hurts, but useful as input for improvement…let us assume that the president did criticize some LGU officials…then we have to consider also that the intention of the president is for improvement too…simple logic…

    • A good leader never pin point whose fault or who’s to blame why their services is very slow. As a Leader you are responsible to the actions of your subordinates. so If your subordinates are slow then you are to blame because you chose them to be part of your team.

  14. with due respect to all of us pinoys but, this disorganizing is normal to us. you cannot blame it to all to PNOY. Its just 90% of our politicians, or leaders are incompetents just as crooks. Remember the failed hostage rescue ops in Luneta, there was no command and control with lot of confusion and too many leaders making decision that the chain of command just broke down and resulted to botched operation. Furthermore, we have been to these strong typhoons over and over again since the time of memory although this is the strongest so far in the world. we were ill prepared and ill equipped for this. and lack of discipline and linked to corruption. the AFP have no heavy lift choppers, with only 16 Hueys which are light weight and no CH 46 Chinook helicopters for heavy lift and transport. only 3 C-130s when we should have owned at least 6 to 8 C-130s, not enough parachutes for air drops of food and supplies to unreachable areas, not enough or no body bags, the Tacloban airport only needed portable generators to lit it up for aircrafts to be able to land at night and yet our AFP cannot accomplish this? The US Marines has to do this for us? and they did it within 24 hrs? who’s fault is this in the blaming game? who else us Filipinos. our leaders whom voted have stolen again and again the funds for this and the AFP modernization. unless we stop stealing we will continue to suffer as the world watch with embarassment and yet some are not even embarass anymore, they are used to it. Just look at how Japan handled their Tsunami, big difference from us :evil:

    • “Normal to us”? You just stated what is wrong with our nation.. we are so used to it that we believe and ACCEPT that it is “NORMAL” for us that our government is CORRUPT to its core. When will our nation wake up? Sige, hayaan na lang natin na maging corrupt ang ating g0byerno. wala naman tayong paki-alam diba? punta na lang tayo sa ibang bansa at hayaan nating mabulok ang ating bansa.

    • who you will replace pnoy?…do you have a better one?…the problem is not natural calamity…it is us…not just for one person but each one of us…

      read back on your comments…change…incompetent…bigger storms ahead…need leader with balls…

      change – this is in fact the objective of the present government…change the direction of the country…to lead us to straight path…only if you understand it…

      incompetent – then who is competent…haven’t you observed that we should not have this lack of funds if money fro the past years and administrations were not stolen…

      bigger storms – there will be no huge calamity other than us FILIPINOS…we are the disaster that puts down our own country…

      leader with balls – who do you think in history of philippine politics has the strong will to fight corruption…to send senators, congressmen and public officials behind bars…

  15. Mr. Tiglao is definitely pointing his finger on the wrong man, he must point it in front of a mirror. He’s one of the few media-man who always look on the dark sides of the riverbank. They seems like having fun criticizing those who are in position.

    I dislike our President too, but blaming him in times like this doesn’t help at all, aside from its pointless, it also fuel the anger of our fellowman, making it hard for them to choose whether they help the Yolanda victims or waste their time slapping the national government.

    • True facts cannot lie.
      Do we see the real situation out there?
      Messages for help populates the social media.
      There are reports of rape and other criminal activities by armed persons.
      These came from the people who are there and experiencing hunger and sleepness nights.
      Not to mention the stinking smell of dead bodies.

      The last thing I heard, people are fleeing from Tacloban to survive.

      While relief goods and help are pouring in both from Philippines and the world.
      The problem still exist. It can’t get to the victims efficiently.

      Except for private media companies who are trying their very best to reach those victims on areas other than Tacloban.

      And who should be on top of all this? He should be or at least his alter-egos.

  16. Sa palagay ko po ,nagtungo si PNoy sa Tacloban hind upang makiramay sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo kundi hanapin ang kaibigan niyang si Mar Roxas,iyun lang po iyon. Kailangan na talaga ng Pilipinas ng isang tunay na lider, isang tunay na lalaki o tunay na babae. Napakaraming tulong ang dumarating, pero nasaan, saan napupunta inunahan pa ni Anderson Copper na dumating sa Tacloban, at sa kahiyahiyang mga sagot ni PNoy sa interview ni Kristina Amampour. PNoy tigilan mo na ang sisihan kung talagang lider ka, ang pagtuunan mo ng konting pagninilay ay ang kamalasan niyong magina sa pagiging pangulo ng bansa, ang administration niyo ay pilit na ibinabagsak ng kalamidad, bakit kaya ? Noong panahon ng iyong ina, malakas na pagsabog ng bulkan Pinatubo, malakas na lindol sa Nueva Ecija, Baguio,ilang bagyo rin ang may lumubog na barko na puno ng pasahero, ikaw PNoy ganoon din kalamidad na sunodsunod, baka kailangang iyong ayaw niyong ipalibing na lider Presidente pa ay ipalibing niyo na sa dapat niyang kahantungan,iwaksi na ang galit sa puso ng bawat isa, baka sakaling lubayan kayo ng kalamidad, ipakita sa mundo na ikaw nga ang Presidente ng Pilipinas PNoy, walang kalaban, walang kinakampihang partido liberal, lahat ay Pilipino, bumalik ka sa Tacloban at ilagay sa ayos ang buhay ng mga nasalanta ng bagyo, kung ang mga inuutusan mo ay puro palpak, ikaw na mismo ang gumawa.

    • Good observation. May nakukuha siguro silang pakinabang kung palaging ganito. Walang pangmatagalang solution.
      Ang Japan nagawan na ng long term solution yan.
      Di naman siguro masamang mangopya kung paano nila nagawa yun.
      Mahirap mag galing galingan pero wala pala talagang maibibigay na matalino
      at epektibong solution.

  17. The Philippine Government, per se, whoever is the sitting Prez – in that Palace by the banks of a stinking Pasig River – is inutile to meet these types of challenging tragedies.


    Well, what the Philippine Government HAS to show is the world renown, decades proven, systematic plunder by her own Leaders, Senators, Congressmen, every branch and fibers of Govt agencies….Any disclaimer for this, is most likely a Bureau of Customs collector-plunderer himself –

    Amen. Lord, have mercy on this god-forsaken, claimed as the only Christian nation of Asia .Hypocrisy is very contagious disease plundering RP like a plague of locust…..FOR MANY, MANY, MANY DECADES SINCE, AND AS WE SPEAK….

  18. The Philippine Weather Bureau should start using the international typhoon name
    instead of creating their own name.

    People are confused and most are not aware that two names refer to the same Typhoon.

    Usually the US NAVY would track the storm 10 to 15 days before it hit the Philippine area of responsibility.By the time the bureau assigned their own name, the typhoon will hit land within a few days. We need warning as early as possible.

    • palagay ko ikaw lang ang hindi nakakaalam ng bagay na yan…
      hindi mo nga din alam na ilang araw pa ay nag-abiso na ang pamahalaan tungkol sa bagyo o super bagyo…

      read kabayan…make some research pag may time…you don’t like to be mislead i am sure…

      i think the article of mr tiglao is maybe better for you…
      with the title “please somebody gag his mouth”

    • @Tenefranco “The Philippine Weather Bureau should start using the international typhoon name nstead of creating their own name”

      Very true. The Philippines if it considers itself a member of the community of nations should adhere to the international name Haiyan, instead of creating its own and standing alone. The name Yolanda does serve only to confuse non-Philippino readers.

