Plot to oust Duterte during SONA brewing


GROUPS plotting against President Rodrigo Duterte are busy recruiting officials in government to join a planned mass resignation as part of a bigger scheme to destabilize the administration, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano claimed on Sunday.

Cayeteno said the plan was in preparation for a major protest action of anti-Duterte forces for the President’s ouster during the State of the Nation Address (SONA) in July.

The key Duterte ally said government officials, particularly those in holdover capacities, were being convinced by anti-Duterte groups to join the mass resignation move to stage a scenario of withdrawal of support for the President.

Cayetano, however, did not disclose his sources of information.

He said officials who are set to retire and those who are about to be fired are also being targeted by the groups.

“We have monitored the political movement, these groups are talking to government officials not to vacate their respective posts yet and join the planned mass resignation to create an impression that there’s a massive withdrawal of support to the administration,” said Cayetano in an interview aired over radio station dzBB.

The senator said the original plan of the opposition was to come out big against Duterte during the celebration of the 31st anniversary of the 1986 EDSA “People Power” revolt, but this did not materialize.

The next target date is in July, in time for Duterte’s second SONA, he said.

Liberal Party (LP) Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th said he did not hear of moves to unseat the President.

If ever there was such plan against the administration, the LP will not have any involvement, he stressed.

Inventory of the ‘dissatisfied’
Cayetano said the groups that wanted Duterte ousted were conducting an inventory of

government executives dissatisfied with the President, and those on the President’s “narco-list.”

“We are used to these schemes. They want to create a scenario hoping that the public will join their move to oust the President,” he said.

Anti-Duterte forces want public outrage similar to that triggered by the walkout of election officials during the 1986 snap election between former President Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino, which eventually led to the ouster of the Marcoses, he claimed.

“We are not new to destabilization schemes. I’m not saying that the events in the past are not legitimate, but people who want Duterte out are trying to replicate these scenarios in a bid to get people’s support and we are keeping an eye on them,” Cayetano said.

The recent public “confession” of former police officer Arturo Lascañas may also be part of efforts to destabilize the administration, the senator said.

Cayetano said the surfacing of Lascañas and Edgar Matobato, who both claimed to be part of the so-called “Davao Death Squad” (DDS), only raised questions.

They could have surfaced, he said, during the time of Sen. Leila de Lima as secretary of the Department of Justice when she had the power to prosecute Duterte, then mayor of Davao City.

“But they decided to come out when Duterte is now the President because they were suddenly bothered by their conscience. For me we have to put into perspective their motives,” he said.

Lascañas is scheduled to testify today before the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs on the existence of the DDS and the murders it allegedly committed in Davao City on orders of Duterte.

In a 12-page sworn affidavit, the former police officer, who claimed to head the DDS, said Duterte ordered a number of killings including the massacre of an entire family and the murder of a radio commentator, as well as the bombing of mosques in Davao City in retaliation for a bomb attack.


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  1. time and again the president said that if it is his destiny to hold office only for a short time..and so be it..this time we might not understand why but there is a divine providence that shed light to all the questions in his own sweet time…so rest your mind my fellow filipinos and have an absolute trust to the ONE that takes care of us all.

  2. Offense is the best defense, so it says: So, if Senator Cayetano and President Duterte had the names of those disgruntled, corrupt and non-performing government officials, fired them now. Still plenty of time before July the next SONA.

    • Senator Cayetano gave his pork barrel allocation to Napoles for campaign funds according to the official Napoles list.

      Why isn’t he in jail ?

  3. Why can nobody understand that the Philippines needs to change in many ways to bring it closer to the 21st century?
    Just take a look at the world revolution in politics and accept the fact that Duterte will be good for your nation in the long run.
    Let the LP keep plotting!

  4. Daniel B. Laurente on

    Whatever scheme being hatched by any opposition group will never succeed because people don’t support it. Can’t this group understand that people have seen the Rays of Hope for the country under Duterte”s administration? Their determination to put down the government and put back the old ways will be futile.

  5. Nigel of Makati on

    In the conduct of risk assessment, you always think of the worst-case scenario that could happen. The Liberal Party is more than capable of doing evil.