  19. I think now more than ever it’s important to keep a close eye on how the President handles this calamity. It serves as evidence on whether he is capable of runnin tgis country WITH DIPLOMACY, WISDOM, and LOVE FOR OUR COUNTRYMEN–none of which he has displayed recently.


  20. naku!wala kayong maasahan kay Pnoy.He is sitting waiting for other countries to help.My god!.Buti na lang hindi ako bomoto sa kanya kundi grabe ang pagsisisi ko ngayon.slow as in very slow and government kun hindi sa mga tulong sa USA at iba pang country cguro 1 year pa bago malinis talaga ang mga lugar na napinsala.ganyan kabagal c Pnoy!

  21. Pnoy was 1 year ahead of me @ Ateneo, I remember him well in 1978 to be my First Sargeant of the Air Force ROTC, Air Police Squadron, talagang walang leadeship iyan I remember Big Rocky Gayares the Corps Commander to usually ball him out for not following instructions so come to think of it and make your own conclusion. What do you expect out of him, Kung sa ROTC nga walang leadership ngayon pa president na. OMG! I have nothing more to say.

  22. Yea the mayor risked his life checking his OWN beach resort. At the time he wasn’t even on the command post if there’s any.

  23. This is one of the worst President Filipino people has ever had. He should just go out there and lend a helping hand and do everything in his power to help the people. When he speaks it seems like his reciting a poem instead of coming from the heart. As usual you are like most politician all you care about is your own interest. Go out there and do your best to help your country men and woman not just talk and talk and talk.

  24. Rose del Rosario on

    I am sharing this. I am a Filipino citizen. I will criticize the president and other government leaders when I see that my fellow countrymen are not getting the attention and services they deserve because of government’s incompetence, so do not tell me to ‘stop doing so and just focus on helping the victims’, because I have already done what I can do for them. I don’t have to mention in detail because it is in poor taste to be ‘bragging’ about what you do for charity. As for the president, much more is expected of him because he is the leader. He should be in control of the situation, he should be quick to decide, he should be smart enough to know that numbers are not the issue, but concrete plans of action and results are of critical importance. He should not be talking about how many dead people are expected, how many relief goods are sent, or how many provinces were affected. He should show more compassion, give hope, encourage unity, ensure action and get results… In other words, LEAD!

  25. So who’s to blame about this PNOY incapacity to lead a nation especially in times catastrophe?..Since the beginning i can feel his unreliable leadership so i didn’t vote to put him in power and i never will..its too late fellows..we should learn from experienced in choosing carefully who will be the next leader of our country!

  26. Really glad I didn’t vote for him last Presidential Election! Such a shame to have a leader like him! PNOY undeniably and clearly showed his AUTISM and shortage of neurons this time! While this “leader” is busy contradicting the exact number of deaths caused by Yolanda, more than half a million Juans are scrounging for food and water! Ayteh! If you can report the correct number of those who died, is it going to bring back the lives lost last week?! If you continue blaming the local governments of areas affected, will it feed and give shelter to the victims?! This is not the time to play BLAME GAME!

  27. if the president is crazy , there are so many drugs in circulation for that sickness …but if he is stupid ? then i am sorry , there are no known cures or drugs to make a stupid person bright…so let the president speak…..

  28. Reynan Del Rosario on

    Mr. President, other nations are more concerned about our situation than our own government. Based on your interview on CNN and report of Anderson Cooper and the BBC, mas nababahala po sila sa kalagayan ng ating mga kababayan. Nandiyan ng ipamukha sa atin na 5 araw na ang lumilipas ngunit hangang ngayon walang maayos na disaster response.

    Kayo po ang Pangulo ng mahal nating Pilipinas. Nasa inyo po lahat ng kapangyarihan at resources. Sabi nga po ninyo sa CNN na bigo ang local government ng Leyte, particular ang Tacloban na magkaroon ng disaster response. Kung makalipas po ang 24 hours pagkatapos ng sakuna at walang agarang action ang lokal na pamahalaan, di po ba ito kayang punan ng pamahalaang national. Di po ba natin naisip na maging mga empleyado ng local government ng Tacloban, mga pulis at bumbero sa city ay nadamay din sa sakuna at baka nawalan ng pamilya?

    Di po baninyo pwdeng tawagin ang mga militar na nasa Mindanao o kaya sa Luzon para tumulong? Sa kasaysayan naman po ng ating bansa, sa panahon ng mga sakuna at kalamidad maging mga labanang idelohiya at armas sa pagitan ng mga Moro o di kaya ay NPA ay nahihinto at lahat ay naka focus kung pano matulungan ang ating mga nasalantang kababayan.

    Pakiusap po mahal na Pangulo, umayos po kayo. Maawa kayo sa ating mga kababayan. At kung sabihin man na 10, 000 ang namatay, wag na kayong magsalita ngg kahit ano pa man at paliitin ang bilang. Pwd naman po sabihin na veneverify pa ang lahat ng bilang ng namataydahil kung sakali na umabot sa 10000 ang namatay o higit pa, sasabihin ng mga mamamayan na sinungaling kayo at isang dakilang tanga na hindi nag iisip at puro dada.

    Sa susunod dinpo ninyong labas sa interview sa tv, sana po makitaan naman kayo ng mukha na nag aalala at nagdadalamhati sa sitwasyon hindi yung medyo naka smile kayo ng “konti lang”. Nakakairita po kasi.

  29. The way the Aquino reacts on the issues against them is a very clear testament of their incapacity to run this nation. People should realize that popularity should never be a politician’s ticket to a government position but rather the purity of their intentions and their sincerity to serve the people and not their personal interest. Noynoy Aquino and the rest of his advisers and supporters are the country’s biggest joke ever.

  30. Certainly, those who are berating much here the those who were not able to help…you better volunteer in DSWD guys to make yourselves useful…

  31. Baka po nakakalimutan na natin na ang isang bansa ay binubuo ng lahat ng mamamayan nito at ng gobyero. Ang kapalaran nito ay hindi lang nakasaalangalang sa gobyero kundi higit lalo na sa mga mamamayan nito. Sabi nga sa isang speech ng isang korean leader mahirap daw ang philippines hindi lang dahil sa uri ng gobyerno mayron ito kundi lalo’t higit rin sa ugali ng mga mamamayan nito. Kulang tayo sa pagmamahal sa sarili nating bansa. Matanong ko nga ilan ba sa inyo ang pipiliing manatili dito sa philippines kung bibigyan kayo ng pagkakataon mamuhay sa ibang bansa ng my magandang trabaho. Ilan sa inyo ang pantay ang pagtingin sa wikang filipino at english. Diba kapag gusto natin magpaimpress wikang english ang ating ginagamit para nga naman magmukha kang matalino at edukado. Hindi ko sinasabing tama ang ginagawa ng gobyero natin sa ngayon, oo marami silang mga pagkakamali pero sana tandaan natin na kung marami man silang pagkukulang ay ganon din karami ang pagkukulang natin. Bago mo tingnan ang dumi sa mukha ng ibang tao tingnan mo muna ang sayo

  32. The government failed the people. We should blame the government because we the people elected them thinking they can show there best in terms of adversity. hayahay man lang mo kung walay problema. The Government failed the Filipino people.

  33. ..abnormal na presidente kasama pa mga cabineti…ano paba ini expect ng taong bayan… mag tulungan nalng lahat wag na ipa ubaya sa kanila..lalamunin lang nila kung ano yong dapat sa mga apektadong biktima…

  34. distribution of foods and water is slow, and nothing for the remote areas. the aids coming from different nations are substantial if it goes to the needy and not for their own pockets. the question is why the president did not mobilize the whole AFP. they must not rely on volunteers cause they are not paid. the whole AFP is substantial for that action and they are paid by the people. this time must be their priority above all, cause there is no war to figth for.

  35. Sino ba ang bumoto sa mga lider natin? Sila rin ngayon ang higit na naapektuhan…kagat ng kagat sa showbiz na plataporma… Kay iyon lahat ng pera galing sa buwis ninakaw para lang may palabas na “pagbabago” (impeachment, etc. etc.)

    Merong mga tumakbong karapatdapat na mamuno. Tulad ni Gibo Teodoro,matalino at competent, pero siyempre di exciting kasi walang drama.

    Vicious cycle lang ito… walang pagbabago… puro kawatan ang senador at congressman, lahat ng nasa gobyerno, all men for themselves…

    Di bale yung nadadale sa mga sakuna happy naman nang iboto nila sina Jinggoy, Bong, Lito Lapid at lahat ng incompetent but flamboyant politicians…

  36. Why are we focusing on this? On what he says? Pointing fingers ans beating the President instead of just focusing on helping or mobilizing people to help the affected people YOURSELF. How about you? What are you doing to help out instead of sitting down and writing this article? I know …. I know…. freedom of speech. I am not a Ninoy loyalist but come on now. This is the difference between citizens of different countries. Instead of supporting your leader, you’re bashing him. There is no time for that now. Focus on how to help and bash whoever you wanna bash later after all these things kinda settles down. He is only human and he gets frustrated. Or you are probably related or are friends to the Romualdezes or some of those govt officials… ahh Philippines….

    • How can you support a leader who, all this time, plays the blame game?
      Imagine yourself as a crew of a certain fastfood chain and it is your first time to accidentally mess up the preparation of an ordered spaghetti. The customer complained. But instead of replacing that spaghetti immediately, the manager focused on blaming you. Asking you all the steps you did in preparing that spaghetti. Figuring out what went wrong. Keeping the hungry customer waiting as he/she hopes that it would be replaced as soon as possible.

      The looting issue has been raised by a businessman couple of days ago. And what did he respond? Now, see what just happened today -Chaos. No sufficient military forces are still visible in that area.

      It is in human nature to be kind and extend help to others. How can you be so sure that the writer did not extend help to the victims. He might have done what-you-are-asking-for already. He can do it before, during, or even after this article was written.

      “…There is no time for that now. Focus on how to help and bash whoever you wanna bash later after all these things kinda settles down. ”
      – I guess you need to tell this to the President.

    • Seriously? No one’s focusing on bashing the President. But he needs to be alerted or maybe even pushed to be the president that our country needs now – an intelligent working president to deal with this crisis and not just someone who walks in ‘daang matuwid’.

    • That is precisely what he is pointing out.

      Who should be on top of this?
      Somebody who has the power to mobilize organized actions in providing what needed to be addressed. It is the president or his alter ego. He is accountable for all these things.

      Was sending the police and the military right away days after the typhoon NOT his job directly of indirectly? This is a civil defense job
      to maintain peace and order, damage assessment, while setting up organized relief operations, rescue and retrieval of the survivors or the dead, and medication for those who are sick. This is above the local leaders because they have run out of resources.

      Obviously, he was disappointed that the “Risk Reduction” campaign did not serve its purpose.

      What saddens me is the way he conveniently (the president) play a blame game.
      Do the victims deserve his apathy!
      What I need is a president who has a strong character but not rude and has a heart in the right place to understand the situation so he can do his job right. We are his boss!

    • and how about you Sir? ano po ang nagagawa nyo ngayon? at least kami, we are now donating and doing some voluntary works like repacking and soliciting some more donations na maipadala sa mga survivors. and we are voicing out our frustrations also just like your president, tao lang din kami na nafrustrate din. Ako ay nangangamba na kung sakaling sa atin mangyari ang ganitong sakuna, I don’t know how will I handle my depression and disappointments in having such an incompetent president.. :-( Sorry, in times like this, we really need a strong and working government who will guide, organize, and settle the needs of the depressed survivors.

    • What the nation’s leader says and does are very important in calamities like this. An effective leader can calm and inspire you while an uncaring, indecisive one will further bury you in your sorry state.
      A simple encouraging word will light up the face of a victim while insensitive comments will cause much despair.
      It is important that people know what kind of leader they have.

    • Joy Lao you don’t know anything, so shut your trap! My family is in Tacloban right now! They are in grave suffering, although it’s good I still have communication with them so I can pull them out of the city. I grew up in Tacloban, and it’s disheartening to see these people reduced to animals. A lot of people in Tacloban are educated, and value education. We are people who have high dignity, and take pride in being Waray. What the president is doing to us is not acceptable! You say support the president? What are you talking about? Will y’all just support the president for not supporting us?? Yes, he is very much human. Which is why he not only gets frustrated, but he also schemes and play politics. This is not the right time for him to show that side though. What he needs to show is a human side who empathizes and uplifts the spirit of his people. The people in Tacloban are also Filipinos with the constitutional right to eat, be clothed, sheltered, and live a dignified life! All of these he seem to not care about. Let’s face it, Noynoy is a failure.

    • Oh come on Joy Lao – I AM HELPING – and you do not even know how and where…. even if I am not President. He is President – HE SHOULD NOT BE POINTING FINGERS – esp at local governments. WE ARE TAXPAYERS we should criticize to help government perform.

    • he’s telling the truth. your President is not doing anything. if you go to tacloban, all the relief goods are just in storage inside the airport and only the militaries are benefitting from it.

      people deserve to hear the truth while the government are hiding it from the Filipinos. lies cannot cure the situation. the president should know that his insensitive and inaction as a statesman is making the people angry.

    • I am with you on this. The writer above you is an anti everything on what the government do or Aquino does to get more attention on his articles.

    • They say don’t give much attention to this and just focus on helping our countrymen. But I say, give full attention to this Government being disorganized and lack of direction so that maybe, just maybe, we might learn a lesson come election time that these things doesn’t happen again. Imagine, after 5 days, the Government is just starting to draw out a master plan on what to do. And the President said that the reason is because of the local government hasn’t been much help. How in the world can you expect the local government people down to the barangays to be of help when they themselves are victims of the typhoon. You should have brought-in people and equipment from the outside of the province. Put all the resources of the Armed Forces and if that is not enough get equipment from the private sector

    • Ysabelle Onandia on

      There is such a thing as command responsibility of which up to this time we haven’t seen from our president. Complaints against the president are reflections of our frustrations that NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE AND PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!!! As the leader of the nation we expect action instead we see inaction…we have every right to voice out our disgust in this administration for poorly handling this devastation.