  6. then let these planners be ready. . . .they must know what they are doing.. . . there will be blood every where, 90% of Filipinos supporting the President will not just stand and watch. . . .the Mindanao group, the Visayan group and the silent supporters. . .these planners will get what they want. . . and as per history in the past. . .they will immediately fly to foreign country and watch in TV the result of their greediness. . .and they will comeback when smokes are gone. . . .and open their mouth again again, and again. . God Bless the Philippines

  7. Juan Dela Cruz on

    If there is anything this sad scenario manifests, it is the fact that the kind of Government Cory Aquino instituted with her 1987 Constitution is shaky and prone to destabilization. How can a President institute reforms when everyday, there is always a threat to expel him from Office? What makes matters worse is that we elect a Vice President separate from the President, and who, most of the time, have political ambitions to replace the President. How can the President fulfill his mandate to the People if various power groups coupled with unstable government surround him? Thus, to retain his post, he would have to accommodate to the demands of these power groups lest he be expelled from Office. Time for the revision of the Constitution!

  8. since the admin already is aware of such rumors, then forget any ouster, It’s buking already.

  9. a product of an overblown imagination. how do you suppose to oust a president whose current popularity rating have reached the stratosphere? he has an overwhelming public support and trust

    • What, you think that’s going to stop these “morons?” Remember, they destabilized the admins of two presidents. they control media. they’re well funded. They are inherently malicious…and they are determined to grab power in any way possible!

    • Incognito1

      That is why we are here, the Filipino people who support the President wholeheartedly. Let there be “Authentic People Revolution” if ever destabilization happens.

  10. In every administration there are always destabilization attempts but they are related to a corrupt leader. The people are particularly against corruption of the brazen kind. But there are no accusations of corruption against Duterte, not even Delima can accuse him of such, bec. he’s not and the people don’t buy the idea. Duterte has control over the military and PNP. 94% of the aremed services voted for him.
    So forget any ouster, it’s not happening.

  11. The drug lords, the politicians who are on the outside looking in, the oligarchs and the yellow submarines and, maybe, Uncle Sam all want to oust Duterte. But Duterte has the backing of the police, the military and the majority of the people. Ousting Duterte will only destabilize the country and hinder development. It will only confirm our status as a banana republic. The people of Mindanao, who are solidly behind Duterte, and the Muslim community, whose hopes have been raised by the launching of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, will not countenance moves to oust Duterte. That will only bring about a firestorm like we have never witnessed before.

    • Juan Dela Cruz on

      I so agree, magwawala ang Mindanao. Magwawala ang Filipino. Only now did I see the Mindanaons call themselves Filipinos. If they continue with that attitude mas mapapdali ang rebolusyon. Masusupend ang Konstitusyon dahil Tao na mismo ang magpoprotekta sa Pangulo.

  12. This scenario only exists in Cayetano’s imagination. A level headed person would not believe these accusations made by Cayetano because they are unrealistic and shallow. A fairly intelligent lawyer / politician creating unrealistic and shallow stories like this one? I would believe the shallowness of this scenario if it was written by Many Paquiao. Cayetano should write a more realistic scenario, considering he is an intellectual person.

  13. Claimed? And we will just accept this information as facts? Let’s raise the standard on our politician on much higher bar. If all claims will be entertained like this and no proof will be shown, well we get what we deserve.

    • Naiwan ang utak ni Cayatano ng sumama siya kay fentanyl.Isa kasi sa qualifications para maging Dutard is to “leave your brains behind”, kong meron ka man. BWA HA HA HA HA .

  14. Why the hell the seneate is wasting thier time to hear this liars testimony? For what? They already appeared during the first senate hearing and proven to be a dud. Really, philippine politics is just for entertainment and nothing else.

    • michael richardson on

      I live in Davao City where it is common knowledge that there was an unofficial ‘Death Squad’. The residents do not seem to be unhappy about it because of the way it made the city safe, but that is a separate issue to whether Duterte can be held responsible for mass murder. I personally am a Duterte supporter despite the possibility that the DDS may turn out to be a reality.

  15. Those groups that are planning to oust President Duterte should be ready to suffer the consequence of their plan. They will be targeted including their families for assassinations. Liberal party hierarchy and their lieutenants must expect that with their plans and their lives and their families will have to pay with their bloods. It’s not 1986 or 2001 anymore.

  16. let them resign, there are a lot of honest and capable filipino people out there who are sincere in their service to the nation.

  17. Lumang paratang na yan eh. Pag against kay Duterte, maglalabas ng issue na kesyo may destabilization plot, pro wla namang napapatunayan kung sino at ang sasabihin mga dilawan. Nung huhulihin si d5 kesyo may bribe daw na nangyari, pro wla namang proof, nililinlang nyo lang yung tao para maniwala sa inyo. Imbento pa more!!

  18. Cayeteno is on the Napoles list as giving pork barrel money in exchange for campaign funds.

    Why isn’t he is jail ?