  37. Nov. 13, 2013

    Mr. Tiglao,

    Malinaw na malinaw na Team P’noy ay Palpak na palpak o isang malaking Itlog ang
    iskor kung paano ang naging reaksyon sa Leyte, Samar at iba pa. Dapat nating tandaan na kung baga masyado na ang eksperyensiya nila sa malalaking Kalamidad
    na sinapit ng bansa sa panahon ni P’noy. Magaling sila sa poblisidad at pagsisinungaling. Sa pangunguna ni SND Gazmin kitang kita ng kawalan ng tamang pagpapaplano. Nauna rito nakita ko paano nila ipinagyabang sa DND
    ang modernization na may darating na raw sa binili nilang huey Chopper bago
    pa mag eleksyon na tutulong daw para gamitin ng comelec. Luma ng helicopter
    matapos ipagyabang wala naman pala. Ang binili ngayon jet trainer na hindi magamit sa ganitong pagkakataon.

    Pansinin natin na matapos ang malakas na Bagyo bumilang pa ng ilang araw bago
    nakita natin ang national leader o gabinete sa tacloban. Pnoy ang nag pa pogi sa
    TV para magbigay babala sa malakas na bagyo, di ba dapat sila ang naghanda
    para sa logistic build-up ng malapit sa lugar, man power, at iba pang pangangailangan. Ilang C130 meron ang afp under gazmin, kitang kita after 3 yrs niya iisa wala na. Puro hangin ang laman ng kaniloang pahayag na mas malakas
    pa kaysa Yolanda. Si “pinky” Soliman, pilit na dinidepensahan ang mga kasinungalingan ng hanay nila.

    May dumating na Hungarian medical Contigent sa NAIA, inabot ng 6 na oras
    sa airport wala man lang ni isa man para ituro saan sila mag coordinate. Dapat
    si Gazmin sipain na, dahil hindi kaya ng kaniyang utak para pamunuan ang
    ganyan sitwasyon. Kundi dumating ang US group at iba pa kawawa ang bayan..


    • Question lang po, may nagawa kana ba para sa ating mga kababayan?

      Bakit hindi ka nalang magvolunteer para naman may maitulong ka at mapabilis pa ang pagtulong sa mga nasalanta :)

    • Wala nmng ginawa yan kundi pumuna kay pinoy ..wala nmng nagagawa just adding the fire to have intense hit..
      .I know this the kind of blunder he’s waiting to have make a lot of noise..where are Binays , the vice president ? Do you mentioned it here? Those sacred names of president basher? Not a hint ..I’m not pinoy followers but pls..put a gag of you mouth or atleast be one who’s supporting the leader who’s putting their mind in this gargantuan task of saving fellow citizen
      Your in your best seat as your picture says here…maybe its time for you to roll your sleeves and smell the reality!!

  38. You people respond as it’s easy to manage the entire nation! I agree Ninoy Aquino may have acted like he was blaming the local government. I agree with Chiopago, the man is frustrated. How would you’ feel if you got struck with a tragedy and two calamities in a row? Ang problema kasi nating mga pilipino ay reklamo lang tayo ng reklamo. Assist na lang tayo and lets help the victims recover this very sad fate… Peace!

    • Hindi ka ba nanood ng interview kay PNoy? In answering questions na napanood ko sa CNN, hindi ko nakita ang sincerity at compassion. Wala! He was blaming the local government for not moving. Paano makakakilos kung na-washout sila? The National government should act on this and quick! Ang dami nang nagpaabot ng donation pero kaunti ang nakakarating sa nangangailangan! Kung hindi gumagana ang unang plan, he should have a plan B or another plan. Kulang sa stratehiya… Kung tinatanong mo kung nakatulong na ako, OPO!

    • Agree… Panay reklamo nalang.. Samantalang sila nakaupo lang panay reklamo pa.. Sana tumulong nalang sila.. :)

    • On the contrary, hindi reklamador ang karamihan sa Pilipino. Matiisin na tayo since time in memorial. Our rich history can attest to that.

      Hindi siya naging presidente para hindi maging epektibong lider.
      Hindi na makukuha sa delegation lahat.
      He has to know his job well.
      Kailangan din may sariling MATALINONG pagiisip.

      This is a classic example when no one leads or one leads ineffectively.
      Kailangan talaga ng leader na tatayo para makakilos tayo ng iisa ang maaachieve–ang matulungan na makarecover ang mga victims in the meantime and then later magkaroon ng long-term solution para di na ito maulit. And then proactively plan for us na di nasalanta para di naman mangayari din sa atin ito. Paano nga pala kung sa lugar natin nangyari ito.

      Japan has expertise pagdating sa disaster, nakita natin kung gaano sila ka kalmado noong nalindol sila. Dahil taon taon ay mayroon silang disaster drill. At alam nila na may mga resources sila pagkatapos ng disaster dahil sinisiguro ng government nila yan. We can ask their experts to help us
      formulate our own disaster management system. Our government can pay for their services. Marami pala tayong pera at ngayon ko lang nalaman. Ginagasta lang ng di tama. Ang masaklap napupunta pa sa wala.

      Sa mga dumadating na mga tulong at pledge galing sa ibang bansa. Presidente pa rin ang tatanggap nito. Kaya ngayon palang ay dapat alam na natin kung paano ito babantayan.

      But for now lets do what we can to add to the relief of our brothers and sisters in the Visayas. Let’s stay positive.

    • Kaya walang pagbabago kasi walang nagrereklamo. The reason why our govt officials are so incompetent is because we tolerate their behavior. We make excuses for them, we don’t demand the service and dedication that our people and our country deserve.If only we had criticized and penalized the ineptitude of our officials long before this calamity, maybe we could have forced our public officials to perform better, maybe we might have better results now. The management our country is entrusted to our government, but the people seemed to have forgotten that we also have the responsibility to safeguard the interest of the Filipino people. We should always look out for the incompetent and the corrupt and make them accountable for their actios. We can’t be passive all the time, especially at a time like this when we badly needed strong leadership.

  39. I hope this serves as an example of how incompetent and unreliable our government is and next election we should be more careful on who we choose to be the decision maker of our country.

    • I have made the right choice when I campaigned for our president is my own little way. HE DEFINITELY HAS BROUGHT CHANGE TO OUR NATION. NO OTHER PRESIDENT COULD HAVE DONE BETTER, AT LEAST IN MY 26 YEARS..

      May nagawa kana ba para maibsan at least yong problema sa Tacloban??

    • Is this the first time you realized it? Your a joke! All these senatong, all this tongressman, all these dynasty from locals to congress to senates whom fooled and buy us during elections.. that’s what we are getting…still begging
      We should better place now on earth..if we dnt have these robbers in our government
      Let them be poor and beg us and they remember us during election….I rest my case

  40. PNOY government is so disorganized and ill-prepared in dealing with the destruction brought by typhoon holocaust Yolanda. But on the contrary, the group of politicians and the rest of his cabinet members are most sophisticated and well-organized in looting the nation’s coffers.

  41. he really is incompetent, he just do this (blame game) to cover up for it. How can they help the areas devastated by the typhoon when customs want to tax German donations…How the hell can they think of this when Central Visayas is in chaos close to a zombie apocalyptic situation. Next thing you know Pnoy will blame the dead in Tacloban for being dead! It has been stated before and it has become evident now..we have a moron for a leader.

  42. You know what irks me most? Just this afternoon, Cabinet Secretary Almendras came out and declared that after a long Cabinet meeting, they have realized that they will be organizing the largest logistical operations done in history. That’s five days after to realize that!

    Three days after the typhoon, Leyte was placed on a State of Calamity, with Iloilo being declared such a day before. I don’t mean to belittle the agony that other provinces had to suffer and I understand that there must be at least information that a place suffered a certain degree of catastrophe to be declared such. But I think looking down at Tacloban from a C130 is enough information to justifiably declare that, yes, that place down there is in a terrible state of calamity.

    It’s like our government officials is going through the 5 stages of grieving and never moving on from denial.

    I would like to excuse the President a little because of his mild autism. But not his Cabinet or his speechwriters.

  43. Frank Gerald Dumo on

    Sana lang mapunta talaga sa mga biktima ang mga pondong galing sa ibang bansa. Para sa kanila ang pondo na iyon.

  44. sa ngayon wala ng magagawa dahil ibinoto na iyan at naka upo so pagtiyagaan na lang.pag medyo na settle na itong trahedya sa visayas pag ukulan ng pansin kong paano iyan paaalisIn or sa darating na election nobody should vote coming from LP(LIARS PROTETOR) or endorse by LP(LOKONG PRESIDENTE)

  45. pnoy is busy retaliating to all those he believes put his family down one way or another. that is his main thing, his passion, revenge. why? because he is mentally short of some neurons. he should eat more dark chocolate to uplift his mind. Instead of mending the nation when he took over, he wanted to send everyone to prison. hallelujah! what was the name of his psychiatrist in the US> did his group know about all this when they agreed to field him as president? his mental set cannot be moved by anyone. once he says this is it, that is it! once he says his friend is not guilty, then he is not guilty. that is the president we have, sorry folks. we should have scrutinized our candidates more closely instead of being carried away by the yellow ribbons. next time maybe.

  46. This president is lucky the storm hadn’t struck the capital and its environs because the way he is responding to the crisis he is stoking a public uprising against him.After so many crisis he faced he is still so inept and petty.Anyway I have observed that there is a need to revive the ROTC program in the universities so that in a calamity of a scale that has just happened the government could tap a large pool of manpower to call upon to undertake a massive rescue and rehabilitation effort.The regular military and police forces could then concentrate on securing the devastated areas as we have seen the effort to bring much needed supplies to the victims has been hampered by the breakdown of peace and order.As much also as there are many volunteer groups the effort is not centralised and coordinated.And also the rescue effort requires a military scale endeavour but unfortunately there does not seem to be a presence of competent and sufficient number of such persons in this regime.I am not advocating militarism here but competent handling of the crisis.Much as the private sector,foreign governments and local and international relief agencies are helping it is still the national government who will bear the responsibility of the major task ahead.

  47. athena victoria on

    wag ng kumuda…GUMAWA…that’s the best thing that we can do…people who are lucky enough to not experience the trauma are already doing their share by helping organizations in bringing in used clothes, canned goods, and other needs…kahit konting sentimo basta makakatulong…so sana presidente aquino…tigilan mo na din ang kasasatsat….madaling kausap ang mga pilipino…makita lng namen na dinalan mo ng makakain, tubig, gamot, damit ang mga nasalanta…pwede ka naming purihin…same way if you’ll just shut up and instead start walking the walk and talking the talk….

    • Mr. Tiglao was NOT pointing fingers. he was analyzing the statements of P-Noy over television which is NOT helping the situation any. He is helping Tacloban by asking P-Noy to shut up because his statements will just agitate the victims. I am not a victim of of super-typhoon Yolanda and I am already incensed by the puerile statements of P-Noy!

    • He’s not pointing fingers… He’s trying to stop the president from doing exactly that.

    • Everybody is doing that already. But nothing through our government has reached tacloban yet because PNoy is busy pointing fingers…mr tiglao is only proposing that somebody gag him.

    • help is not an issue. It’s the government that doesn’t do anything is the issue. 6 days and no motion. heller!?

    • So many people are helping INCLUDING those you say are “pointing” fingers. He is President – you expect people to point fingers at him – not to be onion-skinned. As President he should process these “criticisms”, learn from them and find out how he can do better. He should take them as constructive.
      But wait – who started pointing fingers, anyway – isn’t this what he has been doing all along.
      AND again, is he President of the nation called the Philippines – or only of the yellow team? where is the Phil flag on his lapel? I only see a yellow ribbon – Pls. not especially at this time – there should not be yellow, orange, or green – just the Phil flag. Is this how a President should act?

    • people from the press gave an immediate reaction on the statement of the president…to gag the mouth of pnoy, there is also a blame game, another is insensitive president, and boy sisi…

      what do they think they are doing?…do they think they are helping?…it is not…some of them served in the government for so many years (maybe not in the cabinet but at least for PR)…did they have done better…did our lives progressed? is corruption eradicated in fact it was worst then…it should be some of the people in media should gag their mouth…they should have used their column to call for more help and assistance…write article on how to boost peoples feelings and most especially allotting/designating at least a portion of their column for giving information to the families and relatives of those who survived in the calamity…

      remember that the government made an advance information and warning for the possible effect of the super typhoon…but some local government did not do their responsibilities…the focus and objective of the government was “0” casualties or just a few fatalities if cannot be prevented…

  48. I believe the one who wrote this should be the President of the Philippines then, and everyone else who thinks he is not a good leader. I suppose they know how to be one by reading their comments alone. :) Go

    • If “the one who wrote this” may not become a good president, I do believe he will be better than the one we have right now. All he does is put the blame on others.

    • mia marie balili on

      why? are you satisfied with your President? If you are installed as a leader, then it means you are better or good than the others. Reading the comment against the president, Yes I say the commentator has more brains than the president, and if today is election day I would rather vote for this commentator than that lousy President

    • there is no good leader if there are people being paid to discredit the one in the position because their intention is to bring to the lime light those who are in the opposition…ang sabi nga ng pangulo sa kaniyang nakaraang statement…na ito ay utos ng isang matandang kaalyadong politiko…kung di nyo magawang bumango, pabahuin na lang ninyo lahat, kung di nyo magawang gumwapo, papangitin nyo rin lahat at kung di ninyo magawang maging maaisaayos ay guluhin na lang ang lahat…kaya heto tayo…tayo mismo ang nagpapabagsak sa ating sariling bayan…sino sa palagay ninyo ang nararapat manungkulan…mayroon bang tapat…mayroon bang batid nating hindi magnanakaw o mas uunahin ang personal na interes…kailangan tayo..lahat tyo ng ating bayan…tayo lang ang magtutulungan…naririyan na at nagsisimula ng magtiwala ang maraming bansa sa mithiin ng pamahalaan…ang kailangan na lamang ay tayong isang bayang nagkakaisa…

      kung sabagay kung ang may akda ng kantang magkaisa…nasaan na nga ba…sana ay magkaisa pa rin ang timbre ng kanilang panunungkulan at hindi at mang-isa…

  49. A leader is one who knows how to steer his government to organize how to come up with plans, strategies, follow-ups on the people already suffering from the trauma of losing loved ones, injuries, hunger, loss of homes, livelihood, a battered body and soul with only the willingness to survive each day. Whereas the international community and all other Filipinos join hands to help whatever is left on the devastation of Leyte, Bohol, Cebu, Samar, and other places, WHERE AND WHAT IS THE PRESIDENT and his cabinet doing to steer the movement of rescue operations? BLAME GAME is the way he puts a chaotic situation escalate into a hate and riot community. I have no respect nor tolerance for a leader who cannot even stand up and sincerely involve himself in a devasation of such a big scale! I feel so sorry for my compatriots to have a leader who has no feelings nor compassion for his countrymen. His speech belie the fact that is unfolding on the tv screen. Is he aware of what he is talking about? I choose to give and contribute to GMA 7 Kapuso, other charitable/private institutions, offer prayers and give my unselfish time to help than listen to a heartless speech, empty of meaning and not in tune to the people’s sufferings. We should have been more prepared as we are prone to calamities everytime. That is the first priority of the government. The military and the other government agencies should be tapped to do the necessary preparations like mobilization, shelter, food distribution, health and medical work, etc. These agencies can work together and plan the strategies in a calamity/disaster that beset our country. We do not need a lot of unmeaningful speeches. Plan, organize and move! No blame games!

  50. 5 days in and still no concrete plans from the government. no point person, no refugee camps setup. I dare say this, whoever is running the relief operations from the gov’t side has no common sense. Yes I am criticizing whoever is in charge and before you say things like “stop bashing officials, do your part instead” I AM DOING my part. I just dont show it here on my wall. If you ask me if i can do a better job and come up with a better plan, YES I CAN.

    If you don’t like me criticizing our leaders feel free to un friend me if you want. This post is not for you. Im hoping this will reach whoever is in charge and knock some sense into them.

    Tacloban, Leyte and all the other areas in the nearby islands flattened by Yolanda will be unlivable for 2 months+. We all know that, power water wont be coming back soon and its going to be a logistical nightmare to bring the donations to the survivors day in and day out.

    *Common sense will tell you it would be better to setup a Refugee camp / TENT city ( since the world has already raised close to $1B ) outside of the city or nearby islands ( eg cebu has a very big SRP lot open ) and bring everyone out. It would be easier to identify the surivors and feed them and connect them with their loved ones. Why would you want our countrymen to walk 3 hours just to get a signal to contact loved ones and walk back home again, why would you them to walk to food and go back to a home thats already destroyed and might collapse on them. IN SHORT, WHY WOULD YOU WANT OUR COUNTRYMEN TO LIVE IN A PLACE THATS UNLIVABLE FOR THE NEXT 2 MONTHS???

    *In the meantime it would be EASIER to have a clearing team ( army / marines / voluneteers) to clear the debris and get the dead bodies out while the whole place is evacuated. Get them back in asap once its clear.

    *Identiy goods that are considered top priority for donations and have DTI slash their prices to wholesale instead of retail. ( Yes i said slash not freeze ) Cheaper items = more donations. Cheaper items = more volume for the retail outlets and they still make a small margin. Times like these HUMANITY must come first, Profit should be the last thing on our mind.

    • Hi Bobi,

      Very well said. You are correct to all the points you made. I salute you for helping out without announcing it. I hope you don’t mind if I re-post your message to my FB account.

      Thanks and may God help our country.

    • walk the talk, your plan looks good on paper. Why don’t you go to Tacloban and see if you can easily apply your “better” plan.

    • Agree to all of the points in your comment. Somebody send this message to whoever is in charge on the relief operations for the typhoon victims.

    • This is what I mean in my above comments. I work in an international organization in Geneva, Switzerland and we plan, organize, simplify work no matter how complicated it starts out. This President does not even have a clear plan on how to mobilize his government. The help from other countries have arrived and still coming , and he does not even have a clear and organized way nor created ” think tanks” or committees to do the necessary contingency planning for the upcoming days and months – for the survivors, for the dead, for the donations, for plans about the displaced people. I fully agree with your suggestions. You should have been a part of the mobilization teams. As mentioned in my earlier comment, the military, medical teams, food and shelter teams should have been created utilizing the different branches or agencies of the government. I’ve been a staff of an international organization in Switzerland for the past 23 years working with very highly organized teams. I lament the fact that our country is run by an incompetent leader who opts to do speeches rather than mobilize his team and use his head before he opens his mouth!

    • Ambot, this is an excellent plan only a leader can do with the vast resources at his disposal. You have displayed your “obstructionist” attitude to the fullest.

    • Bring up your recommendation with the government officials and not on this forum where all the haters and government bashers converge. Not all this people from Toclaban would leave their city or barangays this is not wartime it is a calamity, so people would rather rebuild than leave their hometown.

  51. blaire ejercito on

    Mr.Aquino is the President , 7100 islands are under his watch. He is the commander in chief. Failure of any govt unit is his failure. As a leader he is accountable more than his subordinates. This is not definitely the time to point fingers and play the blame game , most of all “politicking”.. we are talking about human lives here, in the thousands and not just some statistics for reporting.. People are hurting.. starving .. The best thing to do as a leader is to rally your people to stand up, and work as one filipino and move as one nation..

    • I agree. The President should’ve been in Tacloban the first opportunity to assess the damages and casualties. He failed his countrymen.

    • I respect you opinion…but you can’t blame everything on one person and I guess it is unfair to blame the government in this kind of tragedy there is so much a government can do and not that they are not doing anything at all…maraming obstacles na Hindi tinitignan ng News media, they want to sensationalize their reporting of course..Not just because it’s Anderson Cooper who is reporting, that people started hating the government, since day 1 I noticed Their crew and their cameras are focusing and criticising how bad the situation is and how slow the response is but with the scope and logistics I would understand the governments side as well. It is the worlds strongest typhoon same thing happened to Hurricane Katrina ,..just my 2 cents. Good day.

    • then why did we elect barangay officials, mayors and councilors, governors and board members and congressmen…they represent their own localities, they have vow to serve their constituents, they are the bridge for social services, public infrastructures, safety, security and protection in all aspect within the premises of their areas of responsibility and public information…that is LOCAL GOVERNMENT they have the dictate of their own responsibilities as official…

  52. ThunderousCloud on

    i’ve never seen a president blame eveyone else, but not his incompetence. am afraid, we will see more of BS tantrums for 3 more years.

    • Why would you blame yourself if you are the president? What a moronic statement..blame yourself for being so negative and hateful period.

  53. What else is new? I won’t be surprise if one day, PNoy will put blame for all of these to Gloria Arroyo. Wanna bet?

    • Roberto Magtanum on

      We are the best when it comes to criticism Specially in destructive way. Sa ganitong situation nang Pilipinas anong naibigay ninyong tulong?

      Iyan, PABIGAT at hindi paangat. Balik PULITIKA ang usapan at ayaw pang mag pakilala.

      Hindi na kayo nagsawa sa kahirapan?

      Be a Part of the Solution and not ADDITIONAL PROBLEM of the PHILIPPINES. PLEASE!!!

      ANO ang TULONG ninyo ang Tanong?

  54. This is a disgrace. The Phillippine govt should be embarassed that outside countries are providing more relief that they can. In fact, the u.s. army is frustrated with the Phillippine govt for not trying hard enough. This is embarassing.

    • show me the proof about your comment…if you can then i will believe you…ikaw ba ano ang naitulong mo so i will not be embarrassed to you too…check first your spelling baka ang US Army pa ang mabwisit…

  55. Romeo M. Menorca on

    Do you think that will all these unkind (unsolocited) remarks, Mr. Aquino will now be moved to do what is right? That he and his men/women will start to perform more positive actions? Hindi pa rin ba kayo/tayo nagsasawa o napapagod?Its too late in the day, don’t you think?

    Besides Mr. Aquino needs to acquire some basic skills in Leadeship & Management – and when he has, hopefully he would be able to appreciate and/or understand what people think and say about his weaknessess, shortcomings, etc…

  56. Where in the World could you find a Country boasting itself to be on its way to Economic boom, good performing economic gains, rising tiger ‘DAW” ng Asia – iyon pala Dalawa(2) lang ang operational na C-130s, iyong other two ay disabled at ni -re -refit pa ‘Daw” ng improvised parts and equipment. I was once associated with the US DoD, Based in Bahrain and Singapore and we know very well this C-130’s are reliable military aircraft, in the war front as well as humanitarian missions….Bakit Walang sapat na C-130’s ang Pilipinas? ITANONG NINYONG LAHAT SA MGA MAGNANAKAW NA AFP Generals, POLITIKO’NG PINOY, ma-Senador man iyan, ma -Kongresaman, Gobernador, Mayor, Customs Collector,blah, blah,blah…to the lowly Barangay Kagawad in the far flung hinterlands of the countryside…

    • You can’t buy all these hardwares that you are looking for in 2 years of good economy and 3 years with mr. Aquino. But with years of corruption we should have the best equipped military in the world. Peace.

    • From what I’ve read, the Philippines Air Force has a total of 3 older C-130s (in pictures they have 4 blades on each propeller) while the US Marine Corp, the smallest branch of the US military, was able to fly in 2 modern KC-130s from Japan within a day (the ones with 6 blades). and has dozens more coming, along with larger C-17 jet transports from the U.S. Air Force that can also land at Tacloban and other small airports.

    • Showbiz tayo e… people can’t can’t distinguish real life from fantasy… we don’t vote competent leaders, we vote performers…

  57. While no good ever comes from a revolution – that is, after all, how we ended up with the other Aquino maladministration – we can no longer afford to have Aquino acting as a squatter in Malacanang.

    This is a time when all of the resources of the government need to be mobilised with someone clearly in charge. And what do we have? A vacancy at the top.

    Aquino’s cabinet or the military need to remove him completely from the scene. We cannot afford to have him any longer. He’s an Aquino so corruption is always going to be his thing but we cannot afford his incompetence any more.

    Remove him, by fair means or foul.

  58. this is not the time to just keep on talking. this is the time to take action to help the people who needs them. but sadly, it seems that talking is all the president is capable of doing.

  59. Numerical degradation of super typhoon Yolanda’ s casualties will fail to mollify the Filipino and international communities’ media-enhanced perception of this administration’s incompetence in addressing disasters and their immediate effects. Five days after the onslaught of Yolanda, government’s presence, much less its pro-active rendering of basic services – relief efforts in terms of food, water, medicines, basic sanitation facilities, rudimentary shelter, burial of decomposing bodies, restoration of peace and order and electricity, etc – remains elusive. It has been left to international organizations and the US military to fill up the void. It’s no wonder Foreign Policy magazine has consistently listed the Philippines as a FAILED STATE these past five years.

  60. It was in the news that the Typhoon will produce up to 6 meters of storm surge.Compare that to Tacloban’s elevation above sea level and it is practically given that the whole City will be under water.This current President is one of the lamest President there is. Worse than his Mother.His Senate is focusing on Napoles trials instead of putting it on hold because there are better things to prioritize than that case.This man does not know how to be poor therefore he cannot relate to what is being experienced by the poor people of his country. He is indeed a brat in Tantrum.He has not said a word that would energize and inspire his people kahit lugmok na sila. Anyway what would you expect from a guy that seem to be lacking in testosterone. I agree with this writing 100%.I hate Philippine politics! and What Binoy is doing right now is politicking instead of working and being as one Filipino Nation.Let us set aside political divide, religious differences, organizational conflicts and unite as one Nation in times like this.

  61. Thank you for this article. It would have been better if Pres. Aquino went to Leyte and Samar to see the extent of devastation and the hungry people shouting for help instead of just talking and talking.

    • Apparently, aquino did go to tacloban and made a little speech there, but instead of finishing his speech, he stopped and just distributed a few bottles of water and left. its sad how someone with a prestigious title and family can be so uncaring and indifferent towards fellow filipinos in need.

  62. Please somebody gag the misdirected mind of Tiglao. . Better for him and for the nation in this time of crisis.

    • at ikaw ano sa palagay mo ang sarili mo…dahil di ka kakampi ng administrasyon kaya ganyan din ang saloobin mo…i do respect your comments and feelings towards the current situation…

      isa pa…mali pala ang hanapin ang magnanakaw sa gobyerno…mali ang matunton ang nangurakot sa mga opisyal at halal ng bayan…mali din ang tanggalin sa puwesto ang mga tiwaling appointee…

      hindi ito paraan ng sisihin ang kung sinuman…kundi ang malaman natin kung sino ang hindi tumupad na kanilang tungkulin…

      ngayon batid mo ng di kumilos ang ilang lokal na pamahalan na sinalanta ng bagyo…ano ang komento mo…

      kung ikaw ay isang manager at iniutos mo na ideliver ng iyong sekretary ang napakaimportanteng dokumento (at inulito mo pa ito ng makailang beses at ibinilin ang kahalagahan nito) ano ang iyong magiging palagay…kasalanan mo ba ito??? marhil kasalanan mo dahil yan ang pananaw mo sa ibang tao…

    • pahabol na mensahe…

      ang iniutos mo sa iyong sekretarya ay hindi niya ginawa…ito ba ay pagkukulang mo…bkit mo pa ito iuutos kung ikaw din ang gagawa nito…ang command responsibility ay hindi lamang dapat paitaas…dapat nating tandaan na ang bawat isa ay may responsibilidad…

  63. I have to agree with you on this. But he is no different to any presidentbefore him. Every politician will use everything at hand in this country for their own good. The mentality needs to change 1st & formost. But its not easy to change a mentality that has been ingrained in you since birth. The priority for the government was to make sure relief could get in there the minute the storm relented, with both shelter for the homeless & food & water for all. Medical supplies & extra staff as im sure they are over run with casulties of all sorts, that is what pnoy should do, he could always when its all back to normal then look at what if anything was done wrong or could be improved.

  64. Voice from the Wilderness on

    The latest news is that NDRRMC has barred media from covering their meetings. Isn’t this latest move from the agency the offshoot of this Abnoy President’s childish outburst that may be repeated again considering the magnitude of problems that he has to confront at this time?

  65. Louie de Belen on

    Ano pa nga ba ang maasahan ng mamayang Pilipino sa isang lider “daw” na kulang sa pag-iisip at wala ng ginawa kundi manisi sa kung sinu-sino. He can’t even take responsibility of what’s going on during his term.

    • kulang pala sa pag-iisip ang isang taong ang isa sa intensyon ay ang hanapin at habulin ang mga tiwali at magnanakaw sa pamahalaan…

  66. ganyan ka arrogant and irresponsible ang taong yan. walang pakialam sa kapwang tao.
    pero.. kasalanan din ng mga tao…binoto sya.

  67. Ninoy Aquino, you have to do more , do not try but try doubly hard. Your bosses are suffering. No water, food or shelter. Have your cabinet members do more. Especially clearing roads with debris, burying dead citizens to avoid health hazards that it can bring to the survivors. Stop Noynoying. Fast track Napoles conviction and spend her kurakots for the typhoon victims. First, sequester unexplained wealth of those involved and afterwards, convict them. It is going in snail phase.

    • this is not NINOY AQUINO the people knew…. his father would batter him for his STUPIDITY if he’s still alive…you’re a shame to your fathers name…

  68. Right on the money… worst president of Philippines in history. MARCOS Will be an angel in comparison, thats how bad he is.

    • review your history especially during the marcos regime (you must be young at age)…just one information for you and a reminder…billions of pesos from the recovered money from the ill-gotten wealth of the marcoses were paid as compensation to the human rights victims…is this enough for you to know what kind of life does filipinos had especially during the martial law era…

      you may not know also that you cannot make any comment much more to post/express your feeling such as this to any kind of media (tv, internet, leaflets, journals and to mention all kinds of media)…you better ask the person you are favoring (mr tiglao)…

  69. Why does President Aquino NOT bring along Vice-President Binay to visit the Tacloban disaster area? Is he afraid Binay will upstage him and Mar Roxas? He may need Binay’s help when Noynoy is no longer president.

    • why did not you ask…what is binay doing…he is the vice president…he has his own funds and allocations…

  70. The President is not only vindictive but also blames these Local Government Officials that they did not prepare for the “Supper Typhoon”. Of course they prepared even if am not there. Who did expect that the typhoon is that magnitude? It is like the Tsunami that happened years before. I think it is the character of the President to blame anybody but himself for things like these.

    He even blames President Arroyo for low popularity rating.
    Now, he blames the Local Government Officials for not doing their job or prepare for this disaster. Why not blame Secretary Roxas – the Boss of these Local Government Officials. Or better still why not blame Himself, since he is the boss.

    If only he did not spend the billions of pesos just to impeached a man he doesn’t want – then we should a lot of money for these victims.

    I agree with you he should be gagged because it is not helping these victims. Better keep silent, if you only blame others. No body like this catastrophic event. Kung ang tao ay mamatay na because of what is happenings – you will panic.

  71. I’m writing from the US and have been closely following the news since I have friends on Leyte who I cannot contact since the typhoon. While the United Nations is estimating more than 10,000 have died, I was surprised to hear that President Aquino downplayed those estimates to a CNN reporter and said the toll is closer to 2,000. This is not a time to downplay the situation. Many people have died and more will die if help does not come in time. My prayers for everyone affected by the typhoon.

  72. may ann tobias on

    this is the kind of president people voted..
    imbes na unahin niya ang kapakanan ng taong-bayan inuuna pa ang paninisi.
    kasalanan ba ng mga ROMUALDEZ ang napakalaking storm surge at ganon kagrabe ang epekto sa TACLOBAN? hello mr. president? tao ka ba? nagtatanong lang kasi mukha kang walang puso.
    palibhasa kamag-anak ni IMELDA ang mga taga TACLOBAN kaya gumagawa ka ng isyu mo sa kanila

  73. zaldy n. sabino on

    Mr. Tiglao – with all due respect, before you make any comments or write anything I am asking you to go down in the field – Tacloban City right now and give a hands to help our countrymen.

    This is NOT the time to find faults one another but rather it is the time to be one in purpose to get all of you in the area to help them who desperately needs your help right now. Give them a hand please…all of you in the media, press, politician, businessmen/women. Get out in your comfort zone and show your love and desire to help our fellowmen – the Filipino.

    Very respectfully,

  74. Mr. Tiglao, here are some comments of your article today: Firstly, when the statements came out attacking Tacloban City officials as ” incompetent and lazy”, believe me, King PNoy was only describing himself. Second, it is also observed that there was never a narrative in the papers and TV/Radio networks the activities of Rojas and Gazmin, before and when Yolanda struck Tacloban. Where were these two and what were their activities? Maybe they were hiding or protecting themselves from possible death. If they were doing the job they are supposed to do, they should relate them in the manner how your fellow columnist Erwin Tulfo narrated his blow-by-blow account of his experiences in Tacloban in the middle of the storm. Third, regarding the monetary, food, water, consumables, equipment courtesy and coming from international relief agencies and countries, media must be on alert that these stuff will go the calamity victims, not in the pockets of government officials and end up in the warehouses of large department stores or outlets.

  75. If this Tenant cannot be made to shut up, someone from that ravaged crowd in Tacloban and nearby towns will probably shoot him up. Enough of the blame game as what is clearly missing to ameliorate the people is clear and decisive leadership to orchestrate the amelioration efforts. The world response is amazing but the mechanisms and network for expedient distribution of what is already on hand to reach the sick , injured, and those depraved of food and water and shelter over their heads or even bury the dead are yet to happen. DILG. DSWD. DPWH. DoH. where are their inputs. The AFP and PNP have limited responses and not enough to contain and control a desperate hungry crowd by the hundreds of thousands. Chaos and anarchy rule because the whole situation is an organized confusion. Even the one agency supposed to be on top of these relief and operations efforts is turning out to be just a paper tiger in its ineptness as their paper plans did not deal with expected and anticipated problems of the real world.

  76. Aquino is not acting like a true leader of a nation,very childish and no compassion.
    Yesterday I could have a chance to be interview by BBC but I politely declined because I won’t be able to stop my personal sentiment to the Philippine Government.
    What he is doing won’t help the victims not even to uplift their shattered spirit.

  77. Already 5 days and no substantial improvement at Tacloban and surrounding affected areas from Typhoon Yolanda. Can the President please show now leadership now to admit that the current disaster is realistically beyond the current government’s expertise and competence so the need to request UN or another foreign expert or with somebody experienced to supervise the relief operation for the sake of the victims.

  78. Noynoy has never had a speech which I can appreciate as having a “heart” or feeling!

    He comes to me as someone who is there in front just reading what was prepared for him to read. His speeches comes in as if he is racing against someone! Even when his speech is supposed to be commiserating with the people, his facial expression betrays his feelings as his brows knit and his face expressionless of any sadness, is it a wonder then that when he visited the Luneta Hostage taking bus, he came out smiling?

    • Ophie Generoso-Villaran on

      My thought, exactly! His tone is so boring and monotonous just like that of a robotic voice.

  79. I don’t think it has something to do with the Romualdezes or being related to Imelda, the man is frustrated. It’s true it’s bad to start blaming who was at fault but the truth, before the hurricane Sandy, we were warned repeatedly by the mayor of New York City to stay home. Hours before the hurricane, the mayor decalared to halt all the operation of all public transportations. We can continue blaming one another, continue writing our opinion, but at least let’s be grateful that the international community are helping the Philippines and we expect our government officials to do the same. Have a heart and please we expect our public official to act in a humanly way. Most of all Please do not steal the funds appropriated to help the victims.

    • Well said, Chipago. I agree with you completely about thanking the both the international communities and local groups who are working hard in helping the victims. And anyone who has access to the aids being supplied should have the good sense and sincerity to ensure that these all go to the deserving victims, not to anybody else